Good Friday, Great Stones!

To get in the ‘Good Friday’ spirit, The Diamond Store has handpicked some of our favourite stone pieces to spell out the word ‘Easter’. And seeing as it’s Easter, why not treat yourself or someone special to a gift?

Here are our top 6 pieces for Easter for you to take gift inspiration from:


Emerald is the birthstone of May. It is associated with loyalty, faithfulness and friendship. The healing properties of the May birthstone are said to be effective for various health problems relating to the eyes, spine and headaches.

Emerald 0.80CT & Diamond 9K White Gold Pendant £215.00

Emerald 0.80CT & Diamond 9K White Gold Pendant £215.00


The Amethyst is February’s birthstone. The gemstone is believed by Ancient Greeks and Romans to keep the wearer of the stone quick-witted and clear-headed. During the Middle Ages, it was a stone that symbolised royalty.

Amethyst 3.49CT & Diamond 9K White Gold Earrings £309.00

Amethyst 3.49CT & Diamond 9K White Gold Earrings £309.00


Sapphire for September babies! This stone brings the wearer good luck and protection. It is also associated with truth, sincerity and constancy.The Sapphire is used to enhance the influences of Venus and banish evil thoughts.

Sapphire 2.30CT & Diamond 1.00CT 18K White Gold Ring £2219.00

Sapphire 2.30CT & Diamond 1.00CT 18K White Gold Ring £2219.00


December birthstone Tanzanite is an African sapphire, a relatively new stone sold in the jewellery market. It was first discovered in 1967  by a local Masai shepherd, then being later popularised by Tiffany with a huge marketing campaign.

Tanzanite 0.44CT & Diamond 9K White Gold Pendant £159.00

Tanzanite 0.44CT & Diamond 9K White Gold Pendant £159.00


Another favourite emerald piece of ours!

Emerald 0.54CT & Diamond 9K Yellow Gold Pendant £175.00

Emerald 0.54CT & Diamond 9K Yellow Gold Pendant £175.00


Lastly, but certainly not least, the Ruby is July’s birthstone. It is associated with devotion, courage and happiness. The ruby is often used to enhance energy, generosity and helps in bringing success.

Ruby 0.65CT & Diamond 18K White Gold Earrings £945.00

Ruby 0.65CT & Diamond 18K White Gold Earrings £945.00


And to add to the Easter spirit, we have some ‘eggcelent’ diamond necklaces that are understated yet fabulously elegant and truly special.


Simply type in ‘diamond egg necklace’ into the search bar on The Diamond Store’s website to browse the full range of pendants!

Happy Easter, and don’t forget to tweet us you wearing your Diamond Store jewellery over the holidays @DiamondStoreUK


101 Marriage Proposal Ideas

You would think that proposing would be easy. You have been with one person for long enough to know that you both want to spend the remaining years of your life together, so what’s so hard? Well, the problem is that proposals are so simple. Sounds strange – but because of the simplicity, men can’t help but to over-complicate and over-think the whole situation, letting their mind run away with them.

NOTE: Letting your mind run away with you generally ends in a whirlwind of stress and over-analysation.

Of course, women naturally have high(ish) expectations when it comes to marriage proposals. They want it to be different. They want it to be special. They want it to be memorable. This doesn’t mean that it has to be over-the-top and ostentatious – in fact, the less flamboyant it is, the likelihood is she will appreciate it more.

Now, men, if you are still stuck, you can finally stop stressing. The Diamond Store have launched their 101 Wedding Proposal Ideas for you to take inspiration from, with a list of 18 categories to choose from, too, making it that little bit easier:



We also have a ‘top proposal ideas’ section, where you can check out how the majority of other men in the same position as you are popping the question:

top proposla


We have chosen our 3 favourites out of the 101 possibilities on our website. We’ve decided on the ones we feel are the most special and unique.

1. written

This sounds like something you would only see in movies, but it is a very possible and especially romantic way to propose whilst you and your lady are enjoying a picnic in the sun.


2. dinner on beach

This is one that isn’t too difficult to plan and is always a fantastic way to propose, providing it isn’t too chilly where you are!


3. photobooth

What if you could capture their face when you pop the question? What better way to do it than to propose in a photobooth together! This is a seriously cute way to propose, and a photograph to keep forever – what a memory.


We are always available (during office hours) to have a chat with you if you’re still panicking slightly or need some expert advice. Our contact details are:


T  0845 084 1200

Also on The Diamond Store website, we have our ‘Engagement Ring Learning Centre’, which can be great in helping you decide how much to spend, to choosing the right style of ring, to figuring out her ring size.

Below are the links to the ’101 Marriage Proposals’ and ‘Engagement Ring Learning Centre’ pages. From there, you can browse our full website and all of our jewellery.

All Things Brazilian!

We know it’s slightly premature, but seeing as the sun is shining, it is clear that Summer is coming, which means that so is the World Cup 2014, Brazil!

Here at The Diamond Store, we too are getting into the World Cup spirit, and have already picked our favourite Brazilian inspired pieces to prepare you for the big event.

brazilian flag


Luckily, we have over 8 different colours of jewels at The Diamond Store… so, providing jewellery with the colours of the Brazilian flag isn’t difficult for us to do! Take a look at our top picks below!

We all love a classic diamond stud (representing the small white part of the flag) – you simply cannot go wrong with them. Timeless and elegant, these ‘Ella’ earrings are a divine gift and perfect with evening/day wear. After all, if we have to use the Brazilian flag as an excuse for new diamonds, then so be it.


Ella 18K White Gold Diamond Brilliant Cut Earrings 0.84CT £1229.00

Ella 18K White Gold Diamond Brilliant Cut Earrings 0.84CT £1229.00

With green being the dominant colour in the Brazilian flag, we all have to wear an emerald piece of jewellery during the time of the World Cup, right?! We have a very delicate emerald and diamond bracelet that is understated, yet beautiful. Alternatively check out our large range of emerald pieces.

9K White Gold Diamond & Emerald Claw Set Link Bracelet £549.00

9K White Gold Diamond & Emerald Claw Set Link Bracelet £549.00

To represent the blue part of the flag, our Topaz collection always goes down a treat as the colour is so unique and eye-catching. Check out our blue topaz diamond ring below which looks a million dollars, but is only £259.00.

Blue Topaz 1.65CT & Diamond Ring 9K White Gold £259.00

Blue Topaz 1.65CT & Diamond Ring 9K White Gold £259.00

Lastly (but certainly not least), the citrine collection at The Diamond Store is one of our favourites to wear for Summer. In fact, if Summer were a colour, it would be citrine! Team it with your Brazilian samba dress or, if your wardrobe lacks those, an evening dress looks just as great!

3.38CT Citrine & Diamond Necklace 9K Yellow Gold £379.00

3.38CT Citrine & Diamond Necklace 9K Yellow Gold £379.00


As well as adoration for the Brazilian flag, we must not ignore the Brazilian beauties Adriana Lima and Gisele Bundchen.  Here they are sporting the Brazilian colours. Which one is your favourite?

adriana brazil

gisele brazil

To get more information and updates on The World Cup 2014, take a look at the official website

Don’t forget to tweet us your The Diamond Store jewellery at @DiamondStoreUK. We love to see you wearing your gorgeous pieces!


Step into Spring!

We can officially say that Spring has started – which means that the brighter clothes come out and so does the brighter jewellery! If that’s not excitement, we don’t know what is.

This Spring all of our favourite high street shops have brought out some fab garments that will work even better with The Diamond Store’s Spring trend pieces finishing off the look.

H&M Frilled Dress £14.99

H&M Frilled Dress £14.99


This off-the-shoulder H&M dress is perfect for a warm evening with a pair of delicate heels, or even a pair of sandals to dress it down, if that’s the look you’re going for.

At The Diamond Store, we have a matching set that will look just divine with this dress (the earrings particularly) – you can wear each piece separately with an outfit, or all together create an elegant, chic style without looking overstated.

tds pink sapphire



Our next recommended set for Spring is the Peridot. For us, nothing is more unique about this colour, making it extra special to wear and, surprisingly, able to work with a lot of shades. The diamonds are just an added bonus too!




To go with these, we have picked a stunning V front jumpsuit which is almost exactly made to match..!


Topshop £48.00

Topshop £48.00


Our third and fourth favourite bright collections are the most popular summery colours in terms of jewellery, nevertheless there is a reason that so many people wear them! Turquoise and coral are the shades that many of us associate with summer and beachy holidays, so these are the ideal items to take on holiday with you this year.



Zara £25.99

Zara £25.99


Leopard print and coral is one of our favourite matches, they work so well together! :


whistles leopard

Whistles £80.00

Let us know what you think of our Spring trend collections @DiamondStoreUK and to find out more trends for 2014, check out Vogue’s ‘Ready-To-Wear’ article

Proposal Preparations

So, you’ve decided on the location and the timing, but now you’re panicking - what ring do you choose? What if she doesn’t like it? What’s her ring size?

Not to fear – The Diamond Store are always here to help! As a Diamond Store fan, you may or may not know that we have a Engagement Rings Learning Centre, which is great for all of you tense partners’ desperate to create the perfect proposal scene.

First things first – you need to know your budget. These days, an engagement ring should be equal to around a month to two months salary (don’t freak out just yet, remember you’re only going to have to buy this once)

18k White Gold Diamond Brilliant Cut Ring £1539.00

18k White Gold Diamond Brilliant Cut Ring


Next is the style of the ring – how do you know what style she is going to like?! Luckily, our expert jeweller Jeremy Kaye is here to give you all the advice you need, so give him a call on +44 (0) 845 084 1200.

In terms of diamonds, the main thing is finding a balance between size and quality. You do have to decide on which to prioritise, however, which can sometimes be a tricky one.

0.50 CT Chloe High Platinum Engagement Ring £1445.00

0.50 CT Chloe High Platinum Engagement Ring £1445.00


On to ring size… Obviously this one can be difficult to find out without giving the idea away. The easiest way to go about this is to ask friends and family, or getting a ring that she often wears on her third finger measured.

Lastly, hallmarking. A hallmark is almost a stamp to prove what you have paid for. Each piece of jewellery that we sell is hallmarked, which you will see on the inside areas of the jewellery (this isn’t noticeable).


Pear Diamond Ring

Ella 18K White Gold 0.81CT Diamond Pear Shape Ring £1589.00


And have a look at some of our favourite celebrity engagement rings:

celeb engagement rings


If you have any more questions on any of our jewellery, or need some further advice, please do not hesitate to contact us at our office on +44 (0) 845 084 1200 Monday-Friday, or tweet us @DiamondStoreUK and we will reply as soon as possible!

And to those of you proposing – good luck!

April Showers with diamonds

It’s finally coming into Spring again. The sunglasses start to come out, the flowery dresses are taken from the back of the cupboard and we all start to feel a little brighter in the mornings.

To welcome Spring with the month of April, why not shower yourself with the April birthstone; diamonds. Whether you are an April baby or just fancy some diamonds, we have selected our favourite pieces. Afterall, there is always a good time to spoil yourself with diamonds.

At The Diamond Store we trawled through our collections and have handpicked our April pieces for you.

0.10CT Diamond & White Gold Ring £259.00

0.10CT Diamond & White Gold Ring £259.00


If you like contemporary rings then the ring above is the perfect delicate piece with a stylish diamond swirl. It is certainly one of our favourites and is £100 less than the typical high street price!


9K White Gold Fancy Diamond Set Ring £389.00

9K White Gold Fancy Diamond Set Ring £389.00


Staying in tune with swirls, this 9K White Gold ring also has a slight swirl to it and looks gorgeous and delicate. Without question this ring is something you would see an A-lister walking down the red carpet with, teamed with a pair of silver shoes. If you have an event to go to ladies, this is the ideal ring!

We also have a fabulous gold and diamond heart ring (we know a lot of you love gold). You simply can’t go wrong with a heart. Always stylish, always classy and always pretty.

0.36CT Diamond & 9K Gold Daisy Ring £315.00

0.36CT Diamond & 9K Gold Daisy Ring £315.00


The tiny diamonds in the above ring catch  the natural light to create a sparkle, and if you want  to add a little extra to this piece, The Diamond Store has matching earrings and a pendant below.

We would love to hear your feedback on our April birthstone pieces, and if you’re an April baby – tweet us at @DiamondStoreUK so we can wish you a sparkly happy birthday from The Diamond Store team!

Peace & Love…

Summer is coming, meaning that we all get out our peace signs, heart symbols and hamsa jewellery pieces in preparation for festivals. No matter what outfit you’re wearing, neither symbol will ever let you down, no matter how over or understated they are.

The ‘peace sign’ as it is known today, was designed as a symbol for the Direct Action Committee Against Nuclear War (DAC), but the sing quickly spread and in 1960, it migrated to the United States and began to be used as a symbol for the peace movement.

A hamsa depicts the open right hand. It is an image that is used a sign of protection and believed to provide defense against the evil eye, making it a good luck symbol to wear as well.

Peace signs and hamsa symbols simply never go out of fashion, especially in the Celeb world. Alexa Chung and Fearne Cotton are loving their simple but stunning necklaces:

alexa fearne peace

At The Diamond Store, we have some affordable peace sign’s that will bling up your look a little and look great with a simple summer outfit or a pair of patterned jeans. They also make fantastic gifts so take note for future reference!


There are also tons of celebrities who enjoy their hamsa signs, but we think Madonna and Heidi Klum have worn theirs in a particularly stylish way:

heidi madonna hamsa



We have two different styles of  hamsa’s at TDS, both in an affordable price range and also can be worn with an evening or casual day outfit (that’s why we adore them!)

Read more about this Spring/Summer’s fashion trends at Cosmopolitan and tweet us your hamsa/peace sign necklaces at @DiamondStoreUK. We LOVE to be kept updated!