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5 Tips for Hosting the Perfect Galentine’s Day Party

On 13th February, make your besties feel extra special. With these 5 simple tips, throw a fun and memorable Galentine’s Day party that celebrates your cherished friendship.

1. Pick the place

Firstly, find a venue that works for everyone. Decide if you’re going to paint the town red or host a sleepover. If you don’t live close to your gals, get ready for an all-night Skype call.

2. Consider a theme

Themes aren’t necessary, but having one is a good way to whoop it up. Host a Bridgerton tea party, dance extravaganza or an anti-Valentine’s do. Not sure what they’ll like? Create an Insta poll and get your friends excited about the big day!

3. Eat, drink and be merry

Delicious food brings friends together. If you’re hosting at home, don’t feel pressured to supply everything. Have everyone bring a favourite dish and wine so you can share. That’s nourishment on so many levels.

4. Go airplane mode

As soon as you’re together, make a pact to keep the focus on each other. There should be no doom scrolling, and no texts sent or calls made tonight – especially to significant others.

5. Gift exchange

If you want to make presents part of the celebration, do a Secret Cupid gift swap. That way, you don’t have to buy for the whole group, yet everyone receives a gift that’s gorgeous and personal.

Plan a perfect Galentine’s Day party

These five tips are guaranteed to help you throw a perfect Galentine’s Day party. Remember, February 13th is all about creating special moments with your best friends, so you’ll always remember the time you spent together with love.