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Is sapphire OK for an engagement ring?

Is sapphire OK for an engagement ring?

Is a sapphire OK for an engagement ring? Perhaps you’re looking for a unique ring to propose with, but you’re just not sure if sapphires are suitable. In that case, this article is for you. It covers the main differences between sapphire and diamond rings, as well as sapphire quality, prices and meaning.

Diamonds VS Sapphires

Many people choose diamonds for their engagement rings. This is thanks to their durability, beauty and sparkle. Additionally, they are the traditional choice.

Sapphires, on the other hand, offer vibrant colour. Their hardness, which is close to that of diamonds, also makes them practical for daily wear. Finally, sapphires cost less per carat, so you can get a bigger gem for your money.

Is sapphire OK for an engagement ring?

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Sapphires are very durable

Sapphires rank 9 on the Mohs Scale of mineral hardness. They run a very close second to diamonds, which rank 10. This means that sapphires can withstand plenty of daily wear and tear – ideal for engagement rings.

Sapphires come in many colours

Most people think of sapphires as blue. But this versatile gem actually comes in several beautiful colours, including pink, yellow and green. This means you can choose a sapphire colour to suit your taste. Discover all the different sapphire colours here.

Is sapphire OK for an engagement ring?

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Blue sapphires have deep meaning

Blue is the most famous colour variation of the sapphire. It’s a gem closely associated with royalty: blue sapphires feature in several countries’ crown jewels, in particular, Holland and the United Kingdom. What’s more, the blue colour symbolises truth and faithfulness. So it’s a highly appropriate colour for engagement rings.

Celebrity sapphire engagement rings

Sapphire engagement rings hit fame in 2010 when Prince William proposed to Kate Middleton. He gave her the famous blue sapphire engagement ring which had belonged to his mother, Princess Diana – read all about this famous ring here.

Other famous sapphire engagement rings include:

  • Princess Eugenie’s pink padparadscha sapphire
  • Elizabeth Taylor’s blue cabochon sapphire
  • Penelope Cruz’s blue sapphire with diamonds
  • Jenny McCarthy’s large yellow sapphire ring

Is sapphire OK for an engagement ring?

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Sapphire prices

Generally speaking, sapphires cost less per carat than diamonds. This means that you can often get a much larger sapphire for your money, compared to a diamond of the same size.

Here are two examples:

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Price Example 2:

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In conclusion – Is sapphire OK for an engagement ring?

Everything about the quality, colour and symbolism of sapphires is perfect for engagement rings. To prove this, sapphires are the engagement ring gem chosen by many iconic women. In conclusion, if you’re looking for a ring that’s beautiful, durable and unique, then sapphires are a great choice.

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Any prices quoted in this article are meant as guidelines, not offers, and are subject to change any time after the date of publishing on 17th June 2020.