Em Sheldon on Diamonds & Being a Fashion Blogger

One of the many fabulous things about fashion blogger Em Sheldon? She’s the ideal person to advise you on luxury brands and fashion, while being totes down to earth. “Are diamonds a girl’s best friend? I guess you could say that! Add some champagne and pizza in too and you’re onto a winner.”

We caught up with Em just at the brink of summer to get her take on this season’s trends, what she’s passionate about and her dream bridal gown…

What inspired you to start your blog EmTalks in 2012? How has it changed since then?

“I started my blog because I have a passion for all things beauty and fashion. More recently, as I’ve grown up, it’s evolved into fitness, fashion, travel and beauty with a lot of lifestyle thrown in! It’s all my passions together in one place.”

Why did you choose to cover fashion and what brand can you not live without?

“I have always adored fashion and as a child dreamt of being editor of a fashion magazine!”

Summer is coming! What is your summer style, and what do you think is going to be big for this July and August?

“I’m loving cute bardot off the shoulder tops! I think these will take over this Summer as they’re so easy to wear and comfortable too but look great.”

What tips would you give for girls who want to look stylish without the designer price tag?

“Don’t be afraid to shop online, ASOS is my go-to for incredibly stylish pieces without the price tag.”

If you could pick one type of jewellery style to live with for the rest of your life, what would it be?

“I love dainty jewellery! A cute pendant from someone I love means more to me than anything.”

What is your favourite piece of jewellery and does it have a sentimental value?

“My boyfriend bought me a ring for my birthday, it was so special because he surprised me and took me to my favourite store in London and told me to choose anything. I couldn’t believe it.”

Dare we ask your thoughts on summer bridal style too? Do you have a dream gown for when it is your big day?

“I’ve definitely already planned my wedding on Pinterest, I want a tight, beautiful backless dress. Unfortunately I’ll probably be waiting 10 years at the moment!

And lastly… what is your number one pick on website?

This ring of course. Give me all the diamonds!”

Prince Cut Ring

So our team here at The Diamond Store is officially in love with Em and her vision of life and sense of style!! Make sure to take a peek at her beautiful blog at EmTalks.

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