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How to Buy the Best Jewellery Gift: 4 items you cannot go wrong with

Does your loved one have a big occasion coming up? An anniversary or a birthday? Maybe a special Valentine’s or Christmas? Are you expecting a baby? These are all good times to give a gift of jewellery, because it is symbolic and will mark the occasion so you remember it always.

Why jewellery?

  • Jewellery is fail-safe. It’s beautiful, luxurious and special.
  • Jewellery is romantic. It will always remind her of the occasion, and you.
  • You don’t need to spend thousands, fine jewellery starts from around £65.

The key is to give your loved one something that a) suits them so they’ll want to wear it all the time, and b) is something special, that you wouldn’t buy every day.

These following 4 jewellery items fulfill all the above criteria –we know from long experience that they’re gifts you can’t go wrong with.

1. Diamond stud earrings

5 Brilliant August Birthday Gift Ideas - Best Jewellery for a Woman
Has she got pierced ears? Then diamond stud earrings are THE winner gift, every time. Diamond studs are really special, beautiful and rare. But the main advantage is they suit anybody.

They’re elegant and discreet enough to wear with jeans or to work. But they’re so glitzy she can also wear them with a party dress. Prices range from £65 onwards up to £4,000+, so you can literally get the ones that suit your budget the best.

2. Diamond ‘tennis’ bracelet

2 Carat 'Chloe' Diamond Tennis Bracelet - Best Jewellery for a Woman

Tennis bracelets got their name from the fashionable tennis player, Chris Evert, whose diamond bracelet fell off during a US Open match. Thanks to her, tennis bracelets are now coveted ‘must have’ items for women.

Just like diamond studs, they look good on anyone. A tennis bracelet has a timeless design, so it will never go out of fashion. Plus it makes a really impressive looking gift. Prices range from £360 up to £10,000+, so the choice of how much to spend is entirely yours.

3. Diamond solitaire necklace

Best Jewellery for a Woman

Again, keeping to a simple, classic yet ultra-special design is the key here. A single, sparkling diamond is always a very meaningful gift. It says ‘love’, ‘forever’ and ‘you mean the world to me’ all in one package.

If your girl already has earrings or a bracelet, then this is the thing to go for. Once again, this item looks good on anyone, regardless of their style. Prices go from around £150 to £9,000+ so you have plenty of scope to budget.

4. An eternity ring… but be careful

Best Jewellery for a Woman

There’s one very important thing you must be aware of with gift rings if you are not engaged yet: she may take it as a marriage proposal. So if there’s any danger of confusion in that area, avoid rings. Give her one of the other items instead.

If that’s not an issue for you, then the best ‘wow-factor’ gift ring is the eternity ring. Remember, stick to a simple design, as it will suit any taste. Prices range from around £190 to £20,000+ so you can spend as little or as much as you like.

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*Prices quoted on 23rd September 2018 and may change any time after that date.