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How to choose the right eternity ring for you

How to choose the right eternity ring for you

An eternity ring, also known as an infinity ring, is a symbol of everlasting love and is often given on significant anniversaries or special occasions. Characterised by a continuous line of gemstones – usually diamonds – that encircle the band, there are actually many elements to this simple design you can choose yourself. Let’s go through the various aspects to consider when choosing the perfect eternity ring.

  1. Understand the different styles:
  • Full Eternity Ring: The stones go all around the ring. It’s incredibly luxurious but can be less practical for everyday wear if you use your hands a lot in your job, for example.
  • Half Eternity Ring: Stones cover half of the band (the half on the front of your hand, that shows). It’s more comfortable, practical, and cost-effective while still offering plenty of sparkle.
  • Three-Quarter Eternity Ring: Stones cover three-quarters of the ring, providing a compromise between full and half eternity styles.
  1. Choose your metal:
  • Yellow Gold: Classic and timeless.
  • White Gold or Platinum: Offers a modern, sleek look and makes diamonds appear brighter.
  • Rose Gold: Provides a romantic, vintage feel.
  1. Consider the gemstone shape and setting:
  • Round Cut: Timeless, and the most popular diamond shape.
  • Princess Cut: Offers a contemporary feel with its square shape.
  • Baguette Cut: Provides a sleek, Art Deco look.
  • Bezel/Rubover Setting: Modern and very secure.
  • Pavé Setting: Offers maximum sparkle.
  • Channel Setting: Provides a smooth, snag-free finish.
  1. Think about your lifestyle:
  • Eternity rings with raised settings might not be practical if you lead an active lifestyle or work with your hands. Consider low-profile settings and harder stones for durability.
  1. Match it with your engagement and wedding rings:
  • Your eternity ring should complement, not overshadow, your engagement and wedding rings. Consider the metal, setting style, and stone shape of your existing rings when choosing your eternity ring, and make sure they fit comfortably next to eachother.
  1. Don’t forget about comfort:
  • A well-fitting eternity ring should feel comfortable; it shouldn’t be too tight or too loose. Be sure to get professionally sized before making your purchase.

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