How to Choose a Wedding Ring That Works With Your Engagement Ring

It’s not always easy to know how to choose a wedding ring. What’s more, planning your wedding is a busy time, so many couples leave their wedding ring shopping to the last minute. To help you, here’s a complete guide to getting your perfect wedding ring that looks stunning with your engagement ring and feels comfortable to wear.

1. Ring size

First and foremost, get the ring size right. If you’re the bride, it’s easy as the size will be the same as your engagement ring. But grooms need to be measured up properly. The correct methods you should use to measure your ring size include ring sizer apps on your smartphone, ordering a ring sizer tool or visiting a jeweller to have your finger measured.

2. How to choose the wedding ring metal

This is easy. You can choose any metal tone you want. Because when it comes to engagement and wedding rings, you’re allowed to mix metals. In other words, it’s fine to have a yellow gold engagement ring and a white gold wedding ring, or the other way round.

3. Diamond band VS plain band?

This is largely a question of personal preference. A plain band is beautiful and traditional. However, if you want spectacular sparkle, you should choose a wedding band with diamonds.

The only time it’s inadvisable to choose a diamond-studded wedding ring is if your engagement ring is extremely understated. In that case, if you choose a wedding ring that’s too sparkly, it could overpower your engagement ring and take attention away from it.

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4. If you have a vintage style engagement ring

If you have a vintage style engagement ring, you’ll want a wedding ring that’s a close match design-wise. It’s ok to mix vintage eras, as long as they are quite close to each other.

For example, an 1920s Art Deco engagement ring will look great with a 1930s diamond eternity-style wedding band.
But an elaborate 20th century antique wedding ring with filigree work would not go that well with a geometric 60’s retro engagement ring.

5. Ready-matching wedding bands

Some engagement rings come with a perfectly matching wedding band that’s designed to go together with your engagement ring’s centre stone – and look and feel great on your finger. This is a great option you should take advtange of if you have the chance, as it means that both rings have been designed with beauty and comfort in mind.

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6. Wishbone rings

Wishbone rings are another fantastic alternative for classic wedding rings. These have a V-shape that gives space for the engagement ring stone. They are especially perfect for brides who have a large centre setting on their engagment ring.

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7. Bridal sets

Bridal sets are basically an engagement ring and a wedding band that are sold together as a set. They are perfectly matching in style and design, so you get a cohesive look with total comfort. They are also a fantastic way to save money, because they cost up to about 40% less than it does when you buy the two rings separately.

8. Final tip – ORDER EARLY

Ideally, you should order your wedding rings about three months before your wedding. This is because most jewellers don’t carry all their wedding ring sizes and styles in stock and you may have to place an order and wait for a few weeks. To get the wedding ring you want, start shopping early.

NOTE: Any prices quoted in this article are meant as guidelines, not offers, and may change any time after the publishing.

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