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The rise of recycled metals in jewellery 

The rise of recycled metals in jewellery 

In recent years, the jewellery industry has seen a significant shift towards sustainability and ethical practices, with the use of recycled metals being one of these initiatives.

This movement is not just a trend but a reflection of a collective consciousness among consumers and creators alike towards preserving our planet. Recycled metals, including gold, silver, platinum, and others, have become increasingly popular in jewellery making, offering a greener alternative to newly mined resources.

But perhaps you’re sceptical about purchasing recycled metal – some people might think it makes the jewellery weaker, or less valuable. But that’s not the case. Read on for all the facts about recycled metals in the jewellery industry. 

Here are some of the reasons we love recycled metals: 

Reducing environmental impact 

One of the best reasons for the rise of recycled metals in jewellery making is the substantial reduction in environmental impact. Mining for new metals is an energy-intensive process that can contributes to ecological destruction. Recycling metals requires a fraction of the energy and is better for the planet. Using recycled metals preserves natural resources and cuts carbon emissions. Sustainable practices in jewellery making align with growing consumer demand for eco-friendly products, allowing consumers to make ethical choices that align with their values. 

Ensuring ethical sourcing 

Recycled metals offer a solution to the ethical concerns associated with metal mining, such as labour exploitation and human rights abuses. By opting for recycled materials, jewellers and consumers can avoid contributing to these issues. Recycled metals can be traced more easily than newly mined ones, providing transparency and assurance. If you’d like your jewellery piece to be as ethical, sustainable and traceable as possible, we recommend opting for recycled metals and lab-grown diamonds. 

Supporting innovation 

The rise of recycled metals has also spurred innovation within the jewellery industry. Designers and manufacturers are exploring new techniques and technologies to efficiently recycle and repurpose metals into high-quality jewellery pieces, which makes recycled metal jewellery more aesthetically pleasing, and also helps the technology reach the mass market. Essentially, the more the jewellery industry leans into recycled metals, the better its accessibility and affordability for the future.  

It’s very strong – if not stronger 

A concern some people may have when buying recycled metal jewellery is that their jewellery won’t be as durable as ‘new’ metal – but this isn’t the case. Recycled metals have been refined and purified more than new metals, meaning they’re just as strong, if not stronger, than new metal! Durability is not a problem for recycled metals. 

Any questions? 

We know the topic of recycled metal can be confusing when it comes to fine jewellery. Our friendly team would love to answer any questions you have – get in touch with them here. You can also read our sustainability policies, here.