Base Your Marriage Proposal on a Theme

themed marriage proposal

Themed proposals are all about choosing something that she loves, and the chances are you know her pretty well by now, since you’re about to ask her to marry you (at least, we hope so!)

If you share a passion for gaming, a Nintendo or PlayStation themed proposal is sure to set her heart aflame. Perhaps she can’t get enough of Dr. Who or is a self-confessed Trekkie? It’s easy to find accessories online to personalise a themed proposal, from the ring box to cardboard cut-outs of characters from her favourite show; or get creative and make your own!

Some of the greatest marriage proposals of all time are themed proposals – they may take time, effort and thought but this just ensures that they are extra-special! If you’re stuck for ideas, her friends and family are the best people to ask for advice; they’re sure to be impressed by your efforts.

Star Wars Stormtrooper marriage proposal

Star Wars Stormtrooper Proposal

Whether you met your significant other in a galaxy far, far away, found each other at a Star Wars film screening or fell in love through a shared passion for Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader, a stormtrooper proposal is the perfect way to ask your Princess Leia for her hand in marriage.

Dressing up as a stormtrooper worked a treat for one man in Staffordshire, who got down on one knee (despite the limitations posed by the costume) on New Year’s Eve and popped the question to his girlfriend of 10 years. Other similar proposals have taken place at gaming and film conventions, exhibitions and screenings of the film across the globe.

For something more unusual you could buy some mini Lego stormtroopers and set up your own little Star Wars scene at the dinner table, complete with the stormtrooper holding the ring – this is sure to capture any fan’s heart!

Beam Me Up Star Trek marriage proposal

beam me up star trek proposal

Whether she’s a fan of the original series or is madly in love with Captain Picard, there’s nothing more likely to leave her swooning than a themed Star Trek proposal. Maybe you met at a Trekkie convention, love donning your Star Trek outfits or just enjoy cosying up to watch the series on DVD after work?

Whatever your history with Star Trek, incorporating elements of the show into your marriage proposal is a sure-fire way to win her heart. Be inspired by the man who proposed to his girlfriend in front of the cast of Star Trek: The Next Generation during a photo opportunity!

You could even make your very own Trekkie-themed ring box with a picture of her favourite character – you’ll find plenty of ready-customised boxes online. It’s up to you whether you want to go one step further and dress in costume for the occasion!

Harry Potter marriage proposal idea

harry potter proposal

There’s no denying that some of the geekiest wedding proposals are also some of the most magical and memorable, and a couple of Harry Potter fans recently got engaged with the help of a customised ‘Quidditch’ set inspired by the Harry Potter series.

Handmade especially for the proposal, the set contained a Beater’s Bat, Quaffle, Bludgen and of course the Golden Snitch, with the diamond engagement ring hidden inside! This is one moment when you definitely don’t want Voldemort to show up and spoil the fun, but proposing in this way is guaranteed to leave her feeling on top of the world!

Another way to incorporate Harry Potter into your proposal is to visit one of the locations used in the films – taking the train over the Glenfinnan Viaduct in Scotland follows the route Harry took to get to Hogwarts, and it’s the perfect location for your Golden Snitch proposal!

Dr Who themed marriage proposal

Dr Who Proposal

If you’re both self-confessed Dr. Who fans, it makes proposing super-easy; just channel the Doctor from your favourite show and use him to inspire an amazing marriage proposal!

There are plenty of Dr. Who fans who have had customised ring boxes made to represent the Tardis – add a quote from the show if you’re looking to make things extra-special. Or why not take a leaf out of one young man’s book; he took his girlfriend to the Dr. Who Exhibit in London, wandered away from the tour group and dressed up as the current Doctor. Pretending to be part of the exhibit, he waited until she walked past and then dropped to one knee in front of the Tardis, asking her to marry him.

We think that’s a pretty cool story to tell the grandchildren, not to mention a great memory of the day he proposed!

I Choose You Pokemon proposal

Pokemon Proposal

If your other half is a Pokemon fan, then creating a proposal inspired by her love of the small, fluffy battling creatures is a guaranteed way to get her to say yes! Take inspiration from one man who stuck the engagement ring to a customised Pokemon card. The card read ‘Will you marry me? If the answer is yes, game is over and you win a husband. Forever.’ Honestly, if that doesn’t move her to tears, we don’t know what will!

Other cool ideas for Pokemon fans include presenting your wife-to-be with a customised Pokeball ring box – you could even add a note saying ‘I choose you!’

Of course, you could take things one step further and dress up as her favourite Pokemon, but let’s face it, you probably don’t want to be dressed as a giant Pikachu in public. It’s best to save these types of geeky proposals for at home.