Be Inspired by Proposals Seen on TV

As Seen On TV

Whilst many women have an idea of their dream proposal, there’s no denying that some TV shows have also helped to inspire countless romantic proposals across the globe.

Take the (long-awaited) moment when Mr Big proposed to Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City, or Chandler’s proposal to Monica in Friends; surely a TV proposal which will go down in history as one of the most romantic of all time.

There are even proposal ideas to be found in Hollywood films such as The Notebook and When Harry met Sally; coming up with a creative proposal inspired by TV and film is easy!

You could even be inspired by period drama such as Downton Abbey – what about the moment Matthew Crawley proposes to Lady Mary? Make sure she’s in a ballgown and it’s snowing and you have the perfect moment for a TV-inspired proposal that’s sure to win her heart.

The Notebook marriage proposal

The Notebook Proposal

Although the scene where Noah and Allie ride the ferris wheel isn’t a proposal scene, it’s still a breathtaking moment in what is surely the most romantic movie of the last decade. The sense of excitement as they’re riding the ferris wheel together is what makes this such a beautiful moment, and this would be the perfect time to pop the question.

We don’t recommend you attempt getting down on one knee if you’re going to recreate this proposal; stay firmly seated and once you reach the top, ask her to marry you. This works best if you have a great view – a ferris wheel overlooking a city skyline such as London or New York would be ideal!

It’s up to you what you say, but if the Notebook taught us anything it’s that if you love someone, such things don’t matter much. Just speak from the heart and ask her to be yours forever.

Jim to Pam from The Office marriage proposal

Jim and Pam Proposal

The episode of The Office where Jim proposes to Pam will go down in history as one of the most romantic proposals in an unromantic location.

If you’re in a long-distance relationship, this just goes to show that it’s not about where you propose, it’s about the emotion and passion that goes into your proposal! Jim meets Pam halfway between their two respective cities at a service station, where he gets down on one knee and pops the question.

If you want to re-create a similar proposal, you could use a petrol station or even a roadside service stop as the perfect spot to declare your love. You can keep it simple by dropping to one knee and asking your partner to marry you, or read a poem you’ve written beforehand.

Sometimes, the most romantic proposals are the ones that are least expected, and your other half certainly won’t see this one coming!

Mr. Big to Carrie Bradshaw marriage proposal

Sex In The City Proposal

Fans of Sex and the City waited patiently for 6 seasons, watching Mr Big and Carrie Bradshaw’s on-again, off-again relationship and wondering what was going to happen in the end.

Having been married before, the off-handed way in which Big proposed to Carrie for financial reasons didn’t win any prizes for romance. It was only after they realised how much they loved each other that his second proposal won her heart.

Lying on the floor of the closet in the house they were selling, the two realise how much they love each other. Mr Big gets on one knee and says ‘Carrie Bradshaw, love of my life, will you marry me?’

Instead of a ring, he slips the gorgeous blue Manolo Blahnik shoe onto her foot – it’s like a moment from Cinderella! If you want to create an SATC inspired proposal, you’ll need to have excellent taste in shoes.

Matthew Crawley to Lady Mary marriage proposal

Downton Abbey Proposal

If you or your partner are fans of Downton Abbey, then you’ll probably remember the moment Matthew Crawley proposed to Lady Mary.

You can recreate a similarly romantic proposal but you’ll need a few things – namely, a ballgown and some snow. The first may be easy to come by but you’re at the mercy of Mother Nature for the second. Of course, heading off to another country such as Switzerland, where winter snowfall is practically guaranteed works well.

Or you can forego the snow and create your own period drama-style proposal by proposing at a country manor or National Trust property. There are plenty of dramatic settings across the UK, and if you arrange your proposal with the National Trust, you may even be able to organise staff in period costumes to be on-site for your proposal; how magnificent!

Creating a period drama proposal that Matthew Crawley would be proud of is easy with a bit of knowhow and some imagination.

Chandler to Monica marriage proposal

Chandler to Monica Proposal

If you’re considering using some reverse psychology as part of your proposal, take a moment to think about Chandler’s proposal to Monica in Friends. His initial plans to propose at a restaurant backfired, and his friends almost gave the game away by asking to see Monica’s hand, thinking he had popped the question.

Chandler decided to use reverse psychology and pretend he didn’t care about marriage, to throw her off the proposal scent. This almost totally backfired when she was pursued by her ex, Richard.

Luckily, when he gets back to their apartment, Monica is waiting on one knee, ready to propose to him. Overcome by emotion, she starts crying and he takes her place, getting down on one knee and asking her to marry him.

Just bear in mind if you’re trying to create a surprise proposal, don’t go too far and make her think you never want to get married!

Derek Shepherd to Meredith Grey marriage proposal

Medical Proposal

Derek Shepherd and Meredith Grey may have had an on-again, off-again relationship in the popular TV show Grey’s Anatomy, but it’s always been light-hearted. Neither of them are overly emotional, so this fun elevator proposal is perfect.

Derek waits in the elevator for Meredith, and he’s decorated the lift carriage with x-ray scans of surgeries they’ve worked on together, like a time-line of their relationship. You could do something similar for your partner with photos or other mementoes at their place of work or university.

When she gets into the lift he starts pointing out happy memories and explaining how much she means to him. He finishes by saying. ‘I’m not going to get down on one knee. I’m not going to ask a question. I love you; I want to spend the rest of my life with you.’

With a proposal like this, there’s only ever going to be one answer!