Go Big With a Grand Gesture Proposal

grand gesture marriage proposals

Love is a pretty spectacular and rare thing, and if you’ve found the person you want to spend the rest of your life with, you should propose in style. Grand gesture proposals involve making a statement, organising something spectacular such as a flash mob in the street or a choreographed dance proposal; you’ll see examples of these all over the internet and there are some truly amazing ones.

Take the man who asked Tom Cruise to propose to his girlfriend – he worked as a cameraman and had filmed the actor during scenes shot for The Last Samurai when he approached him and asked him to help with his marriage proposal. We think any woman would find it hard to resist a proposal endorsed by a Hollywood star!

Sometimes the sweetest grand gestures are the best – channel your inner John Cusack, grab a boom box and wait outside her bedroom window to create the perfect John Hughes inspired proposal.

Tattoo proposal – Say it with ink marriage proposal

say it with ink proposal

Tattoos are a bit of a controversial way to propose, but if your partner is as into ink as you are – perhaps they already have tattoos or even work in the industry – then a tattoo proposal is a really cool idea!

Both men and women have had ‘Will you marry me?’ tattooed across their wrists, fingers and arms – you can choose any body part you like! Just be sure of your relationship, as tattoos are for life and can be expensive and painful to remove. This is such a romantic way to propose though; you’ll have the ink on your body as a reminder forever.

Take it one step further and ask your fiancée to have the ring tattooed on her finger after she says yes – one couple did just this and it’s a really sweet representation of their special relationship. Show your commitment with a proposal in permanent ink.

Celebrity Endorsed proposals

As Seen On TV

What could be better than roping in a Hollywood celebrity to propose to the one you love? Stories of celebrity-endorsed proposals are everywhere, including the cameraman who got Tom Cruise to propose to his girlfriend on TV!

Other celebrity-endorsed proposals include the man who roped in Zach Braff of Scrubs fame to propose to his other half, and the man who got down on one knee at a Beyonce concert, with a little help from his celebrity idol.

Perhaps the most famous, heart-wrenching proposal of all is the story of Timothy Russo, who arranged for himself and his girlfriend to be extras in the season finale of their favourite show, HIMYM. He then proposed to her with a diamond ring which Robin (Colbie Smulders) finds in her glass of champagne.

You’ll need time, money and persuasive skills to get your favourite celebrity to help you out with your proposal – it’s well worth the effort, though!

Retro 80’s marriage proposal idea

Retro 80s Proposal

Most of us remember the 80s fondly, and many women wish that John Hughes or Cameron Crowe directed their love lives! Some of these director’s films are a huge part of 80s culture – from Pretty in Pink and The Breakfast Club to Say Anything.

One of the most iconic scenes from a Cameron Crowe film has to be the moment in Say Anything when Lloyd Dobbler (played by a young John Cusack) holds a boombox over his head outside Diane Court’s window to declare his love.

Why not make this part of your proposal idea – it works well if your other half is a fan of 80s movies. You can combine this idea with any of the other grand gesture proposal ideas, so organise a flash mob on her lawn or a choreographed proposal with singing and dancing. 80s outfits are optional but add an extra-special touch that Lloyd Dobbler would be proud of!

Flash Mobs marriage proposal

Flash Mob Proposal

Flash mobs are a guaranteed way to draw attention, so what better way to prove to your true love that she’s the centre of your world? All eyes will be on you as you pop the question, and this grand gesture is sure to melt the heart of even the least romantic woman on earth!

Most people will have seen the Disney Flashmob Wedding Proposal video that’s circulating online – it’s definitely one of the most spectacular flash mob proposals around. It works because it takes place at Disneyland, where street parades and demonstrations are happening all the time, so the man in question’s fiancée-to-be has no clue what’s happening until he actually gets involved in the performance!

Other great spots for a flashmob proposal include the train station, airport or your local park, in fact anywhere where large crowds of people gather. Just don’t forget to get permission from the venue before you start!

Her-To-Him marriage proposal

her to him proposal

Traditionally, women can only propose to men during a leap year, but we say this is the 21st century, and if you want to propose to your man, you should do it! Rather than waiting around for him to pop the question, come up with a cool proposal idea of your own.

Great proposal ideas revolve around your relationship and his interests – proposing at a sports match on the big screen always goes down a treat! If he’s a more private sort of man, keep it simple with a recreation of your first date, to remind him how special he is to you.

If he’s into gaming or has a favourite TV show, you can use this in your proposal; dress up as his favourite character or invest in themed props. Whilst men don’t traditionally wear engagement rings, you can present him with a commitment ring if you like!

An especially choreographed marriage proposal

Flash Mob Proposal

Choreographed proposals are all over the internet – they’re great fun to watch and so memorable; imagine looking back at your proposal in twenty years’ time! Unless your partner is camera shy, they’re also a great way to propose as they don’t need to cost the earth and are sure to bring tears of joy.

One of the most famous choreographed proposals involves a man proposing to his boyfriend at Home Depot, against a backdrop of friends dancing to ‘Somebody Loves You’, but there are all kinds of cool choreographed proposals out there! Proposals have taken place during Disneyland parades, on stage during a show and even at the park with a crowd of family and friends.

If you’re planning to pull off a choreographed proposal, you’ll need help from family and friends as well as some creativity, but the effort will be well worth it when you get an excited ‘Yes!’