How to Buy the Best Jewellery Gift: 4 items you cannot go wrong with

Does your loved one have a big occasion coming up? An anniversary or a birthday? Maybe a special Valentine’s or Christmas? Are you expecting a baby or about to get married? These are all good times to give a gift of jewellery, because it is symbolic and will mark the occasion so you remember it always.

Why jewellery?

  • Jewellery is meaningful and therefore makes your gift recipient feel special.
  • Jewellery is a symbolic keepsake, it will always remind you of the special day you shared together.
  • Contrary to common belief, you don’t need to spend a fortune. Fine jewellery essentials that have lifelong value start from around £129.

These are the 4 jewellery gift items you cannot go wrong with:

1. Diamond stud earrings

5 Brilliant August Birthday Gift Ideas - Best Jewellery for a Woman

Diamond studs suit anybody and go with any outfit. They’re elegant and understated enough to wear with jeans, yet so luxurious she can wear them with a little black dress. Prices range from £159 up to £4,000, so you can easily get ones that suit your budget.

2. Diamond tennis bracelet

2 Carat 'Chloe' Diamond Tennis Bracelet - Best Jewellery for a Woman

Just like diamond studs, tennis bracelets look good on anyone. They have a timeless design, so they’ll never go out of fashion. Plus they make a really impressive looking gift! Prices range from £499 to £10,000 so you can easily choose the right price point for you.

3. Diamond solitaire necklace

Best Jewellery for a Woman

A single, sparkling diamond says ‘love’, ‘forever’ and ‘you mean the world to me’ all in one package. Again, this is an item that looks good on anyone, regardless of their style. Prices go from around £165 to £9,000 so you have plenty of scope to budget.

4. An eternity ring

Best Jewellery for a Woman

The best ‘wow-factor’ jewellery gift is an eternity ring. Just remember, if you’re not married or engaged yet, a ring could be interpreted as a proposal. If that’s not your intention, go for a necklace, earrings or a bracelet instead. Eternity ring prices range from around £179 to £20,000 so you can spend as little or as much as you like to get a fantastic gift for your loved one.

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Prices quoted on 24th April 2020 and may change any time after that date.