5 Steps to Buying the Diamond Ring She Wants at a Price You Can Afford

5 Easy Steps to Buying the Diamond Ring She Wants at a Price You Can AffordGETTING engaged? Congratulations!

We realise you’ve come across this article because you’re shopping for an engagement ring for someone really special.

We’re also guessing that by now, you’ve probably found all manner of confusing advice – and maybe been scared to death by the prices of rings.

That’s why we, the engagement ring experts, have put together this easy 5-step guide for buying the perfect diamond ring she’ll adore, at a price you’ll love.

1. Figure out the money first

Sounds obvious, right? But you’d be amazed how many people overlook budgeting. In a nutshell, if you’re buying an engagement ring, you’ll want to buy the best one you can afford – but not spend yourself out of house and home.

  • Take a good, honest look at your finances.
  • Ask your dad or a mate who’s good with money for advice.
  • Decide how much you’re prepared to spend.

Even if you have savings or a great salary, you might not want to spend it all in one go. Consider putting down a deposit and financing the rest at 0% interest.

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2. Gather ALL the facts – and write them down

The next most important thing? Work out the ring size and style! If the ring turns out too small or big, or she hates the way it looks, your big moment will be ruined.

  • FREE Ring Sizer from TheDIamondStoreUK“Borrow” one of her existing rings and measure it with a Ring Sizer App or take it to a jeweller who’ll measure it for you. You can also order a free ring sizer online, although that takes away the element of surprise. Once you know it, write it down. Ring sizes are incredibly easy to forget.
  • Next, work out the ring’s style. Would she prefer yellow gold or a silvery-coloured metal, like white gold or platinum? Platinum is the most expensive, then 18K gold, followed by 9K gold.
  • Check which diamond cut she’d prefer. The easiest way is to ask her mum or best friend.

3. Research jewellers

It’s good if you understand diamond basics, like the The Four Cs. However, don’t get too tangled up in the technicalities. Your engagement ring’s first and foremost job is to appeal to the person you’re buying it for!

This is where a reliable jeweller will be able to help you most, so put their expertise to use, rather than trying to become one yourself. They’ll guide you to the right ring that looks stunning, sparkles beautifully and is the best your money can buy.

  • Look for a helpful retailer that offers you the most choice within your budget and style.
  • Generally speaking, online jewellers have the best prices because they have smaller overheads than high street shops.
  • Check hallmarking, British Jewellery Association membership, insured delivery and the length of the ring’s guarantee.

4. Buy THE ring!

Finally, the exciting part! Having narrowed down the budget, ring style and choice of jeweller, shopping will be a breeze.

Don’t take too long to decide, though. Jewellers don’t stock their entire range of rings in every finger size, so it might need to be ordered, set by hand or sized to fit. They’ll also need to send the ring to be hallmarked. This could take from a few days to a number of weeks, depending on how complex the ring’s design is.

So give yourself plenty of time to avoid last minute panic and disappointment!

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5. Plan the occasion

Now that you have your ring (or have at least ordered it) the plot thickens… It’s time to plan your proposal! Feeling stuck? Visit our website for 101 brilliant proposal ideas.

In Conclusion…

Write yourself a checklist and get ready to shop for your ring:

✓ Budget

✓ Ring size

✓ Precious metal type

✓ Diamond cut

✓ Preferred Jewellers

Good luck and remember, you can always get in touch with us if you need more advice!

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8 Pro Tips – Choosing the Perfect Wedding Day Jewellery for Him & Her

Wedding jewellery etiquette tips by TheDiamondStoreUKWITH the wedding season fast approaching, questions are arising about what wedding jewellery brides and grooms should wear? And importantly, how you should wear it?

Well, we’ve done a thorough search of all the biggest wedding fashion blogs and sites for you, to come up with a helpful list of wedding jewellery DO’S and DONT’S, for both him and her!

Wedding jewellery tips for the BRIDE:

1. BALANCE THE DRESS – Jewellery can make or break your dress, as much as your shoes or hairpiece can. As a rule of thumb…

♦ A heavily decorated dress looks best with simple jewellery
♦ Halterneck, sleeveless and asymmetrical dresses look stunning with drop earrings
♦ Pendants, long necklaces and chokers work with deep V-necks
♦ A statement jewellery piece should be balanced with small items
♦ If in doubt, wear a pair of diamond earrings and a diamond bracelet

2. MIX AND MATCH – The old saying, “something old, new, borrowed and blue” is very on trend right now. Combining heirloom jewellery with new pieces, or adding colour with gemstones, is a great look to go for. However, you should only mix items with similar styles. An antique pendant may look good with a faux-vintage bracelet, but it won’t go with a geometric 80’s bangle!

3. IT’S OK TO BUDGET – You should spend as much as you can afford on your wedding bands, but the rest of your jewellery doesn’t have to cost the moon. Your ring may be platinum, but who’s going to know your earrings are silver or 9K white gold?

4. ORDER EARLY – Not all wedding jewellery items are “off the shelf” and your retailer may have to make, resize or order them for you. Ideally, give yourself at least three months to plan.

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Wedding jewellery tips for the GROOM:

1. MATCH YOUR METALS – Men’s wedding accessories used to be limited to rings, cufflinks, watches and tie bars. Today, boys are “allowed” to wear much more: bracelets, earrings, pendants and ethnic or religious jewellery. However, the old rule still applies: don’t mix your metals. Stick to either gold or silver tones, whether it’s a belt buckle or lapel pin you’re combining. EXCEPTION: You don’t have to match your wedding ring with other items, it stands in its own right.

Now is a great time to wear those heirloom cufflinks2. BE MEANINGFUL – Do you have an emotional piece of jewellery? Now’s a great time to wear those heirloom cufflinks or your military service pin.

3. SHOW RESTRAINT – Unless your ethnicity or religion demands otherwise, it’s never a good idea to outshine the bride on her wedding day. So avoid going all Mr. T and stick to 1-3 carefully selected items instead. It’s OK to wear one statement piece, like quirky designer cufflinks, but the rest of your accessories should be few, and kept low key.

4. STAY IN YOUR COMFORT ZONE – This isn’t the day to go for a wild new style. A wedding day is stressful enough and she won’t be impressed if you rock up to the altar with pierced ears you didn’t have before. If you don’t normally wear any jewellery, then don’t do it today either. Your wedding ring and your bride will be decoration enough!

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This may seem like a no brainer, but both the bride and the groom should try to pick accessories they can also wear after the wedding. Not only will you get more for your money, but you’ll have wonderful jewellery to remind you of your happy day – and pass on to your children.

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We were also very excited to see Kate wearing brand new sapphire jewellery that goes with her engagement ring!

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In a way, the Romans weren’t too far from the truth. Diamonds are the rarest mineral on earth. They were created by mother nature herself more than 3 billion years ago. Under the earth’s crust, only crushing volcanic forces and intense heat could produce a diamond.

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The interesting thing about cross necklaces is that apart from having spiritual significance, they’re hugely fashionable items that can be worn by both men and women. Made popular by famous personalities like David Beckham and Kate Middleton, they are very on trend this spring.

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JEWELLERY has been the hottest thing on the Fashion Week catwalks in London, Paris, Milan and New York. Chokers, vintage gemstone earrings and yellow gold pendants – we’ve handpicked this spring’s 12 most fashionable jewellery pieces and looks for you. With items available from £119, you cannot go wrong! Complete your 2015 spring and summer wardrobe with these fabulously chic and affordable jewellery accessories.

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