10 Tips for Buying a Perfect Christmas Jewellery Gift

What is the best jewellery Christmas gift you can buy for someone? It’s a daunting task for sure! If you get them something they don’t like, it can ruin the Christmas surprise. That’s why we made this simple guide to help you find the perfect present your loved one will adore.

1. Get inspiration from their existing jewellery

Observe the jewellery that your loved one already wears. Why? Because it will reveal the style of jewellery they love. Things you should look for: Do they wear small, simple items? Or big, sparkling, flashy ones? Do they prefer silvery-coloured metals or yellow gold? Do they have pierced ears?

You can even take photos of their favourite jewellery to show to your retailer. Then, simply match your gift to their existing style.

2. Don’t try to change their taste

You might be of the opinion that hoop earrings are gorgeous. But if you know that your loved one doesn’t like hoop earrings, don’t buy them a pair. An expensive Christmas gift will not convince them to wear a style they dislike. It’s more likely to have the opposite effect – and the Christmas Day surprise will end in disappointment for you both.

3. Make sure the gift has personal meaning

If your gift item has personal meaning, it shows that you really thought about your loved one when you went Christmas shopping.

For example, a birthstone item is a great personalised gift because it symbolises the wearer’s month of birth. Heart-shaped necklaces are perfect romantic gifts. Initial necklaces add a personalised touch, and eternity rings say ‘I love you now and forever’. On the other hand, men’s diamond signet rings represent achievement, love and family.

4. Watch them shop

Walk through a shopping centre or have a casual look at jewellery online together. Secretly observe your intended gift recipient’s reactions and take note of the jewellery items that make their eyes sparkle. 

5. Ask their friends for advice

Your gift recipient’s friend and siblings are closest to them in age. Therefore, they (rather than parents) are the best people to advise you on your loved one’s taste. If you’re in doubt about a jewellery item, ask them to confirm your choice. Just make sure they can keep a secret!

6. Do NOT buy a ring unless you’re already married or planning to propose

If you’re in a romantic relationship with someone, don’t give them a ring unless you’re already engaged, married or planning to pop the question. Otherwise, they could mistakenly think you’re proposing marriage.

In the early stages of a relationship, it’s best to give your partner a beautiful bracelet, earrings or a necklace instead, to avoid any misunderstandings. Obviously, if you’re already engaged or married, then eternity rings make fabulous Christmas presents!

7. Keep the receipt just in case

Even the most thoughtful gift buyers sometimes get it wrong. Check the returns and exchanges policy before you buy, and always keep the receipt in case you need to swap the gift for something else.

8. Shop jewellery early

Jewellery can take a while to order. This applies especially to rings, which retailers don’t necessarily keep in stock in every single finger size. Shop in November or, at the latest early December, in case you have to order an item. That way, you’ll make sure to have your sparkling surprise, on time, under the tree.

9. Jewellery vouchers are a luxurious option

If you’re not sure what to buy, or your loved one is particularly tricky to buy for, jewellery gift vouchers are a perfect idea. This way, your gift recipient can choose an item they are sure to love.

10. Buy the best quality for your budget

Your budget is entirely up to you. In fact, a silver necklace will feel just as special as a diamond eternity ring as long as it is chosen with love. The most important thing is to get the best possible gift that will make your loved one really happy.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you want advice on buying a jewellery gift. We’re always happy to help 🙂

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