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10 Engagement Rings Recommendations

There are many points in life at which you may find yourself seeking out a new item of jewellery. However, few – if any – carry the significance, the emotional weight, and the sheer life-changing potential that comes with choosing an engagement ring for a loved one.

We believe that every couple deserves the perfect engagement ring, and that’s why we’ve put together these 10 engagement ring recommendations for when you’re shopping for this most precious of items.

Why is choosing the perfect engagement ring so important?

In many ways, that singular choice is amongst the most important you’ll ever make; it’s an opportunity to create a magical memory which will last a lifetime, a bond which will bring you and your partner closer than ever, and a step towards the ultimate commitment. With all of that in mind, it’s important to take engagement ring recommendations into account at every step of the selection process.

We all love the notion of stumbling across perfection the moment that one sparkling ring calls out to you, but in reality, such a decision is worthy of real consideration and careful thought.

It’s all about the significance

It isn’t hard to understand the significance of choosing the perfect engagement ring for your partner, nor is it difficult to understand why keeping engagement rings tips for men and women in mind is key to your success. The engagement ring, after all, is far more than another item of fine jewellery.

It’s a symbol, a pledge, and a chance to display an intimate, involved, and affectionate knowledge of those things which spark your partner’s sense of love and joy.

No second chances!

They say you never get a second chance to make a first impression. Whether you propose on one knee with fireworks lighting the sky behind you or opt for a more relaxed and cosy approach, the moment you open that ring box and ask that question… well, neither of you want anything less than the utmost in perfection.

While you might never be able to guarantee a ‘yes’, we believe that keeping the following engagement rings recommendations at heart while choosing will definitely increase your chances.

10 engagement rings recommendations

Let’s dive right into our engagement ring tips for women and men seeking to make the best possible impact with their choice of jewellery. While not exactly definitive, and in full knowledge that every couple is unique, we reckon this is the rundown to refer to when on the hunt for proposal perfection.

1. It’s not all about the price tag

During America’s Great Depression, a leading New York jeweller commissioned an advertising campaign – worthy of Don Draper himself – which stated that ‘responsible’ men would spend a month’s salary on an engagement ring. By the end of the 20th century, the going rate was set at three months as a rule of thumb, and there’s no knowing where it will go from here.

Obviously, this is all just canny marketing. While beauty and quality never come cheaply, there’s no real or tangible rule regarding how much men or women should be spending on engagement rings. Indeed, many people prefer smaller, less audacious rings, just as others want the world to see the sparkle on their finger. You know your partner better than anybody, and that knowledge should be the primary factor dictating the type and size of engagement ring you purchase.

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2. It’s OK to talk

There’s something irresistibly magical about the out-of-the-blue surprise proposal, when the stars align and the setting is perfect… but the reality is for most of us that there will be some planning and consensus involved. The best engagement ring shopping tips are most likely to come from your partner; they know what they like, what they don’t, and what they’re hoping for… and they’ll most likely want you to bear that in mind while adding your own individual flourish.

3. Your don’t need to go it alone

Connected to the previous point, for those wishing to take the lead and add that beautiful element of surprise to your proposal, there’s no need to strike out into the world of jewellery selection alone.

If your heart is set on keeping your partner in the dark about the engagement ring, then speak to his or her friends and family about their preferences and wishes, or take the time to talk to a jeweller to get engagement rings recommendations, too.

4. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box

Just like with everything else, engagement rings are subject to the winds of change, the coming and going of trends, and the cyclical nature of fashion. Style, however, and the memories that an engagement ring encapsulates, are very much forever.

Millennial consumers are, by and large, interested in the unique, the distinctive, and the bespoke. Thinking outside the box and opting for a more unusual or less traditional ring isn’t necessarily for everybody, but it is a fantastic way of demonstrating the unique nature of your relationship.

The Diamond Store features plenty of stunning engagement rings which go against those associated with traditional styles, and of course, every diamond is utterly unique by nature – something that’s equally important to keep in mind.

If there’s one word which should epitomise your choice of engagement ring, it should be ‘timeless’. This singular item of jewellery should act as a classic symbol of your undying love and, as such, should pass the test of time.

While everyone’s taste in jewellery is as unique as they are, you want an engagement ring to be an item which they’ll happily wear for the rest of their life. Our top engagement ring shopping tip in this regard? Take your cues from their sense of style to inform your decision. Are they more of a platinum or a gold person? Understated or extravagant?

Such pieces of evidence will allow you to put together a clearer idea of the kind of ring that will really get the sparks of love flying.

6. Don’t overlook the importance of the setting

So, you’ve fallen completely in love with the stone which is to be the centrepiece of your engagement ring. The next step? Deciding what to put around it. It’s best to think of a diamond or a gemstone as a beautiful work of art, and the setting as the frame in which to display it. This is your chance to really reflect the individual style and preferences of the wearer, and demonstrate your knowledge of what will ensure they wear it with the utmost pride and enduring happiness.

7. Consider your partner’s complexion

From our clothes to our accessories and jewellery, we all adorn ourselves in accordance to what works best with our look, our sense of style, and our complexion. While you might be head-over-heels in love with a platinum band, it may be the fact that your partner simply looks amazing in gold… or vice versa.

The chances are, your partner is already more than aware of the colours and metals which work best with their skin tone, and already keeps this in mind when selecting their own jewellery. Keep a close eye on their choices and preferences, and ensure you’re selecting a ring they’ll not only wear with pride, but which will add to their overall style and impact.

8. Size doesn’t matter… unless your partner believes it does

Hopefully, you know your partner’s preferences well enough to decide whether or not ‘go big or go home’ should be the deciding factor in your choice of ring. When shopping for engagement rings, there are a number of factors to bear in mind and the size of the piece is just one of them. The cut, clarity, and overall impact of the stone is, for many people, a far more significant point to keep in mind than the size, whereas for others, it’s all about having an awe-inspiring oversized piece on their finger.

9. Look into personalisation options

This is not so much an engagement ring shopping tip per se, but more of an additional flourish to make the item even more special and, well, engaging. There are a whole number of different ways your jeweller can customise or personalise an engagement ring, but among the most popular in these times is engraving your chosen ring with messages, symbols, or significant dates.

Not all engagement rings are suitable for engraving; in order for them to have the best impact, it will need to be an engagement ring with a wider band. However, by engraving a ring, you can ensure that it is utterly and completely unique, and tailored to add to your love story like nothing else.

Many couples prefer the engraving to be on the inside of the band – not only does this not detract from the flawless finish of the metal’s exterior, it adds an almost secret and deeply personal element to the ring which definitely heightens the romance.

10. Lastly, find out their exact ring size

This one really shouldn’t need reiterating. But ask any jeweller, and they’ll tell you that issues with ring sizing are the most common problems which arise. The problem is, of course, that it’s pretty difficult to measure your partner’s ring finger without them becoming suspicious… and unless you’re stealthy enough to do it while they’re sleeping or transfixed by a box set, you’re most likely going to have to find another way of getting the measurements without giving the game away.

You could, of course, try and measure another ring they wear on the same finger, or involve a close friend or family member, and get them to casually enquire about their ring sizes one day. No matter how you figure out the perfect size for their engagement ring, we really can’t stress enough the importance of this stage of the journey.

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Before you go… Your engagement ring recommendations for perfect results

As we’ve seen, there’s an array of factors to keep in mind when shopping for engagement rings, and a range of different ways to ensure you make the perfect choice. Here at TheDiamondStore.co.uk, our expertise has helped bring together countless happy couples via the medium of beautiful, captivating, and breathlessly romantic engagement rings, and we’d be only too happy to add you to that growing list.