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The Halloween Black Diamond Edit

We have curated a collection of stylish Halloween jewellery. Black diamonds and symbolic jewels characterise this ancient Celtic holiday perfectly. These gorgeous pieces are so on trend you can wear them all year round.

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1. Black diamond earrings

The contemporary design of these black diamond earrings gives them a dramatic look that anyone with a love of quirky, bold jewellery will love. Price £869 or £12.75 per month.
Halloween jewellery - black diamond earrings

2. Black diamond bracelet

This black diamond chain bracelet in white gold is delicate and feminine with a trendy edge of punk. A perfect accessory for the witching hour. Price £205.

Halloween jewellery - black diamond bracelet

3. Black diamond hamsa

Keep the evil eye away with this stunning hamsa pendant. It’s made with diamonds and sapphires on white gold, with a black diamond in the centre. Price £305.

Halloween jewellery - hamsa evil eye necklace

4. Black diamond bracelet

This infinity motif bracelet features black and white diamonds, beautifully handcrafted with a secure clasp. Price £365.

Halloween jewellery - black diamond bracelet

5. Black diamond eye ring

This unique design is made with stunning blue sapphires and completed with fine black and white diamonds to create a striking piece of jewellery. Price £349.


6. Skull cufflinks

For the Edward Cullen in your life, these black and white diamond skull cufflinks are the ideal gift. Price £835 or £12.25 per month. HURRY ONLY 1 ITEM LEFT!

Halloween jewellery - diamond skull cufflinks

7. Black diamond stud earrings

This stunning pair of black and white stud earrings is handcrafted with white gold. They sparkle in two tones, making them an ideal for day or night. Price £245.


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Please note all prices quoted 31ST October 2017 and may vary at any time after this date.