How to Create Country Boho Bridal Style

How to create country boho bridal style? This wedding season sees the blending of two stunning themes: rustic and boho. It’s a sweet and whimsical bridal look that combines girl-next-door with unconventional. We explain how to choose the right pieces to create this style.


First things first… what does ‘boho’ actually mean?

‘Boho’ is short for ‘bohemian’. Originally the term referred to Romani gipsies who migrated through Europe and settled in France in the early 1800s.

They were named after Bohemia, the eastern European country which they were believed to have travelled through on their way to France.

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The Parisian neighbourhoods, where these gipsy travellers settled, also attracted writers, artists and thinkers.

These creative intellectual types were free-spirited people, who did not conform to ‘ordinary’ society. Consequently, they were also labelled as ‘bohemians’, alongside their Romani neighbours.


In the world of fashion today, ‘bohemian’ has been shortened to ‘boho’. In the context of weddings, it means a bride and groom whose clothing and style reflect a creative and unconventional lifestyle.

Finding the perfect country setting for your ‘boho-ness’

When countryside weddings first became a trend, woodland locations were very popular.  Now, rustic wedding themes embrace all sorts of creative venues.

You could choose a refurbished barn, a riverside location, a sandy beach, or a festival tent on a green field. Any place notable for its natural beauty is perfect.

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Country-boho weddings are characterised by DIY details that have a natural, shabby or rustic charm.

Quirky handmade invitations and decorations, asymmetrical centre pieces and wedding favours are in. Wildflowers, organic food and wooden furniture too.

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Numero uno: the dress

As with all weddings, you should start with the dress. After that, all the accessories will fall into place. A country-boho bride will wear a dress that’s simple, yet unusual.

Look for a balance between simplicity and creativity. Too plain, and your dress will have no charm. But too much quirkiness can look odd.


The style you should be looking for is natural and whimsical, rather than outrageous.

Think along understated, but unexpected lines. Long, flowing silk that blows in the wind. Or tutu-like chiffon in pale pink. Lace is perfect for country-boho looks.


Choose a style that does not suggest ‘traditional bride’. Many country-boho brides like to pick a simple dress that expresses girl-next-door simplicity, but has small, surprising details.

Such as simple lace dress with a downplayed, earthy, pastel-toned belt. Or a dress and a headpiece with unusual beading or feathers.

Next, the hair

A key feature for a country-boho bride is the hair.  It should look fabulously natural, like you put no effort into it at all… Yet as we all know, that can take a bit of time! So lots of practice before the wedding is key.

The obvious style is to simply wear your hair down. You could try plaiting wet hair the night before to get natural waves in the morning. Then add mouse for a fuller, shinier look.


Another beautiful option is a plaited hair crown. If you have long hair, this will be easy. Or your hairdresser can add a hair piece for a fuller look.

Flower wreaths are a huge bridal trend right now and very country-bohemian. Especially if you go for something surprising, like teeny-tiny wildflowers or large, colourful blooms.

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For bohemian bridal jewellery, think nature motifs, colourful pastel gems and ethnic designs.

The world is your oyster. (And talking of oysters, delicate freshwater pearl jewellery is also perfect for a chic country look.)

Some lovely designs you can bring into your country-boho bridal jewellery are florals, butterflies, or fairies.

Diamonds or pastel gems like pink sapphires set into flower-like patterns can provide a stunning counterpoint to a pale dress.


Rose gold is also a beautiful, alternative choice. It looks stunning with a white dress and can provide uplifting warmth to pale skin.

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Finally, for out of the ordinary bridal accessories, think in terms of fashion jewellery that a classic bride would not necessarily wear.

Hamsas, peace signs or fairy pendants? Gemstone drop earrings? Intricate lockets and unusual gems like opal or turquoise? Whatever rocks your style!


The flowers

Flowers should get a lot of attention when you’re creating a country-boho wedding. Pick one flower to feature through your day to create a theme.

Take into account flower crowns, bridesmaids’ bouquets, table centrepieces and ceremony decorations.


Wildflowers are a fantastic way to create a natural look. However, not all of them last long before wilting. Enlist a professional florist to create a bouquet that will stay blooming gorgeous all day.

Here is a slideshow of some popular wedding flowers. If arranged creatively, they’ll give you stunning, whimsical beauty that lasts all day.

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Here are the benefits each of these flowers seen in the slideshow:

  • Roses. The ultimate romantic flower, available in all colours, looks utterly special. You can also choose small wild roses for a really countryfied vibe.
  • Hydrangeas. Large, create volume, available in lots of shades, you can use tall stems or cut them short. Also good for those with allergies, as release less pollen than other flowers.
  • Peonies. Large, plump with fluffy petals that last and last. Peonies smell gorgeous. Their colour can vary from white and pale pink to fuchsia, red and maroon.
  • Ranunculus. This is the pretty and affordable alternative to peonies and roses. They make perfect whimsical bouquets or groom’s button flowers. They come in several colours including white, pink, peach, orange and yellow.
  • Tulips. Symbolising happiness, tulips are a meaningful wedding flower. They come in all colours. Tulips are elegant and available all year round.
  • Daisies. Simple yet beautiful, white, yellow or multi-coloured daisies make perfect country wedding flowers.  No other flower gives such a rustic air. Daisies are also easy to keep fresh-looking all day.
  • Succulents. Succulents make stunning and original centrepieces. They are also very easy to care for as they can survive without water for long periods of time.
  • Baby’s breath. This has become the ultimate boho/country flower. Traditionally a bouquet filler, these teeny-tiny buds look gorgeous as a flower crown – and are very affordable.
  • Carnations. Before you scoff, these humble flowers really are perfect for an off-the-wall whimsical wedding vibe. They come in all colours and give bright and lasting company to wildflowers placed in jars on tables.



For country-boho brides, your footwear can be as unusual as the rest of your look. With outdoor weddings, your choice of heel may depend on the season, and the firmness of the ground.

Other than than, anything you feel adds individuality and originality works. You can do bare feet or cowboy boots, hippy sandals or lacy ballet flats, pumps, straps or platforms…


If your ceremony is on sand or lawn, the most sensible option is to wear wedges or flats.

But if you only look good in stilettos and you’re planning to walk down a grassy aisle, there is a solution: get some see-through silicone heel protectors. They’ll stop your shoes from getting dirty and prevent you from sinking into the ground.


What if it rains?

The stark reality of a British summertime woodland wedding? There may well be mud, rain and mosquitoes. But rather than obsess about the weather, turn rainy day items into creative country-boho wedding accessories:

  • Personalised umbrellas for you & the bridesmaids.
  • Gorgeous pairs of wellies or flip-flips for you and the guests.
  • Fluffy towels and snuggly blankets rolled up in baskets, ready to be grabbed.

And don’t forget the waterproof makeup! (It helps with those tears of joy too.)


Last tips for your country-boho bridal look

However offbeat and rustic you want your wedding day and bridal look to be, always stay true to your own style.

Many boho wedding accessories and venue ideas look great on Pinterest. But ask yourself, do they reflect you as a person?


Ultimately, go with your heart. Let your spirit roam free. That’s the whole point of a country-boho wedding.

It’s the most wonderful opportunity for you to celebrate your love amidst creativity, romance, nature and like-mided people you love.


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