How to Build a Jewellery Collection

What Is Heirloom Jewellery?

This article explains how to build a jewellery collection in 3 simple steps.

First, you should start with essential items, next, add some statement pieces and finally, complete your collection with personal touches.

1. Start with the essentials

Stylists consider the below six items “jewellery essentials”.

They are classic in style, which means that you can wear them on any occasion, with any outfit.

It’s worth investing a little more money in essential jewellery pieces because that way, you’ll get years of wear from them.

  • Diamond stud earrings
  • Solitaire necklaces
  • Tennis bracelets
  • Engagement or promise rings
  • Wedding or eternity rings
  • Pearls

How to Build a Jewellery Collection - These are the essentials

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Diamond stud earrings Solitaire necklacesTennis braceletsEngagement ringsEternity Rings – Wedding Rings – Pearls

2. Add a few statement pieces

Statement jewellery is big, bold and eye-catching. It “makes a statement” and speaks volumes about your style.

You can use statement pieces to glam up your look for special occasions – or to dress up plain daytime outfits.

  • Statement rings, also known as cocktail rings
  • Drop, chandelier or hoop earrings
  • Big evening necklaces, large pendants, collarettes, chockers
  • Big evening bracelets and elaborate bangles

How to Build a Jewellery Collection - These are the statement pieces

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Exclusive necklacesChandelier earringsDrop Earrings – Hoop Earrings – Cocktail RingsEvening Bracelets

3. Complete with personal touches

Finally, it’s time to complete your collection with personal touches.

Adding personal elements to your collection will make it truly yours. It’s a way to tell your story through your jewellery. It will also add variety to your look.

Play with colour, shape and materials:

  • Coloured gemstones and birthstones
  • Vintage style jewellery
  • Any heirlooms you’ve inherited
  • Initial pendants or rings
  • Charms
  • Quirky designs and unique trends that you’re drawn to

How to build a jewellery Collection - adding personal touches

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Initial pendantsInitial ringsGemstonesBirthstones – Vintage-style jewellery – Silver trends

Final tips on how to build a jewellery collection

Jewellery is a great accessory because it can change the look of your outfit in an instant.

It’s also a very personal thing. Unlike clothes or shoes, it lasts a long time, sometimes even generations.

Therefore, it has the power to remind us of the important moments in our lives.

That’s why you should make sure that each piece in your collection is special to you – let your jewellery tell your story.