Why Choose Gemstones for Your Bridal Look

Why choose gemstones for your bridal look? Because one of the best ways to create a beautiful, unique bridal style is by wearing gemstone jewellery instead of traditional diamonds.


Why choose gemstones for your bridal look?

Gems add luxurious, natural colour accents to your bridal palette.

They have heirloom value that reaches beyond your wedding day to last a lifetime and more.

Why Choose Gemstones for Your Bridal Look

Blue Topaz Jewellery

Gemstone engagement rings

When choosing an engagement ring, you have a world of choice because precious gems exist in every possible shade.

If you find blue sapphires, red rubies and green emeralds too strong in colour, try some pastel gems.

Like violet tanzanite, translucent blue aquamarine or rosy pink sapphire.

Why Choose Gemstones for Your Bridal Look


What about wedding jewellery?

Whatever the colour scheme of your wedding, choosing gemstones for your bridal look is a sumptuous way to add elegant touches to your style.

Placing delicate jewel tones against a white dress really adds luxurious contrast.

Pink Sapphire Jewellery


You can pick jewel colours to reflect your wedding’s floral accents. Or choose them to match your bridesmaids’ dresses.

Gems can really help pull your entire bridal look together.

Why Choose Gemstones for Your Bridal Look

Blue topaz and pearl jewellery


How to pick the right gemstone

It’s easy to pick gemstones. You can simply pick a colour that you’re drawn to. Alternatively, you can select your birthstone or a gem that marks the month of your anniversary.


More carats for your budget

Gemstones generally cost less per carat than diamonds.

Therefore, you can usually choose a much bigger stone than if you were purchasing a diamond – while still having the same heirloom value.

Pink Vintage Style Jewellery

You don’t have to forget about diamonds

You don’t have to forgo the classic white sparkle of diamonds entirely. If you still long colour, but also the sparkle of diamonds, simply choose your gem jewellery with diamond accents.

Shell and Diamond Jewellery

In conclusion – Why Choose Gemstones for Your Bridal Look

Gemstone jewellery has been a popular bridal accessory for hundreds of years.

This is because it complete your look on the day. Aso, if you choose well, your gemstone pieces will become a much worn and loved heirloom pieces that will be in your family for generations.

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