It’s not always easy to know how you should a wedding ring. What’s more, planning your wedding is a busy time, so it’s easy to slip into the trap of not ordering your wedding rings on time. Here’s a complete guide to getting your perfect ring, so it feels comfortable and looks good together with your engagmeent ring. 


First and foremost, get the ring size right. DIY measurements almost always end in disappointment, so use a proper method instead:


• A ring sizer app on your smartphone
• A ring sizer tool (we’ll send you one for free)
• Visit a jeweller and have your finger measured


Do you have an engagement ring already? If so, just skip to PART 3 ABOUT WEDDING RINGS!

About engagement ring styles:

When considering engagement rings, the main thing to think about is the design. 


Will the bride love it so much she’ll want to wear it for a lifetime? This may sound like a no-brainer, but many people who shop alone for a ring get fixated on the diamond quality or the ring’s technicalities.


When researching engagement ring styles, start by looking at her clothing. If she likes understated, elegant outfits, then a simple solitaire is best. If she prefers big, luxurious accessories, you should buy a more extravagant ring. You can also get great advice from the bride’s friends or sisters, because they’re closest to her and will understand her taste.

Most popular engagement ring designs:

Engagement rings don’t just come as the traditional solitaire (single diamond) but in many different designs. Here are some of the most popular ones:


  • Solitaire – one single diamond
  • Halo – a solitaire diamond that’s surrounded by smaller stones
  • Sidestones – additional diamonds on the ring’s band
  • Cluster – many small diamonds set together to create a larger shape
  • Gems – colourful gemstones like sapphires, emeralds and rubies


Choosing the metal colour:

Next, you should decide on the precious metal for the ring’s band. A classic, traditional (and some do say old fashioned) choice is yellow gold.


Next, you have the white precious metals that are the most popular right now: white gold, platinum or palladium.


You could also go for rose gold, which has a delicate pink tone and has become very fashionable recently.

Choosing the metal quality:

18K gold (whether yellow, white or rose gold) contains 75% gold and therefore it’s more expensive than 9K gold, which only contains 38% gold. 


Platinum is the toughest and most lasting of all the precious metals, but it’s also the most expensive. If you can afford it, this would be the metal most recommended by jewellers because if its aptness for a lifetime of wear.



It’s vital that your wedding ring sits comfortably next to your engagement ring.

You can mix metals

The first thing you should know is that your wedding band and engagement rings don’t have to be made of matching colour metals.


It’s fine to have a yellow gold engagement ring and a white gold or platinum wedding ring, or the other way round. Queen Elizabeth II’s rings are perfect proof that this is acceptable etiquette!


Gifted on big occasions

Eternity rings are usually given at special times in a couple’s relationship. A wedding day, an anniversary, or the birth of a child are considered traditional times to gift one of these rings to a beloved person. Sometimes eternity rings can also mark important birthdays or make elaborate Christmas presents.

How to combine vintage styles

It’s OK to mix and match different vintage styles as long as the designs are along the same lines. Just try to avoid extreme differences in design eras, to not clash. 


For instance, a classic gemstone engagement ring can look great with a diamond eternity wedding band. But an ornate Victorian style halo engagement ring might not go that well with a modern wedding ring with geometric lines.

Diamond wedding ring or plain band?

A plain band is beautiful, classic and traditional. However, if you want spectacular sparkle, choose a wedding band with diamonds. These come in two styles: with diamonds on entire ring or with diamonds on top of the band.


If you have an engagement ring with a large stone or an unusual shape, it can leave a gap between itself and the wedding band. This is because it pushes your wedding ring away. Apart from not looking great, it could feel uncomfortable. Here are 3 easy fixes to this problem:

Solution 1 – Matching Wedding Bands

Some engagement rings come with a perfectly matching wedding band:

Solution 2 – Wishbone Rings

These have a V-shape that gives space for the engagement ring stone:

Solution 3 – Bridal Sets

There are a couple of ways to avoid this problem. One is to pick a bridal set with a perfectly matching wedding band and engagement ring. These come as a set and are made to fit together so that the wedding ring “curves” around the engagement ring’s stone.3

5. ONE FINAL VERY IMPORTANT TIP - BUY your rings with plenty of time before the wedding

Always order your rings about 3 months before your wedding. Most jewellers don’t carry all the sizes and styles in stock, so you may have to order in advance – this could take a few days, or several weeks. In order to get the rings you truly want, do order early.

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