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10 Best Stud Earrings – Diamonds and Gems

Here it is, our 10 Best Stud Earrings list for 2018! This gorgous #top10 #earrings collection represents our  highest reviewed and best selling stud earrings during the last twelve months. Handcrafted with genuine diamonds and gemstones, they make perfect gifts for any special occasion.

1. Diamond solitaire studs
This sparkling pair of identical diamonds is the most sought after item on the list – guaranteed to please any lover of jewellery. Handcrafted with conflict-free diamonds.
Price £159

2. Diamond buttons

These beautiful diamond cluster earrings feature closely set round-brilliant cut diamonds for maximum sparkle. Luxurious, sophisticated, elegant.
Price £275

Best earrings - diamond clusters

3. Blue sapphire studs

These royal blue sapphires are selected by hand for a perfectly matching pair. They’re perfect for adding a touch of style to both day and evening looks.
Price £149

Best earrings - blue sapphire studs

4. Tanzanite diamond studs

Tanzanite, rarer than diamonds, is known for its violet-blue shimmer that changes colour according to the angle you gaze at it from. At a great price, these make the perfect gemstone gift.
Price £125

5. Aquamarine & diamond studs

These stunning light blue dazzlers are made with beautiful oval cut aquamarine from Brazil and accented with dainty round diamonds. Set in yellow gold for beautiful contrast.
Price £145

6. Diamond heart studs

A stunning pair of romantic earrings, these heart shaped diamond studs come in a sweetheart shape in a sparkling display of brilliant diamonds.
Price £445

7. Pink sapphire studs

Pink sapphire earrings look stunningly sparkling and add elegant, feminine glamour to any outfit. Set in white gold for a high quality finish.
Price £205

Best earrings - pink sapphire studs

8. Sapphire diamond studs

Classic, timeless, never out of fashion. This royal design featuring blue Thai sapphires and premium quality diamonds look lavish in yellow gold.
Price £305

Best earrings - blue sapphire and dimaond studs

9. Pearl topaz studs

A best-selling gift, every time, these natural freshwater pearls come with a contemporary twist. Featuring a sparkling white topaz in a fine sterling silver setting.
Price ONLY £69!

Best earrings - freshwater pearl and white topaz earrings

10. Emerald studs

Emeralds have a magical inner glow that no other gemstone possesses. No wonder gem hunters have obsessed over them through the centuries! This pair is simply stunning.
Price £205

Best earrings - emerald studs


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Please note all prices quoted 5th february 2018 and may vary at any time after this date.