How to Announce Your Engagement

How to Announce Your Engagement? Engagement etiquette is something that’s easy to forget when you’re over the moon excited about him popping the question. But since the big news will have a huge (and hopefully happy) impact on your nearest and dearest, it’s a good idea to tell them about it in the right order and the correct way.

1. Enjoy it!

This is a really special moment that you’ll both remember forever, so cherish it with him before you tell anybody else. Bask in the love, the world can wait an hour, a day, or even a week.

2. Family first

The traditional way is to tell your parents first, then his folk. Next, you should tell close family, like sisters, brothers, grandparents. Telling everybody in person is always best, but giving the news on the phone is perfectly acceptable if your family live far away. Facetime and Skype are fab as they let you show off the ring!

3. Be extra considerate with children

If you already have children from a previous relationship, tell them and your ex first before telling anybody else. Showing you care about their feelings will help them all adjust. After all, you’ll want them to be on board with your new happiness.

4. Telling friends

Next, you should tell your close friends, followed by more distant friends and work colleagues. Again, telling in person or picking up the phone is ideal. But if you and your friends most often use WhatsApp , you could send a picture of your ring to your ‘BFF Group Chat’ for the ultimate surprise!

5. Social media

Now you can finally put the ring on Facebook and Instagram. Remember to keep the focus on your love by including a smiling couple-selfie, not just the ring. If you choose to post a snap of the ring, remember to get a manicure and take the picture against a nice background. You could also include a wedding hashtag if you want.

6. Reign in the mushiness

Even if you’re excited enough to burst, try to be tactful around recently separated friends who could end up resenting you if you push the lovey-doviness too far. Don’t talk endlessly and exclusively about your wedding plans when you get together with friends. Social media posts with intimate pet names and tongue-kissing selfies are also a no-no if you want your friends still to like you by the time your wedding comes round.

7. Send “save the date” requests

If you know your wedding date, it’s a good idea to send people a ‘save the date’ request before the official invites – especially if you have family or friends coming from abroad who need to make travel plans or save money in advance. You could do this by sending a card. However, a nice email or Facebook message is enough as long as you send them individually to each guest, making them personal.

8. Thank well-wishers

After you’ve enjoyed your moment of glory, graciously thank everybody who’s congratulated you, either personally or by posting a Facebook message, depending on how they approached you. Always remember that these are your nearest and dearest family and friends, and they’re the same people who will be attending your wedding soon!