Going Ga Ga for Gold

Word is on the street that Lady Gaga married her boyfriend this weekend, however when looking for her bridal dress, all we could find is Lady Gaga and her love for gold ensembles! We therefore filtered through gazillions of pictures online to pick our favourite LG fashionista moments.

The first outfit which we have picked is the outfit she wore to the 2011 Bambi Media Awards. Is she looking freakishly cool, or a freak of nature?

Lady Gaga in Gold Alexander McQueen at Bambi Media Awards in Wiesbaden, Germany

Next we have picked this garish dress (if we can call it that) which Lady Gaga wore to the Chicago Gala. Lady_Gaga_Gold

This outfit is our favourite! We think she looks simply stunning (and normal) in this golden gown which she wore to the Golden Globes 2014 after party.


The next outfit is an outfit which the singer wore to dinner in Japan whilst she was on holiday. Did she pull this off as a Kimono, as it has that style… if you squint your eyes and tilt your head.

lady gaga gold

The final golden outfit which we have chosen is this golden leotard, which cheeky Lady Gaga wore during her concert in Vancouver.

lady gaga 2


We could go on for days drooling over her gold attire, however we took a moment to browse through our  jewellery collection to handpick our favourite gold pieces we think the Princess of Pop needs to know about. Wouldn’t you agree?

What’s your favorite golden Gaga outfit, and do you think her style if to die for, or to burn? Tweet us @diamondstoreuk

Simply Sapphire – Sapphire Jewellery & Who Looks Great

Its already September! Which means its Sapphire’s turn to be the gemstone of the month! We have chosen five celebs which wore the Sapphire the best and have rated them out of 10 on our fire chart of smoking hot celebs.

1) First we have Jennifer Hudson, who wore this blue Sapphire gown at the Oscars. We have given Jennifer a 6 on our fire chart!


2) Our second celebrity is Jessica Lowndes, who wore this low-cut Sapphire gown to the 2014 Canadian Screen Awards. We have rated Jessica a 7 on our hot fire chart.



3) Our third celebrity or should we say royal, is the Duchess- Kate Middleton. Kate wore a knee length Sapphire dress to match her gorgeous Sapphire engagement ring. We have rated her an 8 on our fire chart of hot celebs.


4) Our penultimate celebrity is Jessica Stam. She wore this blue Sapphire sheer gown which was teamed with a floral lace underneath to the 2012 CFDA Fashion Awards. We have given Jessica a firey 9!

jessica stan

5) Our final Celebrity is Blake Lively. She wore this stunning gown to the MET Gala in 2009. She definitely deserves a 10 from us! Way to go Blake!


 We have also chosen our top ‘phiring’ hot blue Sapphire’s from The Diamond Store.


 price of the necklace is at the time this article was written.


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And the award goes to…

With the Video Music Awards 2014 just having taken place this week, we decided that we would give our own awards to the celebrities who we think deserve an award for their outfit. As an award we have decided to use a piece of The Diamond Store jewellery which matches their outfit.

And the award for ‘the sparkling beauty’ goes to Jennifer Lopez! No matter what she wears, J-Lo always shines; and so we would like to present her with this diamond and silver bracelet.

JLo vma



And the award for ‘ladies in black’ goes to the Jenner sisters, Kendall and Kylie and Kim Kardashian. Whilst the Jenner sisters went for all black, Kim went for a printed black, white and red dress. We would like to present them with this gold black diamond and diamond ring.

kardashians vma


And the award for the most ‘stand-out outfit’ goes to Taylor Swift. Her sky blue printed play-suit, gets her the award of these gold and blue topaz earrings.

taylor swift vma


And the award for ‘pretty in pink’ goes to Gwen Stefani. Rocking this pink and black outfit, we’d like to present Gwen with this pink Sapphire and diamond necklace.

gwen stefani vma


Who would you give the best dressed award to? Tweet us @diamondstoreuk


Ruby – The Perfect Gift For Those Born In July

The glowing ruby shall adorn,

Those who in July are born;

Then they’ll be exempt and free

From love’s doubts and anxiety.



As we welcome the month of July, we have some very exciting diamonds in store for you! With July being the month of the birthstone Ruby, not only is the gemstone very popular, but so is the colour! With our rubi-o-meter, we have spotted many celebrities working all sorts of Ruby items this year, and we’ve have rated them on a scale of rubitastic to unrubified. Be prepared to be dazzled!


This year at the Oscars, we spotted Scarlett Johanssen wearing a stunning laced Ruby gown. We’d definitely say she’s rubitastic, especially since she rocked a nice Ruby ring to match her dress. However, we would say to Scarlett, that had she added a nice ruby bracelet to her complete her look, she would have definitely been the talk of the night! We have just the bracelet for her, perfect with her ring!


2. Next our rubiometer spotted Blake Lively wearing a diamond ring with the over 100ct ruby on her finger. The ring matches perfectly with her gorgeous red dress and she surely scores well on our rubiometer. Although, in order for her to have scored higher on our rubiometer, we think that she should’ve added a pair of ruby earrings to match her ring! 






3. At the Screen Actors Guild Awards, we spotted Elizabeth Moss in a Red Michael Kors dress. We had to rate Elizabeth as unrubified as she could enhanced this simple elegant dress by adding a stunning ruby necklace to it.




4. We spotted Natalie Portman wearing gorgeous drop down ruby earrings to match her burberry colourd dress.



She definitely rates well on our rubiometer for her earrings but in order for her to come out at the top, we would have worn a simple ruby necklace and a sparkling ruby ring. These two sparkling jewels, would have surely made her shine!

5. Sarah Jessica Parker was spotted on our rubioscope in Moscow, at a fan event at the Manolo Blahnik boutique. She was wearing a tiered white strapless Chanel dress which had delicate ruby red floral appliqué detailing. She was wearing simple jewellery to match her outfit, which most surely did the job.


We took a little bit of inspiration from our fashionista, and put together a little summer outfit for all our fabulous readers out there. This white elegant beauty is perfect for that school prom or wedding reception.

V Neck Beaded Chiffon White 2014 Prom Dresses


To make sure you definitely get noticed we would suggest adding a few rubies to make your look complete. We would add some ruby earrings, a ruby bracelet and finally a ruby ring. I know that sounds like a lot of rubies, but trust us, it will be completely worth it!




So as we prepare for the month of rubies, get your rubies too! Who knows, you may get spotted on our rubiometer over the next month!


Skinted vs. Minted

It takes a lot to keep up with expensive fashion and jewellery trends, and sometimes before you know it you’ve burnt a big hole in your wallet simply to stay on trend. Luckily, with The Diamond Store’s jewels, you don’t have to. We have tons of pieces that look fab that you don’t have to dip into your life savings to purchase!

We all love our heart pendants; this The Diamond Store’s and Tiffany’s heart necklace are so similar you would never notice the difference!

Kim Kardashian is also a big fan of her heart necklaces and jewellery! This is a perfect piece to give as a gift. Men, take note for girlfriends/wives birthday’s or next Valentine’s Day!

Our favourite French jeweller Cartier has some divine pink sapphire rings, which we at The Diamond Store are in love with too (amazing colour for this time of year.)

Nicole Richie is obviously a big pink sapphire fan too, it’s the colour of her engagement ring! Adds a pop of colour to any outfit.

Everyone adores a beautiful pair of diamond drop earrings and we have some that are not so dissimilar to that of De Beers’.

All the A-Listers are wearing diamond drops – simply a timeless classic. If they’re good enough for them, they’re certainly good enough for us!

Who isn’t a lover of elegant emeralds? We personally think they suit everybody and always look gorgeous.

Lastly, you can’t beat a simple and beautiful engagement ring. We have found a Van Cleef & Arpels ring that resembles ours almost exactly! (except ours is under the £1,000 mark)

To read more about other Spring 2014 jewellery trends, take a look at Harpers Bazaar’s ‘Runway Jewellery’ post:


New to The Diamond Store

New to The Diamond Store

We’re always trying to stay up to date with our collection, searching for innovative techniques, brand new designs and like to keep on top of current trends. We are over the moon with some of our new collections and can’t wait to share them with you. Below we are taking a closer look at each of our new pieces and our in-house stylist has dropped by to give you her view.

5.90ct Diamond and 18K White Gold Ring



This stunning Panther ring features 5.90 ct of Champagne and White Diamonds carefully pave set into 18K white gold. It’s wonderfully unique and will add a dash of outrageous to any occasion. Our in-house stylist is obsessed with the ring and has incorporated it into her daily wardrobe.

She says:

How can you not LOVE this ring. I am a fan of statement pieces and this definitely makes a statement. I caught a photo of Beyonce at a Knicks game rocking a gorgeous panther ring and teaming it with leopard pants and neon pink courts! Completely outrageous and very very cool!


11.25ct Diamond and 18k White Gold Bangle



Another piece from our NEW ‘Panther’ collection is the white and black diamond bangle. Set in 18K White Gold, 11.25ct of premium quality diamonds are featured on two kissing panthers.

Our stylist tells us:

This panther bangle is completely on trend and is best worn piled up with a few pieces for a stacked day time look. Both Rihanna and Kim Kardashian wear their panther bracelets stacked up. If you have a more understated style, let the piece do all the talking by teaming it with a little black dress.



Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian

0.43ct Diamond and 9K White Gold Ring



The beauty of this elegant Ava diamond and white gold ring is sure to wow the receiver. The twirling strands of 9K white gold feature stunning collections of premium quality diamonds weighing a combined 0.43CT which are held in a classic pave setting.


0.24ct diamond and 9k white gold earrings



These gorgeous infinity style earrings are encrusted with 0.24ct of premium quality diamonds and are set in 9k of white gold.

Our in-house stylist says:

The infinity symbol is seen everywhere these days from necklaces, bracelets, tattoos and clothing. Rarely though, have we seen it take center stage on an earring. This makes the perfect gift for a lover, symbolising that your love will last forever. We also found this great picture of Reese Wetherspoon rocking her infinity.


1.24ct Black Diamond 0.13ct Diamond and 9k White Gold Earrings



The contemporary design of this pair of black diamond and white gold earrings gives them a striking look which anyone with a love of quirky, bold jewellery will love. The earrings feature an impressive collection of round cut black Diamonds weighing a total of 1.24CT which provide a dramatic backdrop for the 0.13CT of crisp white premium quality diamonds to glisten and shine.

Some words from the stylist:

Undoubtedly these show stopper earrings must be teamed with an updo and a bold red lip!

What do you think of some of our new collection? Don’t forget to search ‘NEW’ on our website to see the full collection.

The Roaring Twenties

The Roaring Twenties

The 1920s is the decade in which women became empowered and with that, fashion entered the modern era.  Fashion abandoned the more restricting clothing of past years and more comfortable and racy clothes were introduced. Although many were reluctant to the changes,  the ‘Roaring Twenties’ as it was known, bought out the rebels of the era in more than one sense.


The corseted, peplum dresses of the ‘teens had evolved into shorter more risqué lengths that incorporated pleats, gathers, slits, fringing and all together were a lot more movable, allowing the new and improved woman to prance around as she pleased. Today, what we pull from 1920s fashion is undoubtedly  “the flapper” look which many of us have adopted for our night wear and party attire. The flapper dress was functional, a-lined and flattened the bust line rather than accentuating. This epitomises the first steps of equality that women sought after.

Courtesy of Vogue.com

Courtesy of Vogue.com


Softer more breathable fabrics were used to create straight line and close-fitting dresses. Low hems were also adopted with fullness creeping in from the teen years but only making an appearance on hems and on boas! As the era progressed, ‘shift’ type dresses which make an appearance in today’s work wear emerged and a more ‘boyish’ fit became the norm. The upper class and wealthy were still expected to wear prim and proper attire changing from the morning into an afternoon tea dress and then and evening gown for the night. Of course only the wealthy could afford this many outfit changes!


1920s fashion


These afternoon tea dresses were less form-fitting than evening gowns and featured long, flowing sleeves, and were adorned with sashes, bows, or artificial flowers at the waist. Evening gowns showcases everything that we love about 20s fashion to this day, floor length a-line dresses, satin, velvet, fringing and plenty of sparkly embellishment – something we know and love very much so at The Diamond Store.

Get your hair fixed the 1920s way with a step by step guide from Lauren Conrad. Courtesy of TheBeautyDepartment.com.




View our 1920s jewellery gallery below, all pieces are available on http://www.thediamondstore.co.uk


What do you think of 1920s style? Will you be recreating Lauren’s ‘Vintage Vixen’ style at home?