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Our 5 Favourite Bridgerton Jewellery Looks

Season 2 of Bridgerton is here and we’ve been binge watching! As a homage to our favourite Netflix period romp, find our favourite Bridgerton jewellery looks below – plus lookaline pieces you can wear today.

1. The Debutante’s Necklace

A debutante must never attend a social visit, promenade or a ball without a gown fitted over a tight corset, a feather fan and, of course, a dazzling diamond necklace. What better to draw a suitor’s eye to a demurely heaving bosom?

Get the look:

2. Lady Danbury’s Heirloom Necklace

Whilst a debutante might wear daintier jewellery, a more established Regency lady must decorate her neckline with a grand cascade of heirloom diamonds. This is one of our favourite Bridgerton jewellery looks – paired with a tiara, naturally.

Get the look:

Bridgerton Jewellery Looks

3. The Featherington Sister’s Colour Coordinated Drop Earrings

The upper echelon of society in Bridgerton (the “ton”, from the French “le bon ton” meaning “good form”) are avid followers of fashion. For a chic Fetherington lady, this means jewel-toned drop earrings that match the colour of her dress!

Get the look:

Bridgerton Jewellery Looks

4. Miss Kate Sharma’s Aquamarine Necklace

Gemstones were all the rage during the Georgian era of Bridgerton, and Miss Sharma never disappoints with her stunning, vividly colourful precious stone jewellery. This exquisite aquamarine necklace is definitely our favourite!

Get the look:

(And don’t forget the matching earrings.)

5. The Royal Ruby Earrings

“So many flowers when what I truly seek is a gem.” – Queen Charlotte

Symbolic birthstone jewellery and coloured gemstones were in vogue in Regency England. Rubies were the most coveted gem of that time, aptly named the ‘Queen of Gemstones’.

Get the look:

Bridgerton Jewellery Looks

(And view more ruby jewellery here.)

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