12 Best Diamond & Gemstone Rings

Here we are, our 12 Best-selling Diamond Rings list. The below list is based on on how popular the rings have been with our customers, and are all pieces that have been given five-star reviews. Whether shopping for a gift for someone you love or a sparkling treat for yourself, these are the rings you cannot go wrong with. 

1. Rae Eternity Ring

No wonder this is a top 10 favourite eternity ring. This beautiful channel set design features exquisite diamonds in hallmarked white gold, yellow gold or platinum. It looks and feels truly luxurious and substantial on the hand. What’s more, it comes with a broad choice of carat weights to suit your style and pocket.

♥ Price from £349.00

2. Dainty Galileo

This ring is always an absolute hit, not least because of its astounding price point. A stunning quarter-carat ring in 18K white gold, it is beautifully and cleverly handcrafted so that it creates the luxurious illusion of a much larger single diamond. A sparkling work of art, it appeals to girls who love ultra-feminine, chic glamour.

♥ Price £575.00

3. Ruby Trilogy

This passionate, bold, romatic ruby ring looks is simply exquisite. Everything about it is special. Firstly, it is an ultra-sparkly trilogy set with two magnificent accent diamonds. Secondly, the ring’s band, made with the finest platinum, looks and feels truly substantial upon the hand.

♥ Price £2149.00

4. Princess Galileo

If you’re looking for the ultimate, vintage-inspired diamond ring, this is it. One of the most sought after designs ever, it looks utterly opulent with its geometric Art Deco-style lines, yet offers an exceptional price point thanks to ingenious craftsmanship. Multiple diamonds over a generous surface area create showstopping glimmer and glitz.

♥ Price £865.00

5. Chloe Low Set Solitaire

Although the halo is the prevailing engagement ring trend right now, there’s so much to be said for a sophisticated solitaire. What better way to declare your love to someone than with a single, precious diamond? Beautifully set in precious 18K white gold, this Chloe diamond ring is independently certified, and round-brilliant cut for maximum sparkle.

♥ Price £535.00

6. Sapphire & Diamonds

There is something totally unforgettable about a sapphire. Evoking classic, ultra-feminine glamour, this precious sapphire ring stands out with it’s gorgeous diamond halo and sidestones. The beautiful looks is expertly finished in UK hallmarked white gold.

♥ Price £295

7. Aquamarine & Diamonds

This is a truly special ring. Featuring a stunning aquamarine that’s as translucent as the ocean it borrows its name from, it’s romantic design has made it one ouf our most popular, top 10 best-sellong gemstone rings. With sparkling accent diamond, it needs nothing but this pristine white gold setting to show off its radiance.

♥ Price £215.00

8. Dainty Diamond Halo

Dazzling, radiant diamonds are set together with a sparkling halo to create a breathtaking look of chic luxury. This ring is perfect for ladies who adore sparkling jewellery that looks very elegant on the hand. It features 0.53 carats of diamonds on every visible surface, including the band, which compete in sparkle with each other.

♥ Price £559.00

  9. Emerald and Diamond

Our top 10 collection includes a very specialemerald ring – the emerald-cut emerald! We love this elegant gemstone shape, which was specifically invented to show off this gemstone’s magical inner glimmer to perfection. This emerald ring looks beautiful and eye catching with its diamond accent stones.

♥ Price £258

11. Lauren Eternity Ring 

Classic and exquisite, this is our most sought after eternity ring. Elegant and glamorous, it highlights the natural beauty of diamonds to their best advantage. Using 1 carat of H/Si quality diamonds in 18K white gold band, the channel setting is sleek, robust and luxurious. The diamonds are princess cut for amazing sparkle.

♥ Price £1299.00

11. Diamond Statement Ring 

At an extraordinary price point, this gorgeous, dazzling diamond cluster ring is made with 0.10CT of premium diamonds in an illusion settin, which makes the ring look utterly aflush with diamond radiance. Set in UK hallmarked white gold, it is sure to catch the eye wherever you go.

♥ Price ONLY £309.00

12. Royal Blue Sapphire 

Classic and exquisite, this is our most sought after ring. The trend for it was of course inspired by Prince William and Kate Middleton, who got engaged with Princess Diana’s sapphire ring as the symbol of their love. In this piece, which is virtually identical to Kate’s ring, the ocean blue Thai sapphire is surrounded by 12 radiant diamonds and set in 18K white gold.

♥ Price £2749.00

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