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How to take a good engagement ring photo

How to take a good engagement ring photo

You want to tell the world you’re just engaged as soon as possible – snapping a quick photo of your ring might be tempting. But when you’ve got such big news to break, you want the picture to be perfect; after all, it’s a visual representation of your new ‘forever’. Here, we run through how to combine the right background, lighting, and location to showcase your newest accessory in the best light.

Selecting the right background

  • Neutral tones: Opt for backgrounds that are plain and neutral in colour. This allows your ring to be the focal point without any distracting elements.
  • Natural textures: Consider using natural textures and environments like wood, leaves, stones or even the sky in the background.
  • Consistency is key: Ensure the background complements the style of the ring. A vintage ring might look best against an antique wood surface, while a modern ring could stand out on a sleek, white tabletop.

Ideal lighting for engagement ring photography

  • Natural light: Utilise natural light as much as possible, which brings out the brilliance and clarity of the diamond.
  • Avoid harsh shadows: Overcast days are perfect for photography as they provide diffused sunlight, reducing harsh shadows.
  • Indirect light: If indoors, choose a location near a window with indirect light. Direct sunlight can create glare and overshadow the details of your ring. You want your ring to be in sunlight, but not direct sunlight.

Choosing the perfect location

  • Personal significance: Select a location that holds personal meaning to you and your partner. If you get engaged somewhere specific that has personal meaning to you, try to shoot your photo there, for an organic feel. If you photograph your ring later, choose a place that has significance to you as a couple.
  • Simplicity wins: Avoid overly busy or crowded locations. A simple, serene setting ensures your ring remains the star of the show. Try to find a place you can take a photo of your hand alone – even hold it up to the sky or against a wall to get a completely solo shot, so your ring can be the star of the show.

Camera settings

  • Macro mode: Use the macro mode on your camera or phone for close-up shots. This setting allows you to capture the fine details of the ring.
  • Steady hands: We know it can be an emotional time, but try to keep your hands steady (or use a tripod) to avoid blurry images.
  • If in doubt, take a video: Moving your hand around in a video will be sure to capture the brilliance of your diamond. And if you don’t want to use the video, you can take screenshots of it later on, to use as photos.

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