12 Best Diamond Engagement Rings for Christmas

Our list of 10 Best Diamond Engagement Rings for Christmas is based on popularity, customer reviews and pieces that represent astounding value for money.

*Please order rings early to avoid disappointment! Many international suppliers of gems, diamonds and gold, which impact the jewellery business in the UK, are still affected by Covid-19. The closer to the Christmas retail rush we get, the harder it will be to source stock.


1. Dainty Galileo Diamond Ring

This stunning diamond and white gold ring is a best seller, not just because of its beauty but also its exceptional value.

Price £575 or £88 per month


2. Natalia Solitaire Ring

An exquisite solitaire framed by sparkling diamonds on the band, this is an engagement ring you cannot go wrong with.

Price from £1455 or £23.30 per month

3. Beatrice Halo Ring

This beautiful cushion cut diamond ring showcases exceptional sparkle and sophistication, and a hint of vintage style luxury.

Price from £1339 or £21.44 per month


4. Anastasia Double Halo Ring

With a magnificent double halo, this cushion cut diamond ring looks absolutely incredible on the hand.

Price from £1385 or £22.18 per month


5. Chloe Solitaire Ring

The classic choice that continues to be our best selling diamond solitaire engagement ring.

Price from £499 or £11.19 per month


6. Masami Diamond Ring

Among our best selling engagement rings under £500, this Masami cluster ring is dainty and luxurious.

Price £395 or £8.85 per month


7. Natasha Yellow Diamond Ring

If you want something unique that stands out from the rest, this yellow diamond engagement ring will definitely get a ‘yes’.

Price £1209 or £19.36 per month


8. Ella Diamond Halo Ring

Our most popular diamond halo offers you unrivalled sparkle and style, with five-star reviews from our customers.

Price from £549 or £8.79 per month


9. Meghan Trilogy Ring

This trilogy ring is simply exquisite, featuring a beautiful certified cushion cut solitaire flanked by two round diamonds.

Price from £2599 or £41.61 per month

10. Princess Cut Lab

This ring is a newcomer on our “12 Best Diamond Engagement Rings for Christmas” list. Petite and contemporary, it showcases a petite princess cut solitaire that’s lab grown and sustainable.

Price £645 or £10.33 per month

11. Galileo Diamond Halo Ring

This stunning ring features lavish diamonds in a halo design with added sparkle on the elegant split band.

Price £865 or £13.85 per month


12. Masami Pear Diamond Ring

The sheer luxury of this pear shaped diamond ring with diamonds in an illusion setting is guaranteed to win her heart.

Price £415 or £9.30 per month

12 Best Diamond Engagement Rings for Christmas

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All prices were correct on 12th May 2019 but these may vary at any time after this date.