5 Most Emotional Jewellery Items Mothers Pass on to Their Children

heirloom_jewellery_mothers_day01RECEIVING your first Mother’s Day gift is an emotional moment you never forget. After all, up until now it’s been you bringing cards and flowers to your own mother – and then suddenly you’re the most important person in your own child’s life!

The most meaningful gifts are always symbolic of our most memorable occasions. And Mother’s Day jewellery in particular taps into these feelings of love and family.

What are “emotional heirlooms”?
An emotional piece of jewellery is something precious that a loved one has given us – and something we can later pass on to our children to remember us by. Many of us know how special it feels to receive a ring or locket that our own mother or grandmother wore.

So in honour of Mother’s Day and our Month of Love, we’ve made a list of the most beautiful and significant jewellery items women through ages have worn, and then passed on to their children.

1. Engagement rings
Engagement rings are the quintessential heirloom. They have huge sentimental significance and real value. Also, they don’t just have to go from mother to daughter, as Prince William poignantly proved when he proposed to Catherine Middleton with Lady Diana’s sapphire engagement ring. In fact, they can be re-worn, re-sized, melted down and cast again – or worn as charms on a necklace chain, as a touching reminder of our parents’ love for each other.

2. Diamond earrings
It’s no wonder fashion professionals consider diamond earrings to be a jewellery essential. A classic pair of diamond earrings goes with any outfit and never looks outdated. Plain single-stone studs, diamond clusters, buttons and vividly coloured gemstones set in gold can be worn again and again, from one generation to the next.

3. A pendant or necklace
The fantastic thing about pendants it that many of them are “unisex” and can be given to sons as well as daughters.

Cross pendants are a perfect example. Many people receive cross pendants to commemorate a wedding or a child’s christening. But they’re also timeless fashion items, as showcased by celebrities like David Beckham, Elton John, Cristiano Ronaldo and Kate Middleton.

Lockets and themed pendants, on the other hand, are charming and sometimes quirky personal items of jewellery. These can include initials, birthstones and key necklaces, or unusual pendants that symbolise a person’s favourite sport or hobby.

♥ Finally, there’s always the classic diamond necklace. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a simple solitaire or a full gala collarette. The important thing is that it’s made with real diamonds… and to attest that, your own mother wore it before you!

4. A gold or diamond bracelet
A solid gold bangle or a sparkling diamond bracelet is a jewellery collection staple. Bracelets are effortless to wear and seldom grow old-fashioned. Would you like your granddaughter to have one fine piece of jewellery to wear and remember you by? A diamond bracelet you buy today will be considered an antique in 100 years’ time! It’s an item that’s certain to turn into a much loved heirloom.


5. A full band eternity ring
An eternity ring is a beautiful and traditional representation of the circle of life. These special rings are often given as important wedding anniversary presents or to commemorate big life occasions like the birth of a first child. Few jewellery items are as representative of family ties and deep affection. When eventually handed down from parent to child, they’ll create a legacy of love in your family.

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We would LOVE to hear from you! What is your most cherished jewellery item that you’ve inherited from your mother or grandmother? Which special pieces are you planning to keep for your own children? Tell us in the comments below – or on Facebook and Twitter!

The Meaning of Aquamarine Jewellery – from March Birthstone Rings to Royal Tiaras

Aquamarine Birthstone RingJUST like its cool blue colour and name suggest, aquamarine evokes the beauty of the ocean.

Translucent and beautifully sparkling, it’s no wonder ancient Romans believed aquamarine was the sacred gem of Neptune, the god of the sea. In fact, the name “aquamarine” comes from the Latin for “water” and “sea”.

The most thrilling thing about the aquamarine? Its versatility and size. Available as huge, pure crystals, it is a jewellery lover’s dream come true – especially if you’re born in March…

Birthstone Lore
According to astrology, aquamarine is aligned with the star sign of Pisces. Therefore it is also considered the birthstone for March. Aquamarines appear in many historical books as a cure for ailments, including tired eyes, sore throats and of course, seasickness. Their colour is also said to magically inspire creativity and courage. In ancient times sailors would wear aquamarine amulets as protection from the stormy seas.

aquamarine-birthstone07The blue cousin of the emerald
Aquamarine belongs to the beryl mineral family, which also includes emerald. But while emeralds are green and fairly small, the aquamarine gets its blue hues from iron trace elements and occurs as big crystals. Brazilian aquamarines are particularly large, and have an almost glass-like purity.

Aquamarine colour
Aquamarines can range from a clear light greenish-blue to an opaque dark blue. Although crystals with intense blue colour are considered more valuable, most people seek the lighter green-blue stones because of their unique sparkle.

From Princess Diana to the 2015 Oscars
Aquamarine has been used widely and creatively through the ages, from seamen’s talismans to haute jewellery. In recent times it’s notably been seen in British, Dutch and Danish crown jewellery and on Cate Blanchett‘s huge bib necklace at the 2015 Oscars. Princess Diana famously wore an aquamarine ring after becoming newly single in 1996.

Where on Earth?
The best aquamarines in the world come from Brazil, although the gem is also mined on the African and Asian continents. The beautiful Brazilian provinces of Minas Gerais, Espirito Santo and Bahia have mines that produce the most vividly blue, pure beryl. The Brazilian gem trade is conflict-free and the government restricts mechanised mining to protect the environment.

aquamarine-birthstone04What to look for in aquamarine jewellery
Some gems are judged more by their colour, and some are more valued for their clarity. With aquamarines it’s important to strike a good balance between the two. Our gemmologist recommends you look for an aquamarine with:

  1. No visible impurities
  2. Vivid colour, whether lighter or darker
  3. A skillful cut that makes it sparkle

Why buy aquamarine?
Aquamarines give diamonds a run for their money, because of their showstopping sparkle and because they suit almost any complexion. In terms of price, high grade aquamarine is more expensive than blue topaz, but it’s not as dear as emeralds. This makes it an affordable as well as beautiful gem, perfect for adding value, excitement and meaning to your jewellery collection – especially if it’s your birthstone!

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6 Ideas – Get the Look for Less: Lady Gaga Diamond Heart Engagement Ring


YES, we know… we want one too! Ever since Lady Gaga revealed her Valentine’s Day engagement to actor Taylor Kinney, we’ve all gone mad for heart shaped diamond rings!

Luckily here at The Diamond Store we already have our very own range, trend setters that we are. From dazzling diamonds to precious coloured gems, feast your eyes on these six gorgeous, luxurious (and very affordable) pieces below. With prices from £149 to £2,299, you can pick the perfect one to suit your style…

Click on the images or the prices below for more information on each ring!

1. Galileo Heart Ring – price £2,299
This ring is made from 1.20 carats of high grade diamonds that create the illusion of a MUCH bigger rock. Nothing says romance in a show stopping style better than this ring.


2. Diamond Hearts Full Eternity Ring – price £1,249
Looking for a design that draws inspiration from the heart detail on Lady Gaga’s ring’s band? This exquisite eternity ring in white gold is just the thing.

Heart Diamond Eternity Ring

3. Blue Topaz Heart Ring – price £495
Handcrafted with precious blue topaz and premium quality diamonds, this unique heart ring sparkles beautifully every time it catches the light.

Blue Topaz Heart Ring

4. Vintage Amethyst Heart – price £245
Created in the retro spirit, our romantic amethyst ring features ethical diamonds and white gold… and leaves an unforgettable impression.

Amethyst Diamond Heart Ring

5. Two Hearts Pave Diamond Ring – price £239
With two hearts beating (and sparkling) together as one, this breathtaking diamond design ring is all about style, romance and going ga-ga for each other.

Two Hearts Diamond Ring

6. Love Heart Design Diamond Ring – price £149
If you love the idea of a heart ring, but aren’t prepared to go as big as Lady G, this delicate diamond piece is ideal for you. A gorgeous white gold double-band completes the look.

Diamond Heart White Gold Ring

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Amethyst Jewellery – The Meaning & Story Behind February’s Birthstone

Amethyst Birthstone RingAMETHYSTS are precious quartz crystal gems with deep violet or purple colour. According to legend, this February birthstone possesses some rather mysterious and useful powers.

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valentines_jewellery_affordableThis week we’ve handpicked 10 stunning pieces of jewellery PERFECT for Valentine’s Day. We think February 14th should be all about thoughtful, heartfelt gifting. So with Christmas and the sales just gone, we’ve made sure these items are luxurious and romantic, yet affordable. Choose your favourite from £89 to £299.

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