5 Public Proposal Ideas

Thinking about proposing soon, and want to pop the question in public? If you’re not quite sure where and how – or are just looking for some magical proposal inspiration – read on, for five of our favourite public place proposal ideas.

How to propose in public

public marriage proposals

If you want the world to know how much you love her, proposing in a public place could be the way to go. Options for a public proposal are unlimited, and can range from the workplace to places of interest, sports and music venues and even public advertisements.

The only limit is your imagination, so have a think about the places you and your partner like to visit, and then consider how you could make a proposal work in those settings. Good luck!

5 Public Proposal Ideas

Sports Game Marriage Proposal

sports game proposal

If your partner is a sports fan, what better way to propose than at a game?

For full effect, make sure everyone in the stadium can see the big moment: the best way is to arrange to have a couple of ushers take a large banner directly opposite where you and your partner are sitting, and unveil it at your chosen moment. Or, if there’s a US-style digital screen, you can arrange to have the cameras point at you while your proposal is displayed for all to see.

We don’t recommend proposing during the game itself: your partner will probably have her eyes glued to the field! Instead, arrange to have your crucial question unveiled just before kick-off. It will be a delightful moment for the entire audience, and will create an unforgettable atmosphere for the game as well as an enduring memory for the two of you!

Billboard marriage proposal

Billboard Proposal

There’s something intrinsically romantic about transforming a commercial space into something personal and special. This is an especially fantastic way to propose if one or both of you works in advertising!

One of cutest billboard proposals of all time (in fact, one of the cutest proposals of all time full stop) was that of Joe Ferrari to his girlfriend, Laurie Guidice. He designed a gorgeous ‘ad’ to be displayed on a billboard in Greece, New York, featuring the couple’s little girl. She was pictured with a speech bubble saying “Mom, please marry Dad”. Aww!

Famous place marriage proposal

Famous Place Proposal

There’s nothing like a national landmark to draw a crowd, so you can be sure of spectators if you choose to propose in a famous place. The possibilities are endless: if you’re in London, you can go for one of the historical sites like the Tower of London or Westminster Abbey; alternatively you could take her to one of the capital’s many famous museums or galleries.

For the best chance of a ‘yes’ to a proposal in a public place, choose somewhere that has personal significance to the two of you as well as being a well-known landmark.

Outdoor concert marriage proposal

Outdoor Concert Proposal

“If music be the food of love, play on”. We reckon wise old Shakespeare was right on the money – nothing conjures up a romantic atmosphere in quite the same way as a spectacular performance of live music, especially in a picturesque open air setting.

An ideal proposal for the summer months, or if you’re jetting off to warmer climes, an outdoor concert proposal is sure to melt her heart!

Exactly how you choose to propose is up to you: for a simple yet romantic gesture, simply drop to one knee next to her seat at the end of the production and ask her to marry you. If you prefer something on a bigger scale, get in touch with the venue beforehand to arrange to be called to the stage. Then, when you have the microphone, take it away: it’s your show now!

Train station marriage proposal

train station proposal

Fans of Brief Encounter will already be aware of the passion that can be sparked in the surroundings of a beautiful train station.

You don’t have to be a trainspotter to feel the magic of a gorgeous old building like Grand Central station in New York or Antwerpen-Centraal station in Belgium. Or, if your fiancée-to-be’s tastes are more modern, a setting like the splendid St. Pancras station in London will be the perfect place to propose.