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10 Bewitching Black Diamond Gifts for Halloween

10 Bewitching Black Diamond Gifts for Halloween

We’ve curated this ultra-stylish collection of bewitching black diamond jewellery pieces for Halloween. They are so luxurious and sophisticated that you’ll want to wear them all year round.

1. Black Diamond Square Earrings

Elegant and versatile, any good witch will adore these earrings. Look out for the matching ring below if you want to flaunt the set.

2. Black Diamond Engagement Ring

Perfect for a midnight proposal. Gothic vibes are in this year and you cannot get more dark and romantic than this. 🖤

3. Evil Eye Ring

Keep the bad spells at bay with this protective evil-eye ring. Looks stunning on the hand, whether you wear it alone or stack it with other rings.

4. Black Diamond Cross-over Ring

If you’re the Edward Cullen or Geralt of Rivia in her life, this is the perfect ring to woo her with.

With mined diamonds:

With sustainable lab diamonds:

5. Black Diamond Stud Earrings

These stunning stud earrings sparkle in two tones. An ideal accessory for day… or night.

6. Black Diamond Hamsa Necklace

Protect yourself from the evil eye with this sparkling Hamsa. It looks elegant and highlights your neckline with luxurious shimmer.

7. Black Diamond Bracelet

A versatile silver bracelet that makes a fantastic gift. Guaranteed to take you from office to witching hour in style.

8. Black Diamond Square Ring

A ring that scintillates in dark and white tones with spectacular elegance. See the matching earrings above if you want the set.

9. Black Diamond Eternity Ring

This stylish black diamond ring looks so elegant you can wear it anywhere. Now in our Sample Sale. Hurry, there are only a few left!

10. Black Diamond Bracelet

With a shimmering black and white diamond centre, this bracelet is perfect for adding a touch of radiance to any outfit.

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