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How to choose jewellery for an active lifestyle

How to choose jewellery for an active lifestyle

For those with an active lifestyle, finding the right jewellery that complements your daily activities while still showcasing your style can be a challenge. Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast, an outdoor adventurer, or constantly on the move, your jewellery should not only look good, but also be practical, and ideally comfortable enough to wear during (at least some of!) your activities and hobbies. Here’s how you can choose beautiful jewellery, without sacrificing style or comfort. 

Choose durable materials 

When selecting jewellery for an active lifestyle, durability is key. Opt for materials that can withstand frequent movement and exposure to elements, such as platinum. The chunkier the jewellery, the better, as very delicate jewellery could get caught or snagged, and could therefore be damaged. 

Prioritise comfort  

Comfort should be a top priority when wearing jewellery during physical activities. Look for pieces with smooth edges and – ideally – flexible materials that move with your body. Minimalist pieces make a better choice, as anything too dangly can get caught or cause discomfort. Simple pieces are also easier to clean, which makes a more hygienic choice for sweaty activities! Opt for a simple metal stud earring, or a smooth bangle. 

Secure closures and clasps 

Ensure your jewellery has secure closure systems to prevent loss or damage during vigorous activities. Screw-back earrings and clasps that lock can offer peace of mind that your jewellery will stay in place, no matter how active you are.  

Look after your jewellery 

While some jewellery can be kept on during your workout, we always recommend removing any delicate pieces before any vigorous exercise or activity – this is truly the only way you can ensure your jewellery remains safe and undamaged. Here’s our top tips for looking after jewellery, and our guides to cleaning your pieces – including how to clean silver, gold, platinum and diamonds

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