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Who plans Mother’s Day – the children or the partner? 

Who plans Mother’s Day – the children or the partner?

Mother’s Day is a tradition, a special day to honour the incredible women in our lives. But when it comes to organising the celebrations, a question often arises: should it be the partner, or the children who take the lead? Often this depends on the age of the children, but if the children are all grown up, let’s get into who should be organising what. 

Who manages what:

The role of the partner:

The husband, or partner, plays a pivotal role in Mother’s Day celebrations. When the children are small, the partner sets an example for the children, teaching them the importance of showing appreciation and love. The partner may book a restaurant, or help small children choose gifts (or to make breakfast in bed!) 

Children’s involvement:

When children are little, it’s important to encourage them to get into the spirit of loving and appreciating their caregivers, including their mother. While they might not have the means to book or pay for things, encourage kids to create handmade gifts, like drawings, crafts, or simple poems for their mother. These hold immeasurable sentimental value, and show mum that the whole family are involved in celebrating her. 

Balancing responsibilities:

When the children have all grown up, Mother’s Day planning can be a shared responsibility. But this doesn’t mean there now needs to be more time or financial restraints on the kids – you can work together to create a special day for mum. Even though the kids might have moved out, consider family activities like baking her favourite cake together or organising a special movie night, making the day a joint endeavour. 

Remember to… 

Cater to mum’s preferences:

Understanding what mum enjoys is key to a successful Mother’s Day. The partner and children should consider her likes and dislikes in planning the day, not just plough ahead with plans they think would be fun. Whether she loves a quiet breakfast in bed, a family outing to a fancy restaurant, or simply spending quality time at home, tailoring the day to her preferences will make it super special to her. 

Creating traditions:

Mother’s Day is a perfect opportunity to establish family traditions. Whether it’s making breakfast together every year, going for a family walk, or watching her favourite film, these traditions create lasting memories and something to look forward to each year. And your mum will love the sentimental element to the day. 

Last-minute planning:

For families who haven’t planned ahead, worry not. Simple yet heartfelt gestures can be equally meaningful as big, grand gestures (because we know how far in advance restaurant tables sell out!) A handpicked bouquet, a heartfelt note, a handmade card – all of these things can be prepared last minute and will all mean so much to the mother in your life. And remember, lightening the mental and physical load for your mum will always make her feel appreciated. Put your dirty shoes away and unload the dishwasher – without having to be asked first! 

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