10 Best Selling Diamond Bracelets and Bangles

Here it is, welcome to our list of 10 best diamond bracelets and bangles. These popular bracelets with top customer reviews make perfect gifts for any occasion.

1. Heart Silver Bracelet

This beautiful diamond bracelet is utterly romantic. It’s handcrafted with sterling silver and diamonds with dainty linked hearts. A dream gift for lovers of jewellery.

2. Lab Grown Diamond 3 Carat Tennis Bracelet

Our exquisite lab grown diamond bracelets are made with real diamonds – created by scientists by a stunning fusion of art and technology. With up to 50% more diamonds for your spend.

3. Diamond 3-Carat White Gold Tennis Bracelet

This 3-carat diamond tennis bracelet in white gold is simply exquisite. A perfect gift, it’s easily worn as a luxurious daytime bracelet or a glam evening accessory.

4. Sapphire Diamond Bracelet

This classic bracelet represents elegance and sophistication. It’s made with white gold, premium diamonds and glorious Thai sapphires. Timeless jewellery at its very best.

5. Diamond Kisses Bracelet

This pretty and chic diamond bracelet features ethical lab grown diamonds in beautiful sterling silver. What could be a more stylish gift?

6. Diamond Wave Bangle

It’s no surprise this is our best-reviewed bangle. With a contemporary, elegant design, its sparkle looks gorgeous with any outfit.

7. Diamond Silver Tennis Bracelet

No jewellery is more timeless – or gives such versatile daily wear – as a tennis bracelet. This jewellery classic is our best-selling one in handcrafted sterling silver.

8. Ruby and Diamond Halo Bracelet

This romantic ruby and diamond bracelet gives you a stunning look for elegant occasions – with each red ruby encircled by a halo of sparkling diamonds. It has made it onto our 10 Best Diamond Bracelets and Bangles list because it’s well reviewed and highly popular as a gift for big occasions.

9. Diamond White Gold Bangle

This exquisite diamond bangle comes in white gold that’s polished to perfection. It’s a classic gift that’s absolutely sure to be cherished by your loved one.

10. Diamond 2-Carat Tennis Bracelet

This is our most popular diamond tennis bracelet. It looks and feels utterly chic and luxurious on the wrist. Its exceptional design and price point make it a sure-fire gift piece.

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