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The psychology behind divorce rings

The psychology behind divorce rings: how jewellery can aid healing

For centuries, jewellery has been of great importance to human culture. From crowns symbolising authority to engagement rings representing love and commitment, these adornments are far more than just decorative trinkets. Jewellery carries meaning, memories, and even therapeutic properties. You might have even seen the new trend ‘divorce rings’. While it might seem counterintuitive to some to buy a ring for an occasion where you would usually remove your ring, for many, a divorce ring can play a crucial role in the healing process post-separation. Let’s explore the psychology behind this modern trend. 

The symbolism 

The conclusion of a marriage, irrespective of its cause, is a significant life event. Just as an engagement ring stands for the promise of a future together, a divorce ring can signify the close of one chapter and the commencement of another. It’s a tangible mark of closure. Wearing a divorce ring can be a daily reminder of your strength, resilience, and the ability to move forwards. 


While marriages end for various reasons, the aftermath can often leave an individual questioning their worth or grappling with feelings of inadequacy. A divorce ring – a beautiful piece of jewellery you treat yourself to – serves as a symbol of self-love and empowerment. It’s a statement that says, “I value myself,” reinforcing self-esteem and self-worth during challenging times. 

Connecting with others 

Wearing a divorce ring might also pave the way for conversations with others who’ve undergone similar experiences. It can forge a bond or friendship, a feeling of not journeying alone. Shared experiences, especially ones as profound as ending a marriage, can lead to deep connections and mutual support at a time where you may need others to rally around you. 

Divorce rings – it’s up to you 

Going through a divorce is such a personal journey, that it is entirely up to you how you want to deal with it. A divorce ring may sound like something you’d rather not participate it, or it may sound like just the right thing for you. And be it a ring, or another piece of jewellery you’d prefer, however you choose to mark the journey and milestone of your life is entirely up to you. And if you’re looking for ringspiration, check out our 6 favourite divorce ring styles, here.