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5 Brilliant August Birthday Gift Ideas

5 Brilliant August Birthday Gift Ideas

Finding a great birthday gift for someone you care about can be tricky. That’s why we’ve made it really easy for you. We bring you 5 brilliant August birthday gift ideas!

1. Peridot, the August birthstone

Peridot is the official August birthstone. So it’s the perfect symbolic birthday gift for this warm sunny month! A volcanic, citrus-green gem, it’s known for its super-vivid sparkle and fresh colour that look stunning with summery outfits.

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5 Brilliant August Birthday Gift Ideas - Peridot gem, Augusts birthstone

2. Pretty necklaces

A diamond necklace is a great gift because the recipient gets to wear a reminder of their special occasion (and you) close to their heart! Necklaces can also be highly personalised. Think diamond hearts, initial pendants, star sign charms or birthstone gems.

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5 Brilliant August Birthday Gift Ideas - Diamond Necklaces

3. Cannot-go-wrong-with diamond earrings

Diamonds are diamonds. Who wouldn’t want to own one… or two? This is one gift idea that we’ve always found to be a guaranteed success. Diamond stud earrings are luxurious yet simple, can be worn with any outfit, suit any taste, and give their owner a lifetime of wear.

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5 Brilliant August Birthday Gift Ideas - Diamond stud earrings

4. A statement ring

Is sparkle and bling her thing? A stylish fashion ring is something you can wear year after year to give your outfits a touch of luxury. It’s also a unique reminder of the occasion when it was received, so it comes with lots of sentimental heirloom value.

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5 Brilliant August Birthday Gift Ideas - Statement rings

5. A diamond bracelet

Finally, for the girl who has it all, you can never have too many diamond bracelets. Whether you choose a delicate chain, a classic tennis bracelet or a sparkling bangle, it’s a gift that’s personal, beautiful, lasting, and will make her birthday really special.

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5 Brilliant August Birthday Gift Ideas - Diamond braceletes

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