10 Best Ruby Jewellery Gifts

Thinking of buying an item of ruby jewellery? Here is our updated list of 10 best ruby jewellery pieces based on best customer reviews and overall popularity over the last twelve months.

Ruby is one of the Big Three Gems alongside emeralds and sapphires and its sparkling red colour symbolises love and passion. Find your favourite ruby piece below.

1. Ruby and Diamond Necklace

This timeless necklace features a vivid oval-shaped ruby with a breathtaking halo of diamonds. It’s set in sumptuous yellow gold, and a white gold version is also available. Price £329

10 Best Ruby Jewellery Pieces

2. Ruby Stud Earrings

So simple they are breathtaking, these dainty oval ruby stud earrings are contemporary and luxurious. Perfectly versatile, they easily transform from day to evening. Price £225

10 Best Ruby Jewellery Pieces

3. Ruby Diamond Ring

If you’re seeking sparkling luxury and extraordinary value, you’ll fall in love with this ruby ring. A beautiful piece, it features round cut rubies and diamonds in UK hallmarked gold. Price £219

10 Best Ruby Jewellery Pieces



4. Ruby Heart Necklace

This delectable ruby and diamond heart necklace is utterly romantic and beautiful. No wonder it’s one of our most popular gift items ever. Price from £259

10 Best Ruby Jewellery Pieces

5. Ruby Bracelet with Diamonds

Set in white gold, this stunning bracelet is handcrafted with exquisite red rubies from Thailand and accented with diamonds for maximum sparkle. Price £915

10 Best Ruby Jewellery Pieces

6. Dainty Ruby Ring

This petite oval cut ruby ring complete with a diamond halo and sidestones looks superb on the hand. It’s ultra-glamorous because it sparkles at every angle as it catches the light. Price £385

10 Best Ruby Jewellery Pieces

7. Ruby Diamond Ribbon Necklace

Looking for a truly stunning gift that is guaranteed to be a hit? This ruby and diamond ribbon necklace is a contemporary take on classic luxury jewellery, making it a sure-fire gift for all occasions. Price £295

8. Classic Ruby Stud Earrings

These vivacious red ruby earrings are perfect in their simplicity. Set in fine yellow gold, each natural, high-quality ruby is selected so the two earrings are a perfect match in red brilliance. Price £125

10 Best Ruby Jewellery Pieces

9. Ruby Trilogy Ring

Thinking of proposing with a ruby? This ruby trilogy ring in 18K white gold is made with a stunning oval ruby and two diamonds – the three stones symbolise the past, present and future of your relationship. Price £1795 

10 Best Ruby Jewellery Pieces

10. Ruby Earrings with Double Diamond Halo

As our final piece, here’s an incredibly luxurious pair of ruby and diamond earrings. The gems have been picked by hand to perfectly match in colour, clarity and cut. With a sparkling diamond double halo design, they’re set in lustrous white gold to show off the rubies’ exquisite colour. Price £745

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