10 Best Tanzanite Jewellery Pieces

Thinking of buying an item of tanzanite jewellery? Here is our updated collection of 10 best tanzanite jewellery pieces. Based on best customer reviews and items of greatest popularity over the last twelve months. Tanzanite is one of the Big Five Gems (alongside diamonds, rubies, emeralds and sapphires) and it’s famous for its exquisite blue-violet shimmer which changes colour depending on the angle you look at it from.

1. Classic Tanzanite Necklace

This necklace sparkles beautifully because of the breathtaking tanzanite gemstone, and the 12 diamonds that surround it. Set in white gold for a perfectly polished look.

Price £329

10 Best Tanzanite Jewellery Pieces

2. Tanzanite Stud Earrings

If you’re looking for a perfect gift, this is our bestselling tanzanite item, guaranteed to please. Exquisite in their simplicity, they are in sterling silver, making them an affordable and beautiful treat for any special occasion.

Price £125

10 Best Tanzanite Jewellery Pieces

3. Tanzanite Diamond Ring

If you’re looking for true luxury, this tanzanite ring is for you. A stunning trilogy ring, it features a sparkling cushion cut tanzanite in the centre and two accent diamonds. Set in white gold.

Price £1395 or £22.34 per month


4. Tanzanite White Gold Necklace

This delectable tanzanite necklace is one of our best-selling gift items because it’s timeless, classic and suits practically any taste, making it a beautiful gift for any occasion.

Price from £275

10 Best Tanzanite Jewellery Pieces

5. Tanzanite Bracelet with Diamonds

Set in white gold, this gorgeous bracelet is crafted by hand using blue-violet tanzanites and white diamonds for breathtaking sparkle and luxury.

Price £605 or £8.88 per month

10 Best Tanzanite Jewellery Pieces

6. Dainty Tanzanite Diamond Ring

As shown in the featured image at the top. A showstopping tanzanite with a diamond double halo set in warm yellow gold. This ring looks truly ravishing on the finger.

Price £789 or £11.58 per month

10 Best Tanzanite Jewellery Pieces

7. Tanzanite Halo Necklace

This magnificent 2-carat tanzanite necklace with its dazzling diamond halo represents pure contemporary luxury. With a substantial look and feel, it’s from our Asteria Collection.

Price £1,549 or 22.73 per month

10 Best Tanzanite Jewellery Pieces

8. Tanzanite & Pearl Stud Earrings

These pretty and glamorous tanzanite and pearl earrings are perfect in their brilliant beauty. Set in white gold, they look beautiful with plenty of lustre and brilliance.

Price £205

10 Best Tanzanite Jewellery Pieces

9. Tanzanite Silver Ring

Looking for a glam gift? This tanzanite ring has a rectangular emerald-cut tanzanite gem in the centre. Accented with diamonds, it sparkles beautifully on the hand.

Price £675 or from £10.81 per month

10. Tanzanite Drop Earrings

These luxurious tanzanite earrings are displayed within a halo of diamonds in a polished white gold setting. They’re versatile for day or evening, and promise to become a favourite in your jewellery collection.

Price £229

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*All prices were quoted on 2nd February 2020 and may change any time after this date