22 Wedding Ring Questions and Answers

22 Wedding Ring Questions - Ceremony

Let’s take a look at 22 wedding ring questions and answers. There’s no doubt that choosing the right wedding ring for you and your partner is a decision not to be taken lightly. It’s a lifelong investment, a gesture of unwavering commitment – and an expensive purchase.

This article considers many of the most common questions surrounding wedding rings, as well as the traditions and meaning behind these precious items.

Most importantly, it will help you figure out which is the perfect choice of wedding ring for you.

1. Why do you need a wedding ring?

Few symbols of love and commitment are as potent as the wedding ring.

Since ancient Egyptian times, thousands of years ago, rings have been exchanged during wedding ceremonies to represent the eternal and undying coming together of two individuals.

  • The ring itself is an infinite shape without beginning or end, symbolising an everlasting union.
  • The ring acts as a reminder of the promises made
  • For the vast majority of weddings in the western world, the exchanging of rings is the central moment of the ceremony.
  • It is a promise bound in precious metals, a beautiful and symbolic gesture made in the presence of an official or a religious representative, as well as gathered friends and family.

While a wedding ring isn’t a legal requirement, for most people, the idea of a wedding without this ancient symbol is nothing short of unthinkable.

Photo credit “Marriage Ring with Scenes from the Life of Christ“, 6th century, by Walters Art Museum, licensed CCA-SA 3.0

2. Do both partners need a wedding ring?

Yes, it has been the norm for quite some time now for both partners in a marriage to wear a wedding ring, as the rings are exchanged during the ceremony as a symbolic gesture of commitment. 

(It is also interesting to note that in recent years, we have also seen a vast increase in the popularity of engagement rings for men, while in the past this wasn’t considered an important aspect of a marriage proposal.)

3. How much should a wedding ring cost?

This is an important topic within our wedding ring questions and answers.

There’s no hard and fast answer to this question, and it would all depend on your personal budget and expectations of your jewellery.

While there are rings made from precious metals suitable for all budgets, we’d argue that quality should always be a key criterion when choosing a wedding ring.

After all, it’s an item that’s designed to last a lifetime (and potentially be passed onto the next generation). As such, you want to ensure it can go the distance. 

4. Do you wear your wedding ring when you walk down the aisle?

Here’s where we enter the fairly nebulous world of wedding traditions. Of course, the choice is ultimately down to the individual.

However, the tradition in many Western countries dictates that on the wedding day, the bride wears her engagement ring on the ring finger of her right hand.

During the ring exchange at the height of the ceremony, the groom can then place the wedding ring on the ring finger of her left hand, and if she wishes, she can then wear her engagement ring ‘over’ the wedding ring. 

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5. Is it OK to have multiple wedding rings?

It may seem somewhat unorthodox to have more than one wedding ring, because this item of jewellery is, by its very nature, supposed to be your ‘one and only’ symbol of love. 

However, for certain lifestyles, it makes good sense to have multiple rings.

Sporty and outdoorsy people, for example, might want a ‘spare’ ring to wear while hiking, climbing or sailing, to give but three examples, and one to treasure while at home or at social engagements. 

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6. Can I upgrade my wedding ring?

Of course you can. In fact, there’s something rather romantic about upgrading your ring to reflect a different period of your marriage, a change in lifestyle or a new way of seeing your relationship. 

7. Do you pick your own wedding ring?

Typically nowadays, wedding rings are chosen together as a couple, and the selection is based on the couple’s joint criteria, wishes or cultural background. 

Wedding Ring Questions - Ceremony - His and hers wedding rings

8. Is it bad luck to wear a wedding ring before marriage?

It all depends on whether you believe in luck or not! In some cultures, wearing a wedding ring prior to marriage is considered unlucky.

In most, however, it’s just considered poor form – the moment those rings are exchanged is a special one, and even the most ardent rationalists might consider it somewhat sacred.

As such, it would be very unusual to want to wear your wedding ring prior to that moment. 

9. Is a wedding band the same as a wedding ring?

Yes. There’s no difference between a wedding band and a wedding ring at all, other than a dialectal one.

10. Does my wedding ring need to match my engagement ring?

Once again, this comes down entirely to your personal preference and overall approach to your jewellery.

Some people love the idea of having rings that harmonise with one another, others like the notion of contrasting colours and styles.

Others still don’t give it a second thought, and just opt for the rings that make their heart beat faster.

11. Does the wedding ring go on before or after the engagement ring?

Traditionally, in the UK, USA and many other Western countries, the wedding ring goes on the ring finger of the left hand before the engagement ring.

The reason for this is that it is believed the wedding ring should be closer to the body, and more connected to the heart – a tradition that originates from Ancient Egypt.

Of course, there’s no obligation whatsoever to wear both rings on the same finger, or indeed to follow this particular tradition. 

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22 Wedding Ring Questions - Ceremony

By quite some margin, white gold is the most popular metal for wedding rings. It is a beautiful, contemporary option.

Yellow gold is the second most sought after metal, preferred by those who want a more classic look.

Platinum is the highest quality precious metal for wedding rings. It looks the same as white gold, but is much harder wearing and lasting. In popularity, it comes in third place, but only because it is the most expensive choice and therefore most people opt for more affordable white gold.

13. Do the partners’ wedding rings have to match with one another?

No, they don’t. It’s quite common for couples to wish for matching wedding rings, as it reflects the matching promises and vows made as part of the wedding ceremony. But it’s by no means obligatory. 

Many people, for example, might have a wedding ring passed down from a family member, of which there is no matching equivalent.

Other couples may have very opposing tastes in jewellery. It’s entirely up to you as an individual and as a couple.

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14. Is it true you must never remove your wedding ring?

No, it isn’t. Indeed, we’d recommend removing your wedding ring when doing a number of activities, including sports, cleaning with potentially corrosive materials and even while sleeping.

So long as you keep your wedding ring in a safe place each time, this is the best way to ensure the longevity of your ring – and to avoid causing scratches, dents, diamonds falling out or other issues.

15. Do I need a wedding ring to get married?

Wedding rings are not a legal necessity for marriage.

However, if you don’t want to include wedding rings as part of your wedding ceremony, it’s important that you check in with your wedding celebrant and let them know, in order to amend that part in the ceremony. 

16. Can I have an ethical wedding ring?

This is an increasingly important topic within our wedding ring questions and answers.

There’s been a hugely positive trend in recent years of individuals seeking out wedding rings that come with ethical certifications.

This ensures that their beloved purchase has been sourced responsibly and that the producers of the raw materials are not involved with any kind of exploitative practices.

At The Diamond Store, we offer a huge range of wedding rings with sustainable lab grown diamonds and sustainably sourced, recycled precious metals, as well as conflict-free mined diamonds.

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22 Wedding Ring Questions - Ceremony - Matching Rings

17. Which finger do I wear my wedding ring on, and why?

The wedding ring is worn on the left ring finger. The reason for this is originally an ancient Egyptian belief that there is a vein – the ‘vena amoris’ – which runs directly to the heart from the ring finger of the left hand. 

While we now know that this is not biologically correct, the custom has stuck and is still the prevalent one.

18. Do I have to have a traditional wedding ring?

Absolutely not. Your wedding ring is a lifelong symbol of commitment, and as such, should be one which reflects your desires, tastes, and personality.

From the colour of the precious metal to various adornments, gemstones and sizes, there are plenty of ways your wedding ring can break from tradition. Make sure yours is one you’ll love and cherish forever.

19. Do wedding rings come in different colours and shapes?

There is a beautiful range of different precious metals to choose from when it comes to your wedding ring.

From the more traditional and vibrant yellow gold to sleek and minimalist white gold and platinum, or the warm beauty of rose gold.

Wedding bands may also come in different shapes. Most are straight, but others may have a V-shaped wishbone band or a custom-shaped band that matches the contours of an engagement ring.

20. What’s the best fit for a wedding ring? 

As a rule of thumb, you should be able to slide your wedding ring comfortably onto your ring finger, and for it to fit snugly once in place.

You should feel a little resistance when taking it off again, primarily when moving it up and over the knuckle. But it should never be uncomfortably tight, and certainly shouldn’t be loose and in danger of falling off. 

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21. Can my wedding ring have diamonds?

Some people love the idea of a plain precious metal ring, while others may prefer something a little more sparkling.

Diamonds in a wedding band symbolise everlasting love, exactly in the same way as diamonds on an engagement ring do.

At the end of the day, it’s ultimately a matter of taste. You’re free to choose a plain band or a diamond ring depending on your budget and style.

22. Which metal best suits my skin tone?

There’s never any obligation to match your wedding ring to your skin tone, but it’s understandable that many people want their ring to ‘pop’ on their finger, and look its very best. 

In general, people with cooler and paler skin tones tend to look great with white and light-coloured metals, such as silver, platinum, and white gold. Warmer skin tones work brilliantly with yellow and rose gold, and neutral skin tones will look fantastic with anything.

Did you find all the wedding ring questions and answers you were looking for?

There you have it – 22 burning wedding ring questions and answers, covering everything you could wish to know.

As you can see, a wedding ring is more than just a mere jewellery purchase. With that in mind, we believe in helping our customers find the perfect wedding ring that will provide happiness and a sense of love and security for decades to come.

Should you have any other questions, the team at The Diamond Store would love to hear from you, and help guide you to choosing the wedding ring you’ll keep close to your heart forever.

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