Autumn Jewellery Inspiration: Rich Jewel Colours

Autumn jewellery is here. Therefore, this is the perfect time to pick vibrant jewel tones that add a pop of colour. We’ve selected these beautiful gems below, simply because they’re stunning. They echo the beauty of autumn foliage.

Autumn Jewellery: Red garnets

The garnet provides a breathtaking base for an autumn palette. This is because of its radiant brown-and-gold highlights.

Garnet jewellery interweaves beautifully with off-white items. Consequently, it goes well with cream textiles. Pearls and shimmery white nailpolish also suit it well.

Garnet rings - Autumn Jewellery- Autumn Jewellery

Royal Rubies, emeralds and sapphires

These coveted ‘Big Three’ gemstones are perfect for autumn. Inviting the winter months ahead, their magical glow provides sophistication. These strong tones are perfect for summer’s end.

Natural rubies are mined in varying shades, from dark cherry to intense fuchsia. Sapphires hint at Old World grandeur. The pure bottle green of emeralds makes a delicate yet memorable statement.



- Autumn Jewellery

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Mulberry hued amethysts

Purple amethysts create plenty of dazzle and drama. These gems seem to offer a lush shade of plum or maybe a deep tone of lavender. Brazilian amethysts offer exceptional clarity. Try them in a setting with diamonds for autumnal sparkle.

amethyst ring- Autumn Jewellery- Autumn Jewellery

Citrine, smoky quartz, fire opals and peridot

Citrine is a yellow gemstone that’s sparkly and affordable. Due to this, it’s ideal for big statement autumn jewellery. It also personifies the beauty of autumn.

Smokey quartz has an exquisite brown colour. It’s less vibrant than citrine, yet has golden highlights.

Its earthy tone gives it almost a tribal look. It has excellent durability and value. And it’s perfect for autumn jewellery items in large sizes.

Gemstone rings- Autumn Jewellery- Autumn JewelleryPeridot’s olive green sparkle is tinged with gold. Ancient Egyptians believed peridot gems were fallen rays of sunshine.

Fire opals are a lesser known variety of opal. Orange is the colour of joy, passion and creativity. Furthermore, it’s perfect for uplifting an autumn wardrobe.

In conclusion, October’s orange birthstone makes a truly unique and beautiful gift!

fire opal rings- Autumn Jewellery- Autumn Jewellerycitrine rings- Autumn Jewellery

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