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What is a baguette cut diamond?

What is a baguette cut diamond?

Have you heard about the baguette cut diamond? (No, it’s not a diamond-shaped loaf of French bread). Rather, the baguette cut is a sophisticated, timeless gemstone cut that exudes elegance. In this blog, we’ll explore the pros and cons of the baguette cut – its advantages, its drawbacks, and the ring styles it complements best.  

What is a baguette cut diamond? 

  • Historical charm: Originating from the Art Deco and Art Nouveau movements, the baguette cut has a romantic, vintage appeal. 
  • Characteristics: Recognised by its long, rectangular shape and stepped facets that run parallel to the girdle. 
  • Sparkle and shine: A baguette cut offers a unique type of brilliance, different from the fiery sparkle of round cuts, known as a ‘hall of mirrors’ effect. 

Pros of the baguette cut diamond: 

  • Understated glamour: Provides a sophisticated, luxurious look without being too flashy – perfect for those who like quiet luxury. 
  • Can complement a main stone: Often used as side stones to enhance the sparkle of a larger central diamond. 
  • Illusion of size: Its elongated shape can give the impression of a larger size for its carat weight, so you may be able to save a little money with a slightly smaller size. 
  • Cost-effective: Baguettes can be more affordable than other cuts due to the cutting process and shape. 

Cons to Consider: 

  • Less brilliance: The baguette cut doesn’t ‘sparkle’ as much as round or princess cuts do traditionally. 
  • Visible flaws: Due to its clear and linear facets, inclusions or colour tints can be more noticeable, so you may need a higher colour grade than you planned on purchasing. 
  • Chipping risks: The corners of a baguette cut can be prone to chipping if not set correctly. 

Ideal ring styles for baguette cut diamonds: 

  • Classic solitaire with a twist: A single baguette diamond can make a sleek and modern solitaire ring, and an excellent alternative to the more modern square designs. 
  • Art Deco inspiration: They’re a perfect fit for vintage-inspired settings. 
  • Three-stone designs: Baguette cuts act as elegant side stones to a prominent central diamond. Three baguette cut diamonds side by side also makes for a striking ring. 
  • Wedding bands: They create a seamless line of sparkle when set in a channel-set band. 

Is a baguette cut diamond for you?

Baguette cut diamonds are ideal for those who adore vintage charm and understated elegance. Whether set alone for a minimalist statement or flanking a larger stone, baguettes offer versatility and a distinctive style. And while they may not have the brilliance (or ‘sparkle’) of other cuts, their unique beauty lies in their clarity and simplicity. But if a baguette cut isn’t for you, discover all the other beautiful, unique diamond shapes on offer, here. And if you still need help finding ‘the one’, chat to our customer services, who would love to assist you.