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What is a flat court wedding ring? 

What is a flat court wedding ring?

Imagine a ring that’s flat on the outside – with straight edges – but gently curved on the inside; that’s a flat court wedding band. This design gives the illusion of a flat band, but it combines it with the comfort of a court band – it’s sort of like having the best of both worlds. 

Pros of choosing a flat court wedding band: 

  • Super comfortable: Thanks to its curved interior, the ring sits snugly on your finger, making it comfy for daily wear. 
  • Modern look: The flat exterior gives it a contemporary and stylish look, perfect for those who love are looking for something a little more modern. 
  • Versatile: It suits a wide variety of engagement ring styles but equally looks great on its own too. 
  • Durable: Generally, these bands are very robust, ensuring your ring stands the test of time. 

Cons of a flat court band to consider: 

  • Can feel bulkier: If you’re not used to wearing rings, the flat court style – due to its flat edges – might feel a bit more substantial on your finger than a fully curved, court style. 
  • May require more maintenance: The flat surface can catch on things and might need a bit more TLC to keep it looking shiny and new. 

Tips for picking your perfect ring: 

  • Consider your lifestyle: If you’re hands-on with your work or hobbies, a durable and comfortable flat court band could be a winner. 
  • Think long term: This special ring is for life – choose a style that you’ll love not just for now, but for many years to come. 
  • Talk to our team of jewellery experts, who will be able to advise you and find your dream wedding ring.