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10 Jewellery Hacks That Will Change Your Life

Vodka, silk stockings and sellotape, ladies? No, it’s not the new sequel to the 50 Shades of Gray saga. It turns out that your jewellery too can benefit from booze, hosiery and office supplies. Discover 10 amazing jewellery hacksthat will change your life…

1. Non-sparkly diamonds? Try vodka!

Diamonds attract dirt and dust like no other jewellery. Make your engagement ring sparkle like new, by soaking it in a glass of vodka for one minute. Rinse well in warm water, pat dry with a clean cloth and voilá.

You can clean diamonds in vodka

2. Treat pearls to a shampoo

Never, ever soak pearls in water! Instead, take a clean eye shadow brush, dip it in warm water with a tiny bit of shampoo added, and then gently brush each pearl. Wipe each pearl clean with a slightly dampened cloth, and then follow with another wipe with a dry, lint free cloth. Lay flat to avoid stretching and leave to dry – or blow dry laid flat on a COLD setting.

How to clean pearls

3. Use chalk to protect your silver

Fed up of polishing your silver jewellery? Make life a lot easier by wrapping a piece of chalk in a bit of gauze and popping it in your jewellery box. It will absorb all the air moisture and stop your silver from tarnishing.

How to keep silver from tarnishing

4. Sellotape isn’t just for the office

We all own one of those tricky bracelets that won’t clip on without help. But there’s a simple solution… stick your bracelet onto your wrist with sellotape and suddenly clipping it on becomes easy-peasy.

How to put on a tricky bracelet without help

5. No tape? Use a paper clip to help fasten a bracelet

Securing the clasp on a bracelet all by yourself can be really frustrating… Just as you’re about to snap the darn thing on, one end slides off your wrist and you have to start all over again. Well, not any more. Here’s a great way to use a paper clip to put on your bracelet quickly and easily.

6. Vacuum that earring

Ever lost an earring or a ring under the bed? Just pop a stocking or a nylon sock over your vacuum cleaner’s pipe, secure it with a rubber band and hoover away. Your jewellery will get trapped by the air, but safely held in the stocking.

How to find lost jewellery with a stocking and a vacuum cleaner

7. Untangle a knotted chain with baby powder

Knotted necklace chains are a real pain. So here’s a clever tip for you – add baby powder for much quicker results.  Shake a little baby powder onto the tangled bit. Work a sewing needle into the loosest bit of chain. Tug very gently. The baby powder makes the chain “slippery” and it disentangles in no time. Afterwards, wash your chain with warm water and dry.

8. Clean silver with stuff from the kitchen

Here’s how to get that sparkle back in your silver jewellery without silver polish. Take a clean ceramic bowl. Put tin foil on the bottom, shiny side up. Fill the bowl with water, add a teaspoon of baking soda, a teaspoon of salt and a dash of white vinegar. Place your silver jewellery in the mixture for five minutes, then take it out and carefully rinse with water. It will have its shine back.*

*WARNING – DO NOT USE THIS TIP IF you’re cleaning mixed silver jewellery with gemstones, pearls or any other delicate materials. The vinegar solution could damage them.

9. Keep necklace chains from knotting with a straw

How do you keep your necklaces and bracelets from knotting? Thread your necklace or bracelet through a straw and close the clasp. Hey presto – you’ll have tangle-free jewellery wherever you go.

10. Keep long hair from knotting around your necklace clasp

If you have long hair, you know what this is about. You put on your favourite necklace and halfway through the day there’s a dreadlock tangled up around the clasp. It’s painful and near on impossible to brush out. To prevent this, buy a short length of plastic tube from a hardware store or aquarium tube from a pet shop. Cut off a small piece and slide it onto your necklace chain. Fasten the clasp, then work the piece of tube carefully back over it. This will keep your hair from tangling in it.

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