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How to Care for Luxury Jewellery

If you’re wondering how to care for luxury jewellery, this article is for you. After making an investment in fine diamond or gemstone jewellery, you’ll want to keep it as sparkling as possible. What’s more, dirty jewellery can easily attract bacteria and cause skin irritation.

That’s why in this article we explain:

  • how often you should care for your jewellery
  • what the difference between cleaning and polishing is
  • what care products are the best for your precious metals and gems


How often should you care for your jewellery?

Inspect your jewellery about once a month, looking for signs of dirt and dullness.

Key things to check for are whether the diamonds or gems are sparkling when you turn them in the light and any signs of dullness, tarnishing or dirt affecting the hygiene and gleam of the metal setting.

Clean VS. polish?

When you clean an item of jewellery, this means that you’re removing any dirt or dead skin (yuk!) that’s gathered on its metal surfaces, on the diamonds or gems, and in the nooks and crannies between them.

When you polish an item of jewellery, you remove tarnished spots from the metal surfaces to maximise shine.

The safest way to clean and polish jewellery

Even for at-home maintenance of fine jewellery, it’s best to use professional products, if you can get them.

You don’t want to expose expensive materials like gold or diamonds to products or cleaning methods that can damage them.

What’s more, professional products will keep your jewellery sparkly and shiny longer.

What professional care products can you use at home?

Here are two proven products that will get your jewellery looking its best:

1. Polishing wipes for metals

Jewellery wipes are the easiest way to clean and polish gold and silver jewellery. They offer two steps in one – they remove tarnish, while at the same time applying an anti-tarnish shield that helps your jewellery keep its shine longer. It’s also excellent for polishing watches!

How to Care for Luxury Jewellery

How to use polishing wipes:

1. Take one disposable wipe.
2. Gently rub your gold or silver jewellery.
3. The wipe will instantly and noticeably shine your gold and remove any tarnish from silver.


2. Micro-fine gel for diamonds and gems

Jewellers use a specialist cleaning gel that contains micro-fine cleansers and polishing agents. These clean diamonds and gems, and enhance their sparkle. This product is available for consumers in cosmetic-style pens which are very easy to use.

What’s more, micro-fine gel is great for gold, platinum and silver too because it contains polymers that disguise the tiny scratches that form over the surface of the metal through use.

How to Care for Luxury Jewellery

How to use a micro-fine gel pen:

1. Remove the cap and wet the brush tip.
2. Twist the pen’s base until the blue cleaning solution shows on the brush. (You only need a tiny amount.)
3. Brush the jewellery. Be sure to get behind stones, claws and crevices in settings.
4. Rinse off the jewellery.
5. Don’t forget to rinse the brush, so it’s clean for next time.
6. Dry your jewellery with a soft, lint-free cloth.

Why professional cleaning products offer the best value

Professional jewellery cleaning products, such as wipes and gels, are jewellery-specific, all-purpose, non-toxic and won’t damage your valuables. They save time and give you a professional clean and polish. It makes sense to invest in them, as you’ve already invested so much in your jewellery.

In conclusion

Whether it’s new or heirloom jewellery, there’s always a sentiment behind each item you possess, and you’ll want to keep it forever. Caring for and cleaning your jewellery regularly using the right products means you’ll be able to prevent dirt, tarnishing and dullness, so it always looks its best.

Hope you found this article on how to care for luxury jewellery useful.

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