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These Are the 10 Best Engagement Rings in the UK

Based on customer reviews and popularity, we present you with our 10 best engagement rings in the UK. Will they inspire you to find your perfect ring?

1. Dainty Galileo

This ring is always an absolute hit, not least because of its astounding price point. A stunning quarter-carat ring in 18K white gold, it is beautifully and cleverly handcrafted so that it creates the luxurious illusion of a much larger single diamond. A sparkling work of art, it appeals to brides who love ultra-feminine, chic glamour.

♥ See details & price £575.00         ➤ View on video

2. Natalia Round Cut

This ring is elegant and classic with stunning luxury extras that make it very special. The round brilliant cut solitaire is independently certified by GIA, the world’s most trusted diamond authority. Along the ring’s lustrous band you’ll find even more diamonds, enhancing the overall sparkle. It’s an engagement ring you cannot go wrong with.

♥ See details & price £2179.00         ➤ View on video

3. Danielle Cushion Cut

The cushion cut is an exquisite vintage diamond shape that’s extravagant yet sophisticated. After 300 years of popularity it continues to be the most coveted fancy diamond cut today. It is particularly famous for its ‘soft’ edges and the stunning rainbow of colors it reflects. In the video you can see one of the Danielle rings with its GIA certified solitaire in the centre and surrounded by a diamond halo and sidestones. Available in various carat weights.

♥ See details & prices from £1885.00

4. Royal Blue Sapphire 

Classic and exquisite, this is the most sought after ring style in the UK. The trend was of course inspired by Prince William and Kate Middleton, who got engaged with Princess Diana’s sapphire ring as the symbol of their love. In this kind of a classic sapphire piece the ocean blue sapphire is surrounded by radiant diamonds and set in lustrous white gold or platinum.

♥ See details & prices from £229.00

5. Chloe Low Set Solitaire

This ring exudes simple elegance and style, available in platinum, white gold and yellow gold. Although the halo is the prevailing engagement ring trend right now, there’s so much to be said for a sophisticated solitaire. What better way to declare your love to someone than with a single, precious diamond? Beautifully crafted, these Chloe diamond rings are independently certified and round-brilliant cut for maximum sparkle.

♥ See details & price from £535.00        ➤ View on video

6. Ella Emerald Cut Halo

There is something utterly unforgettable about an emerald cut diamond. Evoking Hollywood glamour, this precious 0.50 carat solitaire stands out in H colour and Si clarity. The long, sustained flashes of light, characteristic of this rectangular diamond shape, are accentuated by the fiery sparkle of the small round halo diamonds and sidestones.

♥ See details & price £1785.00        ➤ View on video

7. Roxy Princess Cut

If you love the sophistication of a princess cut diamond solitaire but crave ‘big’ sparkle, this Roxy halo ring is the perfect choice. Showcasing a square-shaped princess cut stone in the middle, certified by GIA, it gives off breathtaking brilliance and fire… And adding to the overall opulence are exquisite diamonds in a halo around the main stone, as well as on the ring’s band.

♥ See details & price £1875.00        ➤ View on video

8. Prince Cut Halo

This halo ring looks magnificent on the hand. Everything about it is special. Firstly, the PrinceCut® is an ultra-sparkly variation on the classic, rectangular emerald cut. Secondly, the ring’s band rises into a graceful Y shape, studded with diamonds and drawing the eye to the centre stone. Finally, the fine 18K white gold setting means a substantial look and feel.

♥ See details & price £1705.00        ➤ View on video

9. Alessandra Halo

This ring is a luxurious classic boasting a GIA certified solitaire encircled by a halo of diamonds and sidestones. It’s available in a selection of carat weights and diamond grades to suit your style and budget. The setting is handcrafted in platinum or 18K white gold providing the finest heirloom quality.

♥ See details & prices from £2215.00

10. Martini Halo 

Petite, contemporary and luscious, these delectable Martini diamond halo engagement rings offer sparkling, conflict-free diamonds in three glorious shades of gold. Handcrafted with a centre solitaire, it is encircled by a halo of smaller diamonds and enhanced with even more stones no the band. A stunning choice at an extraordinary price point.

♥ See details & prices from £699.00

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