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The most popular engagement ring trends

As The Diamond Store’s Sales Manager and Head of Customer Service, nobody has eyes on which products are flying off the shelves like Chelsey Taylor does. So we caught up with her to find out what engagement ring trends were most popular, and what our customers are loving recently.  

Definitely anything icy toned over warm tones – customers seem to favour platinum, white gold and silver for their engagement rings. However, we have noticed a growing trend of yellow gold engagement rings, that seems to be growing and growing. So while silver tones are usually most popular, yellow gold is definitely getting ‘up there’ too. This might be because the yellow gold really contrasts with the white diamonds, making the engagement ring look a little more unique, and people always want something a bit different.

Definitely a solitaire design – that is, one singular diamond – and the most popular shape for this style is a round diamond. This is such a timeless design that will never go out of fashion, so it’s not hard to see why it’s so popular. It’s a classic for a reason!

However, when celebrities get engaged, we definitely see an uptick in rings being sold that are similar shapes and styles of the celebrity rings. So, for example, I predict a big spike in oval shaped diamond rings soon, because that’s what Molly Mae was proposed to with. Across the summer months, we’ve also seen huge interest in pear shaped rings

What’s the average spend on engagement rings? 

I know the old saying is ‘you should spend 2-3 months salary’, but we see hugely different spends on engagement rings. But I would say the average spend on an engagement ring is probably around £1,500. 

What’s a trend you predict? 

I would say engagement ring trends follow fashion trends sometimes, and this seems true of the popular ‘clean girl aesthetic’ – a minimalist trend. People tend to be opting for more minimal rings with fewer details, such as halos or pavé bands. We’re seeing a lot of plain and simple engagement ring sales recently. 

I also see a new trend where the roles of the engagement ring and the wedding ring seem to be reserved. Usually, the engagement ring is ‘fancy’ and the wedding band is plain. Nowadays, some people seem to be opting for a plainer engagement ring, and pairing it with a pavé wedding ring – diamond and ‘fancier’ wedding rings are definitely on the rise. 

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