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What do you do with jewellery an ex gave you? 

What do you do with jewellery an ex gave you? 

Ah, the remnants of love’s past—jewellery from an ex. Each piece you loved at the time – and might still now. But after a breakup, these pieces take on a new meaning. Lots of people wonder what we do with these sparkly souvenirs once the relationship is over. And whether it’s a ring that promised forever or a necklace that once symbolised a special anniversary, deciding what to do with these pieces can be emotionally challenging. Let’s discuss the options. 

To keep or not to keep 

Firstly, take a moment to reflect. How does holding onto this jewellery make you feel? If it brings back fond memories and you still find joy in wearing it, it’s worth keeping. Jewellery is, after all, an accessory made to make you feel beautiful, regardless of its provenance. On the flip side, if you feel sad when you see it, perhaps it’s best to let go. Nobody needs to be reminded of bad memories every time they look in the mirror. 

Transform and repurpose 

For those pieces you’re not ready to part with but can’t bear to wear in their current form, consider transformation. Repurposing jewellery is a beautiful way to breathe new life into old pieces. A skilled jeweller can work wonders, for example, turning an old bracelet into a stunning pendant. You could also try out wearing the jewellery differently, for example, threading an engagement ring through a necklace chain and wearing it as a necklace instead, so that it doesn’t hold the same emotional ‘weight’ as wearing it on your ring finger. 

Turning memories into something new 

If the idea of repurposing doesn’t appeal to you, selling the jewellery is a practical option. Sell your jewellery on to fund something just for you, to create new memories – perhaps invest in something special, like a holiday, or that bag you’ve always wanted. It’s a way to still get value from the jewellery, without needing to wear and keep it. 

Donate and give back 

Donating your jewellery to a cause close to your heart is another beautiful option. Many charitable organisations accept fine jewellery donations, auctioning them off to raise funds. Donating your jewellery to help others is a wonderful way to turn a negative into a positive, and to let go of the past – in a way that impacts others.  

The Choice is yours 

Deciding what to do with jewellery from an ex is ultimately a personal journey. Whether you choose to keep, repurpose, sell, donate, or simply let go of your pieces, each choice is a step toward healing and moving forward. Jewellery should bring you joy – so don’t let bad memories tarnish this. Looking to treat yourself to a new piece of jewellery, chosen by you? Whether it’s a little treat or a piece to remind yourself of how far you’ve come, browse our beautiful selection of jewellery, here.