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Tips for choosing the perfect Mother’s Day jewellery gift 

Tips for choosing the perfect Mother’s Day jewellery gift 

Mother’s Day is a special occasion to show your appreciation and love for the remarkable woman in your life – your mum. Jewellery makes a lifelong gift. But how do you choose the perfect piece? Follow our tips to find a sentimental piece she’ll love every day.  

Understand her style: 

  • Make note of her preferences: Pay attention to the types of jewellery your mum usually wears. Does she prefer gold or silver? Bold pieces or something more understated? What kind of clothes does she wear? What jewellery pieces does she already own? 
  • Consider her lifestyle: Choose a piece that suits her daily routine. For a mum who’s always on the go, something durable and easy to wear would be ideal. If she works with her hands, or looks after small children, something subtle or with a bezel setting might be an ideal choice. 

Personalisation = sentimental: 

  • Engravings and birthstones: Personalised jewellery, like a necklace with initials or a birthstone (either hers or yours!), adds a unique touch and extra sentimental value. You could even opt for a locket, and pop a little photo of the two of you in there before giving it to her. 

Quality matters: 

  • Invest in good craftsmanship: Quality should never be compromised. Look for reputable jewellers known for their craftsmanship and durability. For such a special gift, you want it to last a lifetime (and have a good warranty in case of mishaps!) 
  • Hallmarks and certifications: Ensure the jewellery is hallmarked and comes with any necessary certifications, especially when purchasing precious stones.  

Timeless over trendy: 

  • Classic pieces: Opt for classic jewellery designs that won’t go out of style. Think of elegant stud earrings, a simple pendant, or a classic bracelet.  
  • Heirloom quality: Choose a piece that could become a family heirloom, treasured for generations, adding an extra special touch to a Mother’s Day piece. 

Make it symbolic: 

  • Reflect on Your Bond: Select a piece that symbolises your relationship. This could be a locket with a family photo or a piece that represents her strength and love. 
  • Themes and Motifs: Look for designs that hold a special meaning, such as hearts, infinity symbols, or mother-child motifs. 

Setting a Budget: 

  • Be Realistic: Set a budget that you’re comfortable with. Remember, it’s the thought that counts, not the price tag. 
  • Look for Value: Seek the best quality and design within your budget, rather than just the biggest or most expensive item. 

Ready to find that special gift for your mum?  

Choosing the perfect Mother’s Day jewellery gift involves a blend of personalisation, understanding her style, and ensuring great quality. If you’re ready to find that special piece, take a look at our range of jewellery for her, here. Or if you can’t see anything that takes your fancy, chat to our experts and personal shoppers here, who would love to help.