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When should you give a promise ring? 

When should you give a promise ring? 

A promise ring stands as a meaningful symbol of devotion and intent; not quite the commitment or cost of an engagement ring, it’s a special ‘promise’ that says, ‘I want to marry you’. Nevertheless, a promise ring can signify a significant step in a relationship. Here’s when you should give one to your partner. 

Understanding the significance of a promise ring  

A promise ring is more than just a piece of jewellery; it’s a symbol of commitment and a prelude to further steps in a relationship: 

  • A symbol of commitment: A promise ring represents a deep commitment to a relationship and a pledge for the future; it says I want to propose to you, but I can’t right now.  
  • Different from engagement rings: Unlike engagement rings, promise rings symbolise a commitment that, while deep, does not necessarily imply imminent marriage. It’s a holding place for an engagement. 

Knowing when to give a promise ring  

The timing of giving a promise ring can greatly enhance its significance. Here’s when we suggest you give a promise ring: 

  • Milestone anniversaries: Significant dating anniversaries can be the perfect occasion to give a promise ring, marking the progress and depth of the relationship. 
  • Before a Long-Distance Phase: If a couple is about to enter a long-distance phase, a promise ring can symbolise the strength and continuity of their connection. 
  • Ready for the next step: For couples who feel ready to deepen their commitment but aren’t ready for engagement, a promise ring can perfectly encapsulate their current feelings, without rushing things. 
  • Can’t currently afford an engagement ring: promise rings are traditionally more inexpensive rings compared to engagement rings, so are perfect for the couple who want to get engaged but can’t quite afford their dream ring or wedding just yet. 

Choosing the right promise ring  

Selecting the appropriate ring is a significant aspect of the gesture – it shows you know your partner inside and out. 

  • Personalised choices: The promise ring should reflect the recipient’s style and the uniqueness of the relationship. Personal touches can make it even more special – perhaps look for rings that can be customised with an engraving. Because promise rings have no ‘rules’, they can truly be any ring you like – whether it be diamond, gemstone, plain or even more of a fashion style ring. Any ring can be a promise ring. 
  • Budgeting tips: It’s important to remember that the sentiment behind the promise ring is what truly counts, not the price. Choose a beautiful ring within a comfortable budget, and save more budget for your engagement. 

Communicating your intentions  

The manner in which you present the promise ring can deeply impact its reception. Communicating with your partner that you intend to give them a promise ring (and that it’s not an engagement ring) can avoid any awkward conversations. 

  • Expressing your feelings: The promise ring should come with a heartfelt explanation of your feelings and intentions, making clear the significance of the gesture. 
  • Creating a memorable moment: Like an engagement, consider planning a special moment or event to present the promise ring, making it a beautiful memory in your relationship’s journey. 

Ready to buy your promise ring?

A promise ring is a beautiful expression of love commitment for the future. Whether it commemorates a special anniversary, symbolises strength during separation, or simply represents a deeper bond, the giving of a promise ring is a big step in any relationship. Ready to commit? Browse our beautiful selection of rings here, or chat to our team of experts, who would be happy to help you find ‘the one’.