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10 Graduation Gifts: Pretty & Sophisticated Jewellery from £59

What are ideal graduation gifts for young people poised to becoming adults? Jewellery. Beautiful keepsakes last a lifetime – and will always remind your graduate how proud you are of them. We’ve handpicked 10 gorgeous jewellery pieces based on modern, fun yet sophisticated designs. With beautiful craftsmanship, and of course, reasonable price points. Initial Pendant Necklace From £89 A personalised gift made with real diamonds and gold, these initial pendants are perfect gifts for young adults. Diamond Stud Earrings  Price £139 The ultimate jewellery essential, diamond studs go with anything and are an item you can cherish for life. Also available as single studs for boys. Diamond Charm Bracelet Price £129 This beautiful charm bracelet is made with sterling silver and diamonds, with a lovely heart themed lock and key details. Tanzanite Gemstone Ring Price £89 Like knowledge, tanzanite is the rarest gem on earth. Famous for its unique blue-violet shimmer, it’s the perfect memento for a new graduate. Kiss Diamond Pendant SALE PRICE £119 – Hurry only 2 left!! White gold and diamonds made into a contemporary kiss motif is a trendy yet elegant graduation gift. Hurry, these have almost sold out! …

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History of Easter Egg Jewellery

Easter egg jewellery is a fascinating topic for those who love gold, gems and diamonds. The first thing that will probably spring to your mind when you think of eggs and jewellery together are Fabergé Eggs. However, these opulent Russian imperial jewels were created relatively recently, during the 19th century. The concept of decorated eggs has been around much, much longer. Why eggs? The egg motif has rich associations with ancient pagan religions. A symbol of springtime, passion and life, it can be seen in art and sculpture throughout history. To fully understand the significance of eggs in jewellery, we first need to look at why we celebrate Easter. Early Easter traditions In Europe, Easter was originally a festival of fertility and rebirth. It was held around the time of the vernal equinox. To early civilizations, Easter signalled the arrival of spring. It was the time when nature and life awakened after a long winter. The English word “Easter” comes from the name of a Saxon goddess, known as Oestre. In turn, she was based on a German deity of fertility and the dawn, Ostara. Goddess Ostara Early Germans believed that the goddess Ostara brought an end to winter. As the days of …