Goodbye Rubies and Welcome Peridot

In the month of August we bid farewell to the ruby, and welcome the beautiful peridot. We must also welcome the celebrities who are celebrating their birthdays; Kylie Jenner and Mila Kunis. It would only seem right that we handpick their favourite outifts and pair it with their birthstone.

Kylie Jenner has been sweeping the headlines recently, and we have to say that this is one of the most lush outfits she has sported.


To match Kylies’ sweet and innocent look here, we have chosen this lovely heart shaped peridot necklace.

Mila Kunis has also been in the news lately due to her pregnancy and forthcoming marriage to hearth-throb Ashton Kutcher is the stunning Mila Kunis. After a lot of debating we have finally picked this outfit which she wore to the Oscars and which we absolutely loved. We matched it with some peridot, citrine and smoky quartz diamond earrings.


We have also picked our top 5 favourite peridot jewellery, in order to give you a helping hand to glamourise your August Wardrobe!

At number 5 we have this peridot and sapphire ring:

At number 4 we have peridot and diamond earrings:

At number 3 we have this diamond and peridot necklace:

At number 2 we have chosen a peridot, citrine and smoky quartz ring and diamond ring:

And at our number 1 position, we have picked these gorgeous peridot and diamond earrings:

Are you born in August? If so, hint to your loved ones which item you would like

Five minutes with celebrity stylist Sarah Nash

The Diamond Store were thrilled to have coffee with celebrity stylist Sarah Nash. Sarah has worked with celebrities such as Tara Palmer-Tomkinson, Matt Lanter, Jessica Lowndes and many more.

1. What exactly is a fashion stylist, and how did you decide to get into this career?

A fashion stylist is someone who puts together outfits or ‘looks’ for magazines, photo-shoots, TV shows, advertising, celebrities or personal clients. I decided to become a fashion stylist as I adore fashion and figured that if I was going to be working for a large portion of my life, I may as well do something that made me want to get out of bed in the morning.

2. What is your favourite type of shoot to style?

My favourite type of shoot to style would be an editorial fashion shoot whereby I would collaborate with the photographer to come up with a theme and then source the best model, hair and make up team and then the perfect clothes, shoes and accessories that fit with the fashion story. It’s also nice doing make overs with ‘real’ people. I work with Gok Wan a lot, and seeing the difference that clothes can make to someone’s confidence and outlook on life is really heartwarming.

3. How do you pick pieces for each shoot and what gives you your inspiration?

I consider the theme of the shoot and what the brief is and then select the pieces I think are the best. All of my choices are ultimately based on my personal taste. I get inspiration from everywhere; films, magazines (I have a stack of Vogues dating back to 1997), TV shows, blogs, just walking along the street (living in East London there is always something interesting to feast my eyes upon!), other stylists work, art, galleries…inspiration is everywhere if you keep your eyes open.

4. Who/what are you most proud of to have styled under your portfolio?

I am very proud to have styled Tara Palmer-Tominson for the wedding of Kate and William. We had Tara’s dress made by one of Alexander McQueen’s team, with bespoke shoes by Nicholas Kirkwood and hat and gloves by Philip Treacey. I am also very proud to have worked for some incredible publications including the Telegraph and Red magazine.

TPT Royal Wedding

5. When working with jewellery, is there anything which works well, along with anything which you avoid?

When choosing jewellery I am mindful of the brief and the rest of the outfit I have chosen, so on one shoot large oversized costume  jewellery works, but on another it will be best to keep things simple and classic. Personally I like things to look simple so anything too matchy matchy or loads of jewellery piled on isn’t really my aesthetic.

6. Is being a fashion stylist as glam as it sounds?

Being a fashion stylist has afforded me many wonderful and happy memories and yes it can be glamorous, however most of the time I am dragging suitcases around the West End, dodging tourists or working on my hands and knees drowning in clothes. I am very grateful to be doing something I love and have chosen to do, so I remember that on the days when my back feels like it’s going to break!

7. What would you pair this beautiful pendant with?  

This beautiful necklace is quite intricate so I would pair it with a gorgeous evening gown with a plunging neckline in either a vivid colour such as red or simple black.

8. What tips would you give to someone who wants to follow in your stylish footsteps? 

My top tips on becoming a stylist? Do lots of work experience and always show willing eg get in early, never complain and always be positive. It takes a hell of a lot of time and luck to break into the industry so I would have a plan B incase it didn’t work out. Plus make sure you go to the gym to build up your arm and core strength for all the heavy lifting that’s involved!



We’d like to say thank you for Sarah for taking a few minutes out of her busy schedule and giving us an insight on being a celebrity stylist.

Follow Sarah’s blog or visit her website

Is black the new white?

The formerly known Cheryl Cole has stepped away from the norm and tradition and has started a new trend.. or has she? The Fernandes Versinis’ threw a formal wedding party at private London club The Library this week, where all their closest friends attended the couples wedding celebration.

Both Cheryl and her new husband Jean-Bernard opted to rebel from the traditional all white wedding and went for an all-black-everything at the bashThe bride wore a Gothic inspired dress by British couturiers Ralph & Russo, comprised of a velvet bodice but cooled off with a sheer spliced skirt. Could the couple possibly be trying to imply that they are different and unique? This bold and daring look will either create a controversy or start a new trend.



Having been inspired by the couples all black look, we have picked our top 5 black diamond jewellery according to our Gothic-o-meter, with 5 being the most Gothic and 1 being the least.

5) A black diamond ring:

4) A black diamond circle pendant:

3) A mixed black and white diamond ring:

2) Black and White diamond earrings:

1) A simple black diamond bracelet:


What do you think of Cheryl Fernandez-Versini’s black ‘wedding’ dress? What colour would you/did you wear on your wedding day?

Behind the scenes with Britain’s Got Talent’s runner, Katie Unger!



We had the pleasure of spending five minutes on the couch with fabulous Katie Unger, who works behind the scenes on Britain’s Got Talent and has also worked behind the scenes on Take Me Out and Strictly Come Dancing! Exciting stuff right?

1.       What exactly is a runner, and how did you decide to get into this career?

A runner is an assistant. You can assist in the office with ordering stationary, printing off scripts and helping with paperwork…. or a runner on location where you help with contributors and tea and lunch runs for talent and the crew…. or in studio where you can be on the studio floor or in the gallery where the show is directed and produced from. I decided to get into this career because working in television is an extremely exciting job to have and you build up a valuable skill set as well.

2.       What is your favourite type of show to work on?

My favourite type of shows to work on are the entertainment shows such as Take Me Out and BGT! I get a thrill from the fast pace and all the glitz and glamour, not to mention the back stage gossip!
3.       Who are you most proud to have worked with since being a runner?

I’ve been lucky enough to work with Olympians including Victoria Pendelton and Louis Smith on Strictly Come Dancing, so I think that’s whom i’m most proud of.

Louis Smith_0Victoria-Pendleton







Strictly Come Dancing

4.       We heard you work with Simon Cowell. Is he really as nasty as he appears on the shows?

As I worked on the extra show to BGT I didn’t work with Simon Cowell directly, but from the filming I did do with him I saw that he is a very hard working conscientious man.

5.       Since being a runner, what was the most challenging task you have had to take on?

The most challenging task about being a runner is having to remember everything and foresee problems you didn’t even know were around the corner. You constantly have to be on the ball, at the top of your game and working extremely hard even if you’re surviving off 4-5 hours sleep a night. So is everyone else and they are under a lot more pressure than the runners!

6.       Is being a runner and working with celebrities really as glam as it sounds?

In on word, YES!

7.       What tips would you give to someone who wants to follow (run) in your footsteps?

When you’re fresh out of university and want to be a runner here are my four top tips:

  1. Being a producer at university or for a piece that isn’t for broadcast doesn’t mean you can apply for broadcast producer roles. Start at the bottom and work your way to the top.
  2. Send your CV to every production company possible. If this means watching a whole day of television and waiting until the end credits of shows to get names of production companies then enjoy watching!
  3. Make your CV as short as possible and don’t include jobs or experiences that aren’t relevant to a job in television, e.g. waitressing for a year.  If your CV is a page long it’s okay!
  4. Apply for work experience schemes, even if it means you’re in the U.K. while your friends are on holiday getting a tan. In the end, it will be worth it.

TV photos

Katie picks her favourite picture of the judges and we agree! So much so, we have matched their jewellery with ours.. doesn’t The Diamond Store have talent? (sorry, it had to be done).

We have matched Amanda’s ring with our Opal and Diamond ring.


We have matched Alesha’s simple gold chain, with our 18K gold chain with a solitaire diamond.



We’d like to say a huge thank you to Katie, for taking five minutes out of her busy schedule and giving us a sneak peak at the life of a runner!

Jessica Simpson’s AMAZING wedding video (and dress)

For those of you who were born in the 80’s and 90’s, when you hear the name Jessica Simpson you automatically swoon at her marriage to 98 Degrees heartthrob, Nick Lachey. However, move over Nick, as it appears Jessica has said ‘I do’ to long term boyfriend Eric Johnson on the 5th of July, putting an end to their four-year engagement. We have all the inside scoop from her wedding dress to the flowers and decor.


The couple said ‘I Do’ at the San Ysidro Ranch in Montecito, California. The star studded duo visited this Ranch the day they got engaged, which is the reason why they chose to hold the wedding here. The marquee was decorated with chandeliers and flowers is estimated to have cost a whooping £90,000. It is said that the ‘deconstructed, vintage’ look below was inspired by her favourite movie, Great Expectations; how sweet. 

room decor

room decor 2

The decor was stunning! The edge of the head table was lined with bouquets of different flowers such as roses and lilies along with centre piece candles. The guest tables were decorated with crystal and flower pieces, with a green amaranthus hanging from branches that were suspended over the tables.

table decor


The couple exchanged vows at 5pm in a lavish ceremony costing approximately a massive £800,000 (lucky Jessica). Their two-year-old daughter Maxwell was flower girl and their one-year-old son Ace, was the ring-bearer. Maxwell walked down the aisle alongside Jessica’s sister, Ashlee’s son Bronx, followed by Ace with the rings. The kids were followed by Ashlee and Jessica’s mum, Tina, who walked down the aisle as joint Maid of Honour, leading Jessica’s TWELVE bridesmaids. Jessica walked down the aisle to an 18-piece orchestra playing the score to her favourite film, Great Expectations. During the vows, nerves got the better of the couple, and they had to restart the vows after Jessica mistakenly said her own name instead of Erics! With the vows exchanged and a kiss that sealed the deal, a diamond encrusted Neil Lane wedding band, which matched Jessica’s ruby and diamond engagement ring, topped it all off.

wedding rings


Jessica designed the six-tier cake with flowers and gold fondant to match her dress. It is rumoured that the ‘Joanie and Leigh’s Cakes’ creation had layers of coconut, vanilla and berries. Deee-licious.

cake 1


To see the full glimpse of Jessica’s wedding to Eric, check out their wedding video.


Now to the important part, Jessica wore a custom-made Carolina Herrera princess style dress, which was quite simply stunning. The champagne and gold strapless embroidered gown was partly designed by Jessica herself. She accessorised with simple 12-carat diamond drop earrings by Neil Lane.





We’ve put together a list of our top 5 Diamond Store pieces which we think would go perfectly with Mrs Jessica Johnson’s dress.

1) Diamond and white gold drop earrings:

2) A 3-stone white gold diamond ring:

3) A simple diamond and white gold bangle:

4) A drop diamond and white gold necklace:


5) The unusual diamond and white gold huggie earrings:


We loved everything about this wedding, from the decor to her dress! What were your favourite parts of her wedding?

We wish Jessica and Eric all the best in their married life and for the future!

wedding picture



Cheryl Cole’s Engagement Ring – How Much – How Big?

Cheryl Cole has been sweeping the headlines this morning regarding her secret marriage to the French restaurateur Jean-Bernard Fernandez-Versini. The couple tied the knot on the 7th of July on a beach on the Island of Mustique, after just THREE months of dating. What a quick mover CC!

Celebrities at the Firehouse Club, London, Britain - 30 May 2014

We’ve been swamped for requests for her  gorgeous engagement ring, so we had to quickly figure out what size she was sparkling!

The two main questions we have had….what is the value of cheryl cole’s engagement ring and how big is the diamond in the ring?

We have estimated that the centre diamond is Emerald Cut and is approximately 5CT and is a G/Vs quality diamond! The Trapezoid Side Diamonds are approximately 1.50ct and are set in platinum. We wouldn’t put past the value of this beautiful ring to about £275,000. Cheryl is definitely one lucky girl, who would turn this down?


cheryl cole ring

Her wedding band looks is a diamond studded band, which is almost identical to our Platinum Diamond Eternity ring below. Ours costs £2575, what do you think Cheryl’s cost?

We absolutely love Cheryl’s engagement ring! What’s your opinion about it? Check out our full range on

Let’s hope this marriage lasts, then we can provide the jewels for her anniversaries to come :-)

Diamond Jewellery – The Perfect 40th Birthday Gift!

Recently one of our customers’- Anthony King, wrote to us in order to share what he planned for his wife’s 40th birthday. We were so incredibly impressed with his surprise for her, that we feel that this story deserves to be shared with the rest of our amazing customers. All you fellas out there can most certainly use this story as inspiration to surprise your love ;).

And so the story begins..

My wife’s 40th birthday was fast approaching and I wanted it to be a memorable one. She had been bugging me for a bigger single stone diamond ring than her current engagement ring but I told her that I was offended by that request; in my mind, the ring I proposed with was meant to be the ring she wears forever. The fact that I had a limited budget when I proposed is tough, but that’s the ring she accepted! But then I started secretly thinking it wouldn’t be that bad if she had a statement ring, one that said her husband really appreciates her and loves her, so I started scheming.

Having made my decision, I quietly tested her tastes of ring styles, trying to be as subtle as I could. I picked up on some of her preferences whenever we were admiring other friend’s rings. I started researching as to what size of diamond I could expect for my budget and started a Pinterest board of ring styles that I liked. Once I had narrowed on a style and diamond choice, I searched for the best deal I could find. I had visited some high street retailers but they didn’t have the choice and value that could compare to that online. I finally chose The Diamond Store as it had excellent user reviews, great videos of the jewellery being worn and had a great selection to choose from. It met my budget requirements and I was even able to finance the ring allowing me to spread the payments, which also allowed me to extend my budget a little more.

When it came to executing the surprise and presenting the ring, I wanted to be original. We were having a party for friends in order to celebrate and decided I would surprise her with the ring then. My wife loves her iPhone so I commissioned a cake maker to bake me 25 little cupcakes and each cupcake would be a different app. I asked her to pack the diamond ring (wrapped in plastic) in to the centre cupcake which would be The Diamond Store app.


On the night we all sang happy birthday to her and after she blew out the candles and whilst everyone was watching, I asked her to open The Diamond Store app. She did, and she got a shock, it was a smashing success :). I’m so glad that she loved the ring and my mission was accomplished.” 



We love this story, and would love to hear more! What’s the most romantic thing your other half has done for you on either your birthday or anniversary? Write to us on Twitter or Facebook for a chance for your story to be added! @diamondstoreuk