And the award goes to…

With the Video Music Awards 2014 just having taken place this week, we decided that we would give our own awards to the celebrities who we think deserve an award for their outfit. As an award we have decided to use a piece of The Diamond Store jewellery which matches their outfit.

And the award for ‘the sparkling beauty’ goes to Jennifer Lopez! No matter what she wears, J-Lo always shines; and so we would like to present her with this diamond and silver bracelet.

JLo vma



And the award for ‘ladies in black’ goes to the Jenner sisters, Kendall and Kylie and Kim Kardashian. Whilst the Jenner sisters went for all black, Kim went for a printed black, white and red dress. We would like to present them with this gold black diamond and diamond ring.

kardashians vma


And the award for the most ‘stand-out outfit’ goes to Taylor Swift. Her sky blue printed play-suit, gets her the award of these gold and blue topaz earrings.

taylor swift vma


And the award for ‘pretty in pink’ goes to Gwen Stefani. Rocking this pink and black outfit, we’d like to present Gwen with this pink Sapphire and diamond necklace.

gwen stefani vma


Who would you give the best dressed award to? Tweet us @diamondstoreuk


The man’s guide to picking an Engagement Ring..

Buying an engagement ring seems like a simple thing to do.. you just see a ring you think she’ll like and buy it, right? How hard can it be? However,  if you have just started or are already midway through the process or have been through it, you will know that the reality is very different. Not only is this likely to be the most expensive jewellery purchase you ever make BUT the ring stands as an eternal symbol of everything you share with this person. As if that wasn’t enough pressure already, but you do only get one chance to get it right… hopefully. So in order to make your experience less traumatic we have put a little guide together for you to help you pick the perfect engagement ring.

1) Trust your instincts: 

This is a very important purchase, probably the most important purchase you’ll ever make, and so it should be treated with the respect and careful consideration it deserves. The first thing to remember is to not let it detract from the magic of the occasion. The moment is about the both of you and you’re together for a reason, so through all the advice and tips you’ve picked up, let your own instincts still be the primary influence. The ring that is chosen becomes a part of the scene and therefore has sentimental value attached to it, and so most women are reluctant to part with.

2) Know your budget:

Typically the myth is that you should spend an average of about two or three months salary on a ring. Never forget that you will only be buying this once, so buy the best that you can afford. To find the best value for your money, the Internet is your best bet as prices can be as much as 60 percent below high street retailers. If you have seen something you like on the high street for £2000 though and then find its equivalent on line for £1000, don’t settle for that one. Buy to the top of your budget and get a ring twice as good.

3) Style matters:

From the size of the diamond to the colour of the metal, there are many factors to consider when choosing the ring style. If you’re intending to surprise your partner then look at what her friends and family are wearing because it will give you a rough guide of what she will be expecting and what you ideally have to better. It may be an idea to consult her good friends, they may know her taste.
Remember to coordinate the ring to the person, as a huge stone won’t look good on a very dainty hand, and keep their character in mind. Most importantly pay attention to her, because the chances are that she would have hinted the kind of ring she wants.

4) The four C’s:

These are colour, clarity, cut and carat and are used to categorise and grade the diamond. For most people, the most important factor is finding a balance between quality and size. Ultimately you have to decide what has priority and realise that if you want a bigger diamond, you may well have to sacrifice a little on quality and vice-versa, depending on your budget.

5) The ring size:

This can be tricky because it is difficult to do without giving the game away. Again it is a question of asking friends and family if they
know or getting one of her rings measured if she already wears one her finger. You could always take a leap of faith and guess and then have the ring re-sized after the event, but this is easier if the estimate is close to the actual size.

 6) Choosing a jeweller:

A. One of the first things you need to look for are affiliations to trade organisations such as the British Jewellers Association, which has a high codes of ethics that members must stipulate to.
B. When buying online, search for independent reviews by previous customers as these are a great seal of approval. A good website should also have a customer testimonial section where they get to showcase feedback from their customers..
C. Check for guarantees as you want to know if there are any problems you are covered, such as the 5 year guarantee.
D. It’s important to find out what the returns policy of the company is because if she doesn’t like the ring (or Heaven forbid she says no), you need to know that you can get your money back.
E. Make sure there is an independent certification of the diamond. It costs and adds to the price of the ring, but is worth it as the certificate is like a stamp of legitimacy to say that the diamond is of the quality advertised.
F. You need a detailed receipt as it may be crucial for any future insurance claim.

7) Buying online vs Buying on the high street:

There’s no doubt that buying online can take a lot of the romance out of the process as there’s an element of occasion in visiting a high street store. It can be enjoyable to go into a jeweller with your girlfriend and be spoilt and pampered and made a fuss of, but the savings that can be made outweigh the opportunity to sit on a fluffy white sofa. Someone is paying for that service and ultimately it’s you. Some websites that offer cheaper prices may have to import the diamonds which means you could be lumbered with duty fees on top of the quoted price and VAT. Also if there’s a fault with the diamond it can be a logistical nightmare as it has to be returned to the source. Be sure to check this before continuing with your purchase. Beware of retailers selling comparable advertised grades for unrealistically low prices, if its sounds too cheap, it is usually for a reason…

We hope this guide will useful to all of you waiting to pop the question and will help you enjoy your experience! For more information and inspiration visit

Are you a viral romantic or a Larry Low Profile?

Have you ever thought what kind of love personality you have?

With social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram being available at the tip of your finger, many relationships are exposed online before even telling your bezzie mate. However, there are still ‘some’ couples who like to keep their relationships on the d-low apparently…

We have created a love personality quiz for all you lovers out there, so that you can figure out just exactly what kind of a lover you are! Will you be shocked to find that Facebook knows more about your relationship than your partner, or are you the Traditional Tom who keeps things offline?

Personality type 1: The VIRAL ROMANTIC:

Do you Instagram French-kiss “selfies” and tweet pillow talk on Twitter? If you say yes to both the questions, it means that you’re the queen (or king) of modern cyber romance! It is clearly very important to you as to how others perceive you and your relationship;

You’re very likely to develop a relationship through social media by adding people on Instagram, impressing them with witty Twitter exchanges, and then casually asking them for a drink. All this is effortless for you!

But do be careful! While you’re busy tweeting and sharing pictures on Facebook, your closest friends are probably getting fed up with your oversharing. Plus if your relationship goes south, you might live to regret being so public about it. But don’t worry, as long as you remember to pick up the phone and call your friends from time to time—the virtual world of love is yours!

This diamond and rose gold necklace is perfect to match your “bold, make a statement” personality.

Personality type 2: OLD SCHOOL LOVER:

Do you still use your landline to call people up? Does the thought of using social media for flirting and online dating give you the heebie-jeebies? Do you often find that your friends are trying to find out whether your boyfriend or girlfriend really exists? If you can answer all these three questions with a yes, well then we’d say you’re very traditional when it comes to matters of the heart.

You’re more likely to plan little personal romantic dates such as a candle-lit dinner or a scented bath with rose petals, and you wouldn’t hesitate to buy expensive concert tickets to impress him or her. Can you believe, traditional dating still exists!

But be careful because as much as we hate to break this to you, but you’re a bit of a fuddy-duddy. Traditional romance is great and your sweetheart would probably love that compilation tape you made for them… if they still lived in the 80’s! You need to get with it. Upload a cute picture on Facebook once in a while..there’s nothing wrong with that!

To match your traditional personality we have chosen this simple heart necklace for you!

Personality type 3: LARRY LOW PROFILE:

Do you hate everything about social media? According to you, does Twitter destroy the English language and Facebook expose you to hackers and serial killers? So it’s hardly surprising you’ve never uploaded a romantic picture or flirted on social media. The question is, though… do you actually flirt at all?

You take your online privacy very seriously. You know all about internet security and, very wisely, would never post your personal information (or anybody else’s) on the web. After all, someone is probably hacking into your computer now whilst you are reading this post.

But careful! Unless you’re super famous or deeply paranoid, there’s no need for all this hating and hiding. Whether you like it or not, we live in the age of social media. Used wisely, it can actually allow us to share great moments with our loved ones. If your boyfriend or girlfriend has been bugging you to join Facebook lately, don’t be a spoil sport. Share a little online love or ‘like’.

To match your low profile personality, we think these white gold diamond earrings.

Personality number 4: SOCIAL LOVE JEDI:

Do like posting a romantic photo to mark an anniversary or a special day? Do you only update your relationship status on Facebook if your other half is happy for you to? Well then congratulations, because you have mastered the art of sharing your private life in a positive way on social media.

You can strike a perfect balance between offline and online. Just like in your real life, you conduct your online relationships gracefully and without scandal or drama. For you, social networking is just a fulfilling extension to your already happy and balanced life.

But do be careful! It’s good to share your happiest moments and successes on social media, but don’t be too politically correct. It’s boring and nobody likes a saint. If you’re heartbroken, that’s what your network is there for: to catch you when you’re down.

To match your balanced personality, we have picked this diamond ring for you, and who knows, maybe it will turn into an engagement..

Take our love personality quiz and find out your love personality!

Shoes gallore

We have put together a shoe ‘gallorey’ for you shoe lovers out there!

The Diamond Store team browsed the designers and high streets to pick our six favourite shoes right NOW,  and not only have we created a show gallery for you but we have also matched the perfect piece of Diamond Store jewellery. So all you have left to do is pick the outfit!

1) Christian Louboutin


 Ohh la la, we are swooning over these super-feminine Papaye with multicoloured studs with this multi-stoned gold ring. Wear these during the day or in the evening to make a statement. If Christian Louboutin is out of your budget, we heard they have just released their nail polish to give you some ‘Louby red’ in your life.

2) New Look


Simple yet elegant, we have paired these gold glitter strappy peep toe heels with these gold diamond earrings. This shoe and earring combo is perfect for the glamourous night out or for a summer time wedding.

3) Charlotte Olympia

charlotte olympia

These Charlotte Olympia shoes have been created to celebrate the twelve star signs. Our fave is the Aquarius Birthday shoe which features a gold hand-painted enamel Zodiac symbol, embellished with Swarovski crystals. It would be rude for us to not pair them with our Aquarius pendant below.

Aquarius not your birth stone? Fear not, there are 11 other shoes in Char’s range.

4) Aldo


If the above are too summery, well let us move into Autumn. We have matched these black tie up boot heels with a white gold diamond bracelet.  Victoria Beckham better look out as we suggest wearing these with a pair of skinny jeans and a shirt, and there won’t be room for two fashionistas around.

5) Jimmy Choo


We could not let this pointy toe pump miss the ‘gallorey’. This pump carries attitude with this striking application of nude metallic dégradé on navy suede. We have matched these shoes with this blue sapphire yellow gold necklace below. Wear this combo with a navy blue jumpsuit or dress and you’ll be the talk of the night.

6) Office


Lastly for those who are not heel-mad, we have included these Butterfly Twist cream ballerina pumps. Want to keep things classic, then simply add a simple pair of our white diamond earrings.

Which shoe and jewellery combo is your favourite, or, have we missed your favourite pair of feet candy? Tweet us @diamondstoreuk

What If…

On Tuesday it was the London premiere of Daniel Radcliffe’s new movie ‘What If’ in Leicester Square. On the Red Carpet we spotted many celebrities, each rocking their individual style. Keeping the movie name in mind..we thought ‘What If’ we add a piece of Diamond Store Jewellery to each celebs outfit? And so, we loved this idea so much that we did exactly that and called it our ‘What If’ Range.

We spotted MTV presenter Laura Whitmore on the red carpet in a little white caped dress. She accessorised the dress with a pair of nude patent heeled shoes, a simple necklace and a statement gold bangle. We thought ‘What If’ she wore it with this gold heart bracelet?

What if- Laura_Whitmore


We also spotted Celebrity Big Brother star Casey Batchelor on the red carpet. She chose a plunging navy, off-the-shoulder dress with white lace detail. She wore the dress with metallic heels and a matching studded clutch. ‘What If’ she wore it with Sapphire and diamond earrings?
what if _Casey_Batchelor

Spotted on the red carpet in a bright orange tunic was Imogen Thomas. She wore the dress with black heels and had a black and gold clutch to complete the look. ‘What If’ she wore the dress with this firey opal ring?

what if- imogen thomas

We noticed the Made in Chelsea star, Francesca Hull sparkling in her silver sequined gown. She accessorised with a large quilted black clutch. ‘What If’ we added a little more sparkle to her look and she wore this white gold diamond bracelet?

what if cheska

Emma Miller was seen turning heads as she showed off her incredibly long legs. She wore a glittery black dress with a frilly hemline. The neckline and sleeves were sheer. She wore black Christian Louboutin shoes to complete her look. ‘What If’ she wore this black diamond ring?

what if- emma miller


”What If’ you went to the premier; which piece would you wear?



Happy Birthday Cara!

We would like to wish Cara Delevingne a very Happy 22nd Birthday! For those of you who are not very familiar with Cara, she is an is an English fashion model, socialite, actress and singer. She is fast stealing the supermodel crown who is the already the face of Burberry, DKNY, Fendi, Saint Laurent and Chanel. Cara seems to have it all – from holidays with Rihanna and dates with Harry Styles.

We have chosen 5 of her outfits and rated it on our Delevigne-meter . i.e is it DELicious or DULLevigne. We have also added a piece of  The Diamond Store jewellery, which we think will match her outfit.

Outfit number 1: Cara wore this gown to the MET gala in 2013. We think Cara looks DELicious in this outfit!


We have matched a pear shaped gold diamond necklace.

Outfit 2: Cara wore this dark green dress to the amFARs Cinema Against Aids in 2012. We think this is a little DULLevigne.

Cara+Delevingne+2012+amfAR Cinema Against Aids

We matched some diamond and emerald earrings.

Outfit number 3: She wore this to a Roberto Cavalli Party in Paris in 2011. We love the shimmer and sparkle on this dress- its definitely DELicious.

Roberto Cavalli Party - Inside Photocall PFW Ready To Wear S/S 2011

We have matched this dress with a black diamond ring.

Outfit number 4: Cara wore this black lace dress to the Cannes Film Festival in 2013. We think Cara looks DELicious in this gown.


We matched this with a diamond collarette.

Outfit number 5: Cara wore this casual outfit and army print jacket to support her best friend Rita Ora in concert. We think this DULLevigne.


We matched this outfit with a simple pair of diamond studs.

What Cara outfit is your favourite? Send in your DELicious images or Tweet us @diamondstoreuk

For richer, for poorer… 3 ways to propose

Preparations are a hugely important part of the process when proposing. Whether you are on a tight budget or you’re planning to extravagantly push the boat out with your proposal, The Diamond Store has some tips and some rings that will help you create the perfect moment.

Undoubtedly, the most tricky part of a proposal is getting the ring right. If you are really having trouble making a decision, the team at The Diamond Store are always willing to give expert advice – simply give us a call on +44 (0) 845 084 1200 during office hours.

Alternatively, here are some suggestions that we’ve come up with that might give you a bit of a kick start:

1. Being on a budget certainly does not mean you can’t have a perfect setting. All you really need is a bottle of Prosecco, some roses and a ring to make it special, right?

pros and roses

Choose a location. This could be a park, a restaurant or even the comfort of your own home. Little things mean the world to a woman.

White Topaz & 0.48CT AA Tanzanite 925 Sterling Silver Ring

White Topaz & 0.48CT AA Tanzanite 925 Sterling Silver Ring £89.00

This Topaz ring is dainty, delicate, and simply divine. And how can you complain about the price?! With the Marks & Spencer Prosecco and roses and this ring – your grand proposal total is £121.99

2. If you have been thinking about popping the question for a long while and have had a few years to save up a little, then why not consider a gorgeous London tourist attraction like your own private capsule on The London Eye?

london eye


What a seriously romantic treat for your lady – and an unforgettable trip! To go within the price range, The Diamond Store has the perfect diamond and white gold engagement ring:

0.75CT Ideal Prince Cut Diamond & 18K White Gold Ring £1499.00

0.75CT Ideal Prince Cut Diamond & 18K White Gold Ring £1,499.00

If this sounds like your kind of proposal- your grand total is £1,999.00

3. Lastly, if you are intending on something even more luxurious, how about taking a few days in the Italian sun? We highly recommend the Hotel Splendido, looking over the harbour of Portofino – does it get more glamorous than that?

hotel splendido

And to propose at a place like The Splendido, you have to have the most unique and remarkable ring to hand to your woman:

Platinum 1.56CT Diamond Solitaire Ring £7,525.00

Platinum 1.56CT Diamond Solitaire Ring £7,525.00

This platinum ring is one of the most outstanding of The Diamond Store’s collection and demonstrates elegance and gracefulness. If you choose to go for this sort of option – your grand proposal total is £8,305.00

These are only a few possibilities. There are endless amounts of ways to propose but no matter how or where you decide to ask the question, these suggestions prove that budget never has to be an issue!

How did your partner propose? We would love to hear from you!