VALENTINE’S! 10 Top Picks of Beautiful Jewellery Gifts – from £89 to £299

valentines_jewellery_affordableThis week we’ve handpicked 10 stunning pieces of jewellery PERFECT for Valentine’s Day. We think February 14th should be all about thoughtful, heartfelt gifting. So with Christmas and the sales just gone, we’ve made sure these items are luxurious and romantic, yet affordable. Choose your favourite from £89 to £299.

Click on the prices or photographs to find out more about each piece.

1. Earrings with Tanzanites & Silver – PRICE £89.00
This is a classic pair of stud earrings that she will love. Tanzanite’s beautiful blue-to-violet shimmer entices and woos on the most romantic day of the year.


2. Aquamarine & Diamond Pendant in White Gold – PRICE £119.00
This pendant is a modern classic that will suit anyone. Aquamarines are said to reflect the beauty of the wearer’s soul and attract love…


3. Heart Pendant with Diamonds & White Gold – PRICE £149.00
What could say “I love you” better than a diamond heart?


4. Diamond Initial Pendant in White Gold – PRICE £159.00
Wear your loved one’s initial close to your heart this Valentine’s. These pendants with 0.50CT of premium grade diamonds represent incredible value – with all letters of the alphabet available.


5. Ruby & Diamond Pendant in White Gold – PRICE £175.00
Red rubies spell romance – especially when arranged into a heart with sparkling diamonds.


6. Diamond Heart Bracelet Set in Silver  – PRICE £189.00
Diamonds that circle your wrist are the best way to wear your heart on your sleeve. These are set into pristine UK hallmarked silver.


7. Diamond Stud Earrings in 18K White Gold – PRICE £199.00
This is a classic and timeless gift that will elicit smiles from the trickiest to buy for person. Made with fine 18K white gold, these are our top selling item of jewellery.


8. Diamond Cluster Earrings in White Gold – PRICE £209.00
These earrings represents this season’s hottest jewellery design trends. Clustered diamonds provide a luxurious look that’s ideal for both formal occasions and weekend chic.


9. Diamond Heart Earrings in White Gold – PRICE £235.00
Created in exquisite detail using fine white gold and sparkling round diamonds, these heart earrings are the perfect way to romance a discerning girl who loves fine jewellery.


10. Diamond Tennis Bracelet – PRICE £299.00
Sophisticated and luxurious, this bracelet is one of those items that instantly becomes a jewellery essential. While perfect for daytime wear, it will look stunning when worn on a romantic date.


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You Won’t Believe These 7 Valentine’s Day Proposals & Reactions!

valentines_proposals_crazy_funny_strangeTHE most romantic time of year is upon us again! Here at The Diamond Store we ADORE Valentine’s, a day all about love, romance and beautiful engagement rings…

However, we also like to have a laugh! So in honour of all those boyfriends planning to pop the big question next month, here’s our top list of mind-bogglingly strange, hilarious and crazy marriage proposal videos you’ve ever seen.


1. If only she’d notice him down there, on one knee.

2. A textbook example of how not to propose in public.

3. Parents-in-law, the boot of his car and a bit of Bruno Mars…
(Well, this one’s actually very sweet. So we had to include it. We know you’ll love it too.)

4. When a dog called “Spud” gets involved, anything could happen.

5. Only her unbelievable reaction could redeem this stunt he pulls.

6. I believe I can fly… literally.

7. Fire in the hole! Please don’t try this at home. Or be this weird.


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What is the Meaning Behind Garnet – January’s Birthstone?

Garnet_birthstone_meaning_thediamondstoreIF you were born in January, then garnet is your birthstone. Garnet birthstones are said to bring you luck, love and health.

But what’s the meaning behind garnet? What is it made of? Where does it come from? Find out all about this fascinating, fiery gemstone below.

Myth, history and lore
Garnet is a legendary and royal precious stone. In Egypt, archaeologists have discovered garnet amulets in the tombs of pharaohs. In Rome, it was typical for noble patriarchs to have carved signet rings made from garnet. They’d use these to stamp the wax seals on important letters and documents. The ancient Persians only allowed their kings to own and wear garnets.

vsC3674Birthstone meaning 
As the birthstone for January, garnet is said to inspire love, passion, loyalty and friendship. Its fiery sparkle and symbolism make it a perfect gift for January birthdays and romantic occasions like Valentine’s Day. It is also the gem traditionally gifted on 2nd and 18th wedding anniversaries.

8th century garnet and gold sword hilt fitting – Photo by Daniel Buxton, Birmingham Museum, Courtesy of

Garnet myths from around the world:

♦ During the time of the Roman Empire, many believed that garnets could protect travellers. If a garnet glinted and sparkled, it was as a warning of approaching danger.

♦ The Chinese said the red garnet represented a tiger’s soul, having transformed into a precious gem after the animal’s death.

♦ The Navajo Indians in Utah, USA, also used garnets as adornments that could bring luck and protection.

garnet_meaning_birthston_thediamondstoreWhat colour is it?
Garnets are formed from not just one, but many different kinds of silicate minerals. That’s why they occur naturally in a range of colours, although the best known variety is red garnet. Red garnet usually comes in red-orange, red-brown or purple hues. Garnets are known for their captivating sparkle, referred to as “fire”. This effect is at its best in soft lighting, like candles.

How hard is garnet?
Garnet ranks 6.5 – 7.5 on the Mohs scale of hardness. To give you an idea, diamonds rate 10 and talc only scores 1. Although garnet is fairly durable, it is a crystal and should always be handled with care. Avoid knocks and store it away from harder gems that could scratch it.

Why the name?
The gemstone’s name comes from the Latin word “granatus”, meaning “seeds”. Clusters of garnet crystals resemble the red seeds inside a pomegranate. Here you can see pomegranate seeds on the left and garnet crystals on the right.

pomegranate_garnet_birthstone_meaning  garnet_crystals_birthstone_meaning

Where is it found?
Garnet deposits are found all over the world. Some of the biggest mines are in India, Africa, South America and Russia.

10527Celebrity birthstone garnets
Before she got engaged to Prince William, Catherine Middleton often wore a pearl and garnet gold ring. The press frequently speculated whether it was a gift from Prince William. Garnet is the Duchess’ birthstone, born on 8th January.

Buying garnet jewellery
Red garnet is a very affordable and beautiful gem. It naturally occurs as big, clear crystals. Its the perfect choice for large, showstopping jewellery pieces. If garnet is your birthstone, it will always hold special significance for you. For that reason alone, it’s worth including in your jewellery collection.

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MORE SALES! Another 10 Luxury Jewellery Items – from £150 to £10,000

sales_2015_thediamondstore02More from our sales this week! Did you catch our previous sales blog post about our handpicked jewellery items from £67 to £292? This week we’ve chosen another ten spectacular pieces for you, raising the stakes from £150 to £10,000.

What do you think of the diamond and gold bracelet at the end? Breathtaking, isn’t it?

Pick your favourite and let us know which one you chose!


Click on the prices or images to learn more.

vs6662#1 – Diamond Cross Pendant – SALE PRICE £155.00

Reduced to just £155.00, this diamond pendant is a seriously luxurious piece. With its unique star detail and 0.22CT of premium diamonds, its normally priced at £315.00 on the high street.


16124w#2 – Ruby & White Gold Ring – SALE PRICE £269.00

This ring set with a 0.34 carat ruby from Thailand, and surrounded by 0.11ct premium diamonds is a really luxurious piece. Elegant and understated, it adds a beuatiful bright drop of colour to your look. Normally valued at £395.00, its one of our most attractive items on sale.


12598#3 – Blue Topaz Gold Ring – SALE PRICE £409.00

Featuring a 6.83 carat blue topaz set in 0.22CT premium diamonds, this cocktail ring will wow your friends. It’s high street value is around £600, so this offer is a great opportunity to grow your jewellery collection with a beautiful gem.


10690#4 – Diamond & Yellow Gold Ring – SALE PRICE £749.00

This superlative diamond ring would normally cost around £1300, so it’s on sale for about half the normal price. It’s beautifully handcrafted with 18K yellow gold and H/Si quality round cut diamonds.




#5 – Blue Diamond Earrings – SALE PRICE £919.00

You won’t find earrings like these – at this price. Their usual RRP is £2,119.00. Made with blue diamonds and white diamonds set in white gold, they really are exquisitely elegant.



#6 – Diamond & White Gold Cufflinks – SALE PRICE £1,097.0010749

If he’s got a birthday coming up and you want to get that important man in your life a really special special gift, here’s your chance. Typically retailing at £2,009.00, these contemporary yet classic diamond cufflinks will be selling out very quickly.



DP09#7 – Ella Diamond Pendant – SALE PRICE £1,789.00

Let this gorgeous, luxurious, elegant pendant dazzle you with its 0.71 carats of G/Vsi quality diamonds – and amazing value. Reduced from a £3,345.00 high street price to only £1,789.00, this could be the perfect idea for that big Valentine’s or anniversary gift you’ve been thinking about.


LILY100W1#8 – Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring – SALE PRICE £4,655.00

Propose to her this coming Valentine’s Day with this stunning, certified one-carat diamond, set in 18K white gold. Its usual high street value is £8385.00. This is a truly great opportunity to put a very special ring on her finger.



#9 – Exclusive Diamond Eternity Ring – SALE PRICE £7,665.00

This full eternity ring is showstopping. Made with 3.75 carats of G/Vs quality diamonds, it’s usually valued at £21,389.00. The diamonds are pave set for maximum scintillation


#10 – Diamond & Gold Bracelet – SALE PRICE £9,769.00

This evening bracelet is a truly luxurious modern classic and at the top of our list. Pristine 18K yellow gold combines with a staggering 5.60 carats of premium diamonds. Insurance-valued at £18,679.00. Perfect for a special someone. Click on the image to get the full details & watch a high definition video to see what it looks like on.


Which one of these pieces would you want as a gift? Visit our website and tell us on Facebook and Twitter!

P.S. You could also win £1000 in diamonds! Have you taken part in our Britain’s Got Love competition yet?  Winners will be announced just before Valentine’s Day ♥

SALES! 10 Stunning Handpicked Jewellery Pieces – from £67 to £292

shutterstock_127494971OH YES! It’s that fabulous time of year again. Our sales are on! This is a great chance to buy beautiful jewellery for your collection, at great value. We’ve handpicked ten very special items for you, from £67 to £292.

What do you think of our list of rings, bracelets and pendants below? Choose your favourite piece of jewellery today and don’t forget to order quickly to get delivery for New Year.

Click on the images or the prices for more information!

#1 – Blue Topaz Gold Earrings – SALE PRICE £67.00
Shimmering in stunning icy-blue hues, these topaz earrings are perfect for a party!

#2 – Topaz and Silver Ring – SALE PRICE £87.00
This exquisite topaz ring is on sale now at a price you simply cannot refuse. Its real recommended retail value is £159.00!


#3 – Pink Sapphire Gold Pendant – SALE PRICE £134.00
Delicately sparkling and classic, this sapphire pendant would normally cost you around £155.00 on the high street.


#4 – Small fancy Diamond Earrings – SALE PRICE £155.00
Nothing is as elegant as a pair of real diamond earrings. Snatch yours up now at this amazing sale price.

Click to see!

#5 – Black & White Diamond Bracelet – SALE PRICE £190.00
This silver bar bracelet is trendy and unique with white and black diamonds. Carrie Bradshaw would certainly approve.


#6 – Emerald & Diamond White Gold Ring – SALE PRICE £210.00
This half eternity ring is nothing short of show stopping. With glowing, green emeralds and sparkling diamonds set it pristine white gold, on the high street this ring would cost around £350.00.


#7 – Sapphire White Gold Ring – SALE PRICE £214.00
Very similar to the ring on Catherine Middleton’s finger, this gorgeous blue sapphire and diamond piece would look great on yours too…


#8 – Diamond White Gold Cross-Over Ring – SALE PRICE £233.00
“Elegant, timeless sparkle” – that would describe this designer ring perfectly.


#9 – Diamond Heart Pendant – SALE PRICE £282.00
Tell her you love her with this designer heart pendant made from white gold and premium diamonds. It’s now yours to have at unbeatable value.


#10 – Diamond Tennis Bracelet – SALE PRICE £292.00

Our pièce de résistance, this classic diamond silver tennis bracelet, will give your days and evenings a touch of luxurious sparkle.


Which one is your favourite? Visit our website, get shopping and tell us what you bought on Facebook and Twitter!

P.S. You could also win £1000 in diamonds! Have you taken part in our Britain’s Got Love competition yet?  Winners will be announced just before Valentine’s Day ♥

Easy Tips How to Pack Jewellery When Travelling This Christmas

jewellery_packing_tips_thediamondstore.jpgYOUR jewellery means a lot to you. Its value almost certainly extends beyond monetary worth. That means making a little bit of extra effort to keep it safe when travelling during the holidays.

Here, we’ve rounded up a few jewellery packing tips to aid you on your way!


The safest way to pack jewellery is to use a special case for it. The best cases are ones that have spaces for all types of jewellery and won’t allow earrings, bracelets and necklaces to get tangled. If you don’t want to take a jewellery case you can invest in a jewellery roll.

Jewellery rolls have become popular with travellers who want to carry less and save space as they are easily rolled and folded to take up less room in the case. We love this one from Dulwich Designs.



It’s also possible to safely pack jewellery without a case or a roll. Here are some of the best techniques we’ve used on our travels.

Rings also get easily misplaced when they’re not being worn. You can keep rings in small jewellery or zip lock bags for safety. They won’t take up much space, but will stop the rings from tangling with necklaces or getting lost. Don’t forget that diamonds and gemstones can scratch and damage each other if stored together. Always keep each ring in its own bag.


Losing a favourite earring is always upsetting. Keep stud earrings together using a button to hold them both in place. Smaller hoop earrings can be kept in small zip seal food bags. Larger earrings are more fragile and should be kept in something sturdier.

If you’re taking a delicate brooch with you on holiday, keep it in a hard jewellery box or tin. You mustn’t risk putting your brooch in anything that can’t protect it, so zip seal bags and cardboard boxes are a no go.

Necklaces can become knotted or tangled if they’re not packed properly. To avoid problems, necklaces must be individually packed. The best way to do this is by looping them through drinking straws. This will ensure they stay safe on even the bumpiest trips.

As a final note, when you take jewellery on holiday with you don’t forget to make sure it’s covered by your insurance!

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8 Tips How to Make Your Diamonds Sparkle At The Office Party

how_clean_polish_diamonds_thediamondstore.jpgYOU’VE bought the dress, done the hair and put on your heels. Now it’s time for the icing on the cake… your favourite diamond jewellery. No Christmas party look is complete without it.

But when was the last time you polished your diamond ring, bracelet or earrings?

Less-than-brilliant bling can spoil your party look. Here our jeweller reveals how to make those rocks really shine!


♥ DO use a soft touch. They may be the hardest mineral on earth, but keep in mind diamonds are precious, natural stones. Handle them with care. Don’t scrub them aggressively when cleaning or use excessive force when handling them.

how_shine_diamonds_thediamondstore.jpg♥ DO treat your diamonds to a regular soak. Weekly cleaning with mild soap, warm water and a gentle scrub with an old toothbrush is the best (and cheapest) way to ensure your diamonds looks their best. Always clean diamonds in a bowl, not over a sink. A loose stone could disappear down the drain. Also, this treatment is not advised for pearls as it may leave them looking dull.

♥ DO prescribe your diamonds Alka-Seltzer. This is a great pick-me-up for dull jewellery. Simply drop it in a fizzing glass of the popular antacid for a couple of minutes, then rinse with lukewarm water and dry with a soft cloth. Your diamond will sparkle like new.

♥ DO use an ultrasonic cleaner for ingrained grime. These nifty little gadgets send high frequency sound waves through a detergent solution, vibrating the fluid to remove tough grime from hard-to-get-at nooks. Be warned, though, that effective as they are, they can shake stones loose if used for too long. If in doubt, your jeweller will do an ultrasonic clean for you.


how_store_diamond_jewellery_thediamondstore.jpg♦ DON’T over-handle your diamonds! Diamonds attract the oil that’s naturally produced by your skin. This in turn gathers a layer of dust particles that makes a diamond look dull. When handling or putting on your earrings, wear cotton gloves. If you’re polishing your ring’s band, hold on to the diamond with a lint-free cloth instead of your fingers.

♦ DON’T let diamonds rub together. They are the hardest mineral on earth, but one diamond can easily scratch and damage another. Always, ALWAYS store diamonds in an appropriate jewellery box, carefully separated so they don’t touch each other.

♦ DON’T expose diamonds to sudden temperature changes. This is especially important if your diamond has any inclusions. Diamonds may not respond well to sudden contact with hot water, and any existing natural fissures might cause the stone to break open. When cleaning, use lukewarm water first and then slowly graduate to warm water.

♦ DON’T use chlorine and other abrasive or corrosive solutions. This is particularly good advice if your diamond is set in jewellery. Metals are easily eroded by chemicals. For this reason it’s a good idea to remove jewellery before getting into a chlorinated pool.

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