Recruit a Helping Hand for Your Marriage Proposal

helping hand marriage proposals

If you’re planning to propose to the love of your life, what could be better than involving the other people who are important to you? Enlisting the help of friends, family and even the family pet is a great idea for any budding romantic.

Why not rope your friends in and get them to help you plan a surprise proposal? From choreographed dance routines to proposal videos, friends can help to make any proposal extra special. If both of you are close to your families, it’s a great idea to get them involved too; think how great it will be to celebrate together after she says yes!

The family pet always loves to be involved in whatever is going on, and using them to help you propose is sure to melt her heart. Be creative and get those you love to help you make the moment as romantic as possible.

Involving family in your marriage proposal

family focus proposal

If the two of you are close to your families, then it makes sense to involve them in something as special as the moment you propose. Creating a fake movie trailer is the perfect way to pop the question – bring along all of the family for a private screening at your local cinema and watch her face as she realises the movie trailer is about one thing – you proposing!

Or organise a proposal at your local park; set off on a boat ride across the lake and have your family line up on the bridge with a row of colourful umbrellas to spell out the words ‘Will you marry me?’

Make sure that your partner is the type of person who likes an audience before you involve family in your marriage proposal; you also want to be certain she’ll say yes! A family proposal takes time and planning but is well worth the effort.

Involving your pet in your marriage proposal

I wuff you proposal

Whether you’re crazy about cats or love dogs, involving pets in your proposal is guaranteed to make the day cute and memorable.

If you don’t have pets, you could take inspiration from the man who contacted a local pug meet-up group whilst on holiday in NYC and asked them to help him propose to his girlfriend in Central Park. When you’re surrounded by 16 pugs wearing heart shaped balloons, we imagine it’s pretty hard to say anything other than ‘Yes!

Of course, you don’t have to make such a grand gesture – why not keep it simple and attach the diamond ring to your dog’s collar? Just make sure she notices before she takes him out for a walk to roll in the mud!

If your family pet is particularly well behaved, you could even train him to balance the ring box on his nose as you pop the question.

Make the marriage proposal with help from friends

proposal with friends

Roping your friends in to help you propose helps to make the moment really special. What woman wouldn’t want to be surrounded by those she loves? This works best if you have a group of mutual friends, but equally well if you’re close with her friends and want to get them involved.

A romantic idea is to pick a proposal location and have your friends line up wearing tops with one word each of ‘Will you marry me?’ on them.

Or why not organise a scavenger hunt with friends, to totally throw her off the scent? She’ll never suspect that this was all a set-up to allow you to ask for her hand in marriage! Making a grand gesture with a choreographed proposal is another exciting way to get your friends in on the action.

Provided you’re confident she’ll say yes, involving friends is a great way to propose to the one you love.

Hidden camera proposal

hidden camera proposal

When you’re old and grey, you’ll want to look back on the special moments of your life together – your first date, your wedding. What about the moment you proposed? Many people don’t have photographs of this special moment, as you’re so focused on popping the question it seems intrusive to take photos and video.

With a hidden camera proposal, you can capture the moment perfectly to watch in the future. Hiring a professional photographer to hide nearby and take photos or video of the proposal is a great idea, but you could also set up your own camera on a tripod if you have a self-timer function and remote on your camera.

Just make sure you set everything up properly or you might end up with beautiful pictures of scenery rather than your new fiancee’s face as she looks surprised! Hidden camera proposals are the perfect way to photograph your special moment.

Can her favourite musician help with your proposal?

her favourite musician

Getting your fiancée-to-be’s favourite musician involved in your marriage proposal might sound complicated; of course it depends who the musician in question is! One man proposed with a little help from Beyoncé, when she stopped the music and asked for the lights to focus on him during one of her concerts.

Other cool ways to propose with her favourite musician include getting backstage passes (it helps if you have contacts) and asking the band to help you propose, or even seeing if they will dedicate a song to her onstage. At smaller gigs and concerts, bands may let you be part of the show, and this is a great way to propose that will go down in history!

Bear in mind you’re probably more likely to be successful with this type of proposal if you plan things meticulously and well in advance – one thing is for sure, she will remember the day you proposed forever.