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Jewellery Care on Holiday: 8 Tips

Jewellery care on holiday is vital. First of all, jewellery, as an accessory on your holiday, is a great idea. Because it’s small and light it doesn’t occupy much luggage space. However, travelling with your valuables also has its risks. Luggage gets lost, earrings disappear in swimming pools, and hotels aren’t always the safest places.

So here are our top tips for travelling safely with your jewellery this summer.

1. List and photograph everything

If the worst happens and you lose your jewellery or get it stolen, you should have a pre-written list of all the items you’re bringing with you. This is for insurance purposes. Make sure you write two copies, leaving one list at home. Better yet, take photos of everything with your smartphone!

2. Don’t take all your jewellery

Only pack the jewellery items you’re most likely to use and that match any outfit. If you have a really valuable or special item of jewellery, it’s best to leave it home in a safe.

3. Buy a jewellery travel roll

Jewellery travel “rolls” are soft storage cases with special compartments for your rings, necklaces, earrings and bracelets. They’ll keep your jewellery chains from tangling up, while fitting snugly in your hand luggage. You can find these in any good department store or on the internet.

travels safety tips for jewellery on holiday
You’d cover your camera, mobile and tablet with travel insurance. Don’t forget your jewellery!

4. Insure all valuable items

Most people make sure their valuable technology, like smartphones or digital cameras, are covered by travel insurance. Don’t forget to check your jewellery is on there too. If you’re travelling to a destination wedding with bridal jewellery or wedding rings, this is all the more important.

On the other hand, specialist jewellery insurance actually works out cheaper (from as low as around £19 per year) than putting valuable items separately on travel insurance. It also give you more extensive cover, worldwide. This article explains all about jewellery insurance.

5. Be discreet

Be careful not to flaunt too many valuables. Especially if you’re travelling alone, or in an area with a high crime rate. Even package holiday destinations that feel safe can be overrun by pickpockets and burglars.

Safety tips travelling jewellery holiday
When swimming and sunbathing, take off fine jewellery and only wear costume jewellery.

6. Avoid swimming and sunbathing with your jewellery

Sunlight can fade or crack certain gems like amethyst, topaz, cameos, amber, garnet and ivory. Water softens pearls and the salt and chemicals in pools and the sea can have a chemical reaction with precious metals. Never wear  fine jewellery when swimming, sunbathing and applying sun lotion. To be totally safe, go for cheaper costume jewellery on the beach and by the pool, saving the nice stuff for the evenings out.

safety tips jewellery travelling holiday
Not such a good idea! Be very careful with your jewellery on the beach and in sea water.

7. Always carry jewellery in hand luggage

Never pack anything valuable in a suitcase that will get checked in to the airplane’s baggage hold. Airlines are notorious for losing luggage! Instead, keep jewellery in your handbag or simply wear it.

8. Use the hotel safe

If you are not wearing your jewellery, leave it locked in the safe in your hotel room. In conclusion: if your hotel does not provide an in-room safe, always carry your jewellery with you!

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