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How to buy a perfect engagement ring for Valentine’s Day

How to Buy a Perfect Engagement Ring for Valentine’s Day

If you’ve decided to propose on Valentine’s Day, the pressure is on. Not only do you need to plan the most romantic day of your partner’s life but you’ve also got to get the perfect ring. There’s a lot to consider, and that’s why we’ve written this simple guide to make life easier for you.

How to buy a perfect engagement ring for Valentine’s Day

1. Don’t leave it ’til the last minute

Most jewellers don’t stock all their rings in every single size. Take into account that you may need to order the ring and this could take up to a few weeks. So make sure to shop early.

2. Get the style they want

For your partner, the most important thing about an engagement ring is the style. They will wear it on their hand for the rest of their life, so it needs to look perfect. To work out what ring they would love, look at the jewellery they already wear and go with a similar style. Is it big and sparkly? Or understated and simple? If you’re not sure, don’t hesitate to ask your partner’s siblings or friends for advice… just make sure they can keep a secret!

3. Find out their ring size

Next, you’ll need your loved one’s finger size. This is crucial. A ring that doesn’t fit can ruin the big moment. To get the correct ring size, you have a few options. Firstly, you could measure one of their existing rings with a ring sizer app or a free ring sizer tool. Secondly, you could measure their finger at a local jewellery store. Finally, you could ask your friends, or your partner’s friends, to devise a plan to help you find out her ring size in secret.

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4. Set your budget

There’s a myth that an engagement ring should cost about two months’ salary. Luckily, the reality is that there are no rules. Just remember, your partner will wear the ring all their life, so it needs to be strong and robust enough to withstand daily wear. Find a friendly jeweller to advise you, and simply get the best ring you can afford.

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5. Pick a diamond shape

Most people think that all diamonds sparkle. However, sparkle actually depends on the diamond shape, called the ‘cut’. Here are diamond cuts in the order of sparkliness:

1. Round cut  – Round, the most sparkly

2. Princess cut – Square, almost as sparkly as round

3. Pear shapedLooks like a teardrop, medium sparkle

4. Marquise cut – Rounded sides tapering to points, medium sparkle

5. Emerald cut – Rectangular, giving off long flashes rather than sparkle

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6. Choose diamond quality (the easy way)

Next, check the diamond quality. Most people find this a complete headache, but we’ll make it very simple for you: if you’re buying a solitaire diamond up to 0.50 carat, H/Si quality is good value for money.

With a stone that size, you won’t be able to see any flaws in the diamond with your naked eye. What’s more, your diamond will display beautiful white colour.

For larger diamonds, you may want to consider a better quality like VS1 or VS2. In this case, ask a trusted jeweller to recommend a minimum quality that represents the best value.

7. Alternatively, pick a coloured gem or a lab grown diamond

A colourful gem is beautiful and stands out from the crowd. Kate Middleton’s famous blue sapphire has made gemstone engagement rings incredibly popular. Plus they’re more affordable per carat than diamonds, so you’ll get a bigger ring for your money. Sapphires and rubies are the safest bet because they are almost as hard as diamonds. Rubies are red, whilst sapphires come in blue, pink, yellow and green.

The other, sustainable option is lab diamonds. Lab diamonds are simply diamonds that are grown in a laboratory instead of being mined from the ground. As a result, not only are they environmentally ethical, but also more affordable per carat than mined diamonds.

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8. Choose the metal

This final decision will ultimately depend on what colour metal your partner prefers. Again, it’s safest to check your loved one’s existing jewellery, and simply choose the colour of metal they usually wear. There are 4 precious metal choices that are excellent for engagement rings:

  1. Platinum
  2. White gold
  3. Yellow gold
  4. Rose gold

To learn more, click on each metal above to find out which is best for you.

9. Finally, it’s time to buy THE ring!

Now that you know exactly what you want, you’re in a good position to chat with a trusted jeweller. Stick to retailers that are members of The NAJ. Also, do check your jewellery is hallmarked and comes with a guarantee. Good luck! Get in touch with our Personal Shoppers if you have any questions. We’re always happy to help.

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