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Best Ring Style for Your Hand Shape

What is the best engagement ring style for your hand? As jewellery experts, we recommend you choose a ring according to your hand shape so that the ring flatters you and you’ll want to wear it always. Find the best ring for you below in our simple hand shape guide.

1. Dainty hands

If you have petite hands, it’s best to keep your ring delicate and simple. For example, a classic solitaire ring will look delicate on a small hand. However, a dainty ring doesn’t mean you have to forgo sparkle. Choose a round cut or a square princess cut diamond – these are the two most sparkling diamond shapes that will look radiant on your hand. To add extra glamour, you can choose a ring with diamonds on the band which increase dazzle, but without looking overpowering.

Best Engagement Ring for Your Hand - dainty hands

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2. Long fingers

If you have long fingers, you’re lucky because you can carry off a striking ring design. Rings with wide bands will look especially flattering on your hand. However, if you want to make your hand to appear smaller, pick a design that sits across your finger horizontally. This type of setting, called an ‘east-west’ mount, goes across the top of your finger from side to side. For example, a trilogy ring with three diamonds set across the top of your finger would be perfect for you.

Best Engagement Ring for Your Hand - long fingers

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3. Wide hands

If you have wide hands, pick a ring that covers as much of the width of your finger as possible. This will give your ring a proportionate look. Wide hands allow you to make a big statement, so don’t be afraid to consider large ring with an unusual shape. Wide bands will suit you too, as will cluster rings that are made with multiple diamonds or gems grouped together.

Best Engagement Ring for Your Hand - wide hands

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4. Short fingers

If you have short fingers, a ‘north-south’ setting that points from knuckle to fingertip is crucial if you want your hand to appear more elongated and elegant. Emerald cut, marquise cut, oval and pear-shaped stones are ideal for you. Avoid big rings that overwhelm your hand, and don’t pick a ring design that ‘cuts across’ your finger, such as a trilogy ring.

Best Engagement Ring for Your Hand - short fingers

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