Some Dramatic Marriage Proposal Ideas

Some Dramatic Marriage Proposal Ideas

You’d be forgiven for thinking that a marriage proposal is dramatic enough in itself, but sometimes such a momentous occasion calls for a bit of extra-special effort.

Dramatic proposals require meticulous planning, time and a fair bit of luck to make sure everything turns out just right, but they’ll bring a smile to the face of your partner, which makes it all worth it.

You could consider taking out a full page ad, proposing at the end of a stage show, or decorating your street with banners and signs so you can propose on the way to work. You could even hire a plane and propose with skywriting!

Making the effort to go the extra mile with a dramatic proposal ensures that the day you propose will never be forgotten, and it will make a great story for the grandchildren; let’s just hope it all goes to plan!

Full page ad marriage proposal

Full Page Advert Proposal

There are times when a full page ad proposal could be downright creepy; in the ‘Missed Connections’ or ‘I Saw You’ section of the paper, for example.

But, assuming you actually know the one you love and have been in a relationship for some time, taking out a full page ad is one of the most romantic ways we can think of to propose! From a full front page spread to an advert tucked in between the news and features, your partner is sure to fall head over heels for you all over again when she sees the thought and effort you’ve put into your ad proposal.

Choosing a local paper probably works best for this type of proposal, unless you’re feeling flush, in which case targeting a national publication is guaranteed to get her attention! Just make sure she reads the paper before it ends up in the recycling.

Show Finale marriage proposal idea

show finale proposal

Proposing at the end of a show as the curtain falls is a sure-fire way to win the heart of the one you love, forever. Whether you’re performing together in a theatre production, met at the theatre or are there to watch your partner perform, presenting them with a ring at the end of the show is so romantic!

You’ll probably need to rope in some help from cast members and those running the production, particularly if you’re not performing yourself. Recently, one video on the internet became a huge hit; Peter Pan proposing to Wendy. If you’re playing characters together in a show it makes the show finale proposal even more special!

Make your other half feel on top of the world after their performance by getting down on one knee and asking them to marry you – orchestral soundtrack is optional, but could be a nice touch.

Message in a bottle marriage proposal

Message In A Bottle Proposal

Proposing with a message in a bottle is both creative and romantic. The best way to carry out this special type of proposal is to rope in a friend to help. Have them plant the bottle, with your message inside, on a secluded stretch of beach, next to the water. As you’re walking along the sand, she’ll spot the bottle and hopefully run ahead to pick it up. This is when you get down on one knee behind her, ring in hand, and wait for her to turn around.

The other alternative is to use the bottle as part of a scavenger hunt. Plant a bottle by the ocean with a message or clue inside. This leads her to the next bottle, and a further clue. Eventually, she’ll find you, on one knee, asking her to marry you.

It doesn’t matter what you write; this is still a romantic gesture that she’ll appreciate!

Theatrical re-enactment marriage proposal

theatrical proposal

If both of you love the theatre, this is the perfect way to propose to your other half. Maybe you met at a friend’s party, locked eyes across the room at a gallery opening or fell in love at work?

Whatever the details of your first meeting, hiring a theatre troupe to re-enact it on stage is totally romantic.

It’s up to you whether you arrange for this to be part of a larger performance, or hire a theatre or performance space and make it an intimate proposal for the two of you. You could even invite friends and family along!

For the ultimate surprise, fool your girlfriend by telling her it’s a friend’s production or show that you’re going to see. When the lights dim and the actors start re-enacting your first meeting, she’ll be so moved she might find it hard to say ‘Yes’ when you drop to one knee and pop the question!

Monday morning marriage proposal

monday morning proposal

Nobody likes Monday mornings, but at least you get to enjoy the drive to work together, even if it is freezing outside! Turn her Monday morning into the most magical moment of her life by proposing on the way to work.

You can do this in a number of ways, but one of the most effective ways is to put banners or signs up by the road asking her to marry you. In some areas, you’ll need permission to do this, but if they’re only going to be there for a few hours, it shouldn’t be an issue.

The other option is to rope in family and friends for a little help – have them standing by the road holding signs as you drive past; just make sure you get her attention!

Proposing on the way to work on a Monday morning is guaranteed to brighten up her week, and the rest of her life.

Written in the stars marriage proposal

written in the stars proposal

We’ve seen it in the movies, but skywriting is still unusual and interesting enough that it’s not an everyday occurrence, and your partner is sure to appreciate the time and effort you’ve put into organising a skywriting proposal.

For the most romantic proposal of all, organise the plane to fly over you as you’re enjoying a picnic in a secluded location. Your proposal will be written in the sky, and you can choose what you want to say, although you should keep it short and to the point. Usually a simple ‘Will you marry me?’ is the best option, but you can be creative, if you like!

Another great idea is to organise skywriting during a special family event such as a birthday or other celebration. Not only will your other half not be suspecting a proposal, they’ll initially think the skywriting is for someone else!