24 Stunning Tudor Style Jewellery Pieces Picked to Commemorate Shakespeare’s Birthday

Elizabethan Jewellery Tudor ShakespeareIF you’ve read Shakespeare, you’ll know his writing is rich with gemstone references. To mark The Bard’s birthday on 26th April, we’re going to take a look at the beautiful and opulent jewels that inspired him.

We’ve also chosen 24 stunning Elizabethan style jewellery items for you to view. All of them are available in our collections today!

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“In emerald tufts, flowers purple, blue, and white.” —Merry Wives of Windsor

Floral jewellery was extremely popular during the Elizabethan era. Some of the royal jewellery Shakespeare might have seen would have showcased diamonds, rubies, sapphires, emeralds, pearls or turquoise arranged like flower petals, and offset with lustrous gold and silver leaves.

Shakespeare Floral Jewellery

“I’ll set thee in a shower of gold and hail rich pearls upon thee.”—Antony and Cleopatra

Jewellery in Shakespeare’s age was, relatively speaking, much more expensive than today. Only royalty and noblemen could afford diamonds, emeralds, sapphires, rubies and pearls. The lower, but still wealthy classes – such as prosperous merchants – adorned themselves with more affordable gems like coral, quartz, turquoise, agate, opal and onyx. Cameo work carved from seashells was also popular.

Shakespeares Gold

“A heart it was, bound in with diamonds.”—Henry VI

Refined gem cutting techniques had not yet been developed in Tudor times. So any diamonds that Shakespeare would have seen, would have been carved into pyramid shaped “point cuts”. Softer gemstones like opals were often polished into smooth domes called cabochons. Emeralds, rubies and sapphires were mostly given a flat, rectangular “table cut”.

Today, gem cuts are much more faceted, but many are still based on the 16th century shapes. For example, the modern princess, emerald and oval cuts are simply variations on the old point, table and cabochon shapes.

As for precious metal settings, in Shakespeare’s day gems were most often secured to jewellery by wrapping gold or silver around them – similar to the rubover setting used today.

Shakespeare Jewellery Elizabethan

“With these crystal beads, heaven shall be bribed!”—King John

Religious motifs were very common in 16th century English jewellery. Cameo brooches depicting saints were very popular and noble women would demonstrate their piety by wearing elaborate cross pendants made from rows of colourful gemstones set in silver or gold.

Shakespeare Birthday Jewellery Crosses

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Jewellery in Poldark – What Gemstones are in Demelza’s Pendant and Elizabeth’s Ring?

Demelza Necklace Poldark Gemstone Gift (1)DO you love BBC’s Poldark? Don’t you just adore the gemstone jewellery? If so, then you’ve probably wondered about some of the pieces we see in the series – like what was that sparkling yellow gem in Demelza’s pendant?

We’ve compiled this list of Poldark jewellery just for you! Find out what the women of the era really wore – and check out these beautiful jewellery items that you can create your very own 18th century look with!

1. The ring Elizabeth gave Ross

In Poldark’s day, finger rings were mostly worn as wedding bands or promise rings. During the previous century, European jewellers had finally developed the multi-faceted brilliant-cut diamond. So this meant that diamonds sparkled more than they had ever done before, and they were the gem of choice among the rich upper classes.

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2. Demelza’s gemstone pendant

Jewellery in Poldark’s age was frequently set in silver. Silver was of course cheaper than gold, but that wasn’t the only reason it was popular. Silver was the only white metal available then and its translucent colour was considered to enhance gemstone sparkle. Often copper was also added to silver jewellery to give it the appearance of gold. The gemstone in Demelza’s pendant in the ball scene is yellow in colour, which suggests that it might have been citrine or yellow topaz. We’re pretty sure Verity was wearing an opal pendant.

Magnificent gemstone and diamond jewels were an essential accessory for 18th century upper class ladies, especially during court appearances and balls. Pendants were worn on chains, but as you’ll have noticed from the series, the biggest fashion trend was to wear them on silk ribbons tied around the neck. This is a look you can easily create yourself with a sparkling gemstone pendant and a length of ribbon to match your outfit!

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3. Elizabeth’s drop earrings

Earrings worn by English women in the late 1700’s were almost always made in the shape of drops. Throughout the first season of Poldark we’ve often seen Elizabeth wearing drop earrings made with gold, pearls and gems.

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Happy Birthday Queen Elizabeth II! Her Life in Jewels – and Our Jewellery Inspired by Her Majesty

TODAY, Queen Elizabeth II celebrates her 89th birthday. Our warmest congratulations to Her Majesty! In keeping with the occasion, we take a nostalgic look at some of her favourite jewellery. Of course, we couldn’t resist but include some beautiful pieces with a royal feel, straight from our own collections…

1. Engagement Ring & Diamond Wedding Bracelet

Her Majesty’s engagement ring is her smallest piece of diamond jewellery, but we’re sure it’s the one she holds the dearest. It’s a platinum ring with a 3-carat solitaire diamond, shouldered by five smaller stones.  We’ve heard that Prince Philip was very involved in designing it, the diamonds having come from his mother’s tiara. The Queen is often also seen wearing his wedding gift to her – a stunning diamond bracelet. She even chose it as part of her official attire for her Jubilee portrait!

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