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10 Best Diamond Birthstone Gifts For April

Here’s our favourite diamond birthstone gifts for April. Based on our best sellers with top reviews, these are ‘can’t go wrong’ presents. Plus, don’t forget, all our jewellery is available on finance.

1. Diamond Drop Earrings

These exquisite diamond drop earrings highlight your features with beautiful sparkle. They make a wonderful gift for someone special.

2. Diamond Life Journey Necklace

This dazzling diamond necklace is a beautiful gift, guaranteed to make any occasion memorable.

3. Beautiful Diamond Heart Necklace

This baguette diamond heart necklace is a timeless classic. A proven gift item with five-star reviews.

4. Gorgeous Diamond Initial Pendants

These necklaces make a beautiful, personalised gift. You can wear your own initial or one that represents a loved one’s name, such as your child or partner.


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5. Timeless Diamond Tennis Bracelet

A tennis bracelet is an effortless accessory your gift recipient can wear time and time again… and think of the special day you spent together.

6. Dazzling Diamond Stud Earrings

You cannot go wrong with diamond stud earrings. They’re timeless, simple, elegant and go with any outfit.


7. Sustainable Diamond Earrings

This exceptionally beautiful pair of earrings feature radiant, sustainable lab grown diamonds.

8. Sparkling Pear Diamond Pendant

Pear shaped diamond designs have a feel of vintage style luxury. This beautiful necklace boasts added radiance with dainty diamonds in white gold.

9. Luxurious Hoop Earrings

Hoop earrings are perfect for highlighting your cheekbones and features with stunning dazzle, day or evening.

10. Romantic Heart Bracelet

With more than 100 top reviews, this gorgeous diamond bracelet symbolises love.

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